11 Human Foods That Are Beneficial For Dogs

February 12, 2020 6 min read

What Human Foods Can My Dog Eat?

You may have heard the advice, “It’s not good to feed your dog people food.” While it probably isn’t advisable to feed your dog from your dinner plate as that can develop bad habits like begging, there really is no such thing as “people food”.

People and canines share the same kinds of food, just usually in different forms. Meat, vegetables, legumes, fruit, and other traditionally “human” foods are excellent for giving your dog’s diet a nutritional boost. 

The great thing about raw feeding is you’re not giving processed foods to your dog so they’re getting all the nutrients that haven’t been destroyed by the cooking and manufacturing process. On average, a dry kibble will have40 more ingredients than a similar raw meal!

Choose the Right Human Foods For Dogs

Before feeding your dog people food, be sure to know the kinds of foods that are not good for dogs. Steer clear of chocolate, artificial sweeteners, onions and garlic, and the other foods that are toxic to dogs.The AKC has a list of foods toxic to dogs.

There are many people foods that are good for your dog to eat. Since you love your canine companion and want the best for them, you need to know that too many people's food can make your dog overweight or sick.

However, there is a broad list of food that can be added to your dog’s diet that in moderation, will give added nutrition and vitamins that can increase your dog’s energy and well-being. Use the guideline of only adding 25% of your dog’s weekly calorie intake with people food.

Here are some foods you can safely add to your dog’s diet that may have many health benefits.

Coconut Oil

coconut oil for dogsWhile there haven’t been many clinical studies conducted on the effect of coconut oil on dogs, the anecdotal stories are impressive. There have been reports on weight reduction for dogs, and improvement of muscle tone and energy levels. The reports of dogs gaining sleek and glossy coats and reducing the pain of arthritis due to coconut oil are encouraging. Those benefits have come from the oral use of coconut oil. Topically, coconut oil has a variety of healing and medicinal uses.

Many resources recommend using only coconut oil products that are not hydrogenated. The less processed, more organic, the better. Check out the coconut oils found in health food stores or online.

Peanut Butter

This healthy treat is a dog favorite. Packed inside a hollow toy meant for hiding treats, it will last a long time and dogs have a ball licking it out. The benefits of peanut butter are that it has lots of protein, niacin, vitamins, and healthy fats. Using unsalted is best as too much salt is not good for your dog.

Select natural peanut butter. Make sure it doesn't have any artificial sweeteners. It's best to refrigerate peanut butter as leaving it out in warm weather will make it rancid. You can stir it into dog food or use it as a special treat.


salmon oil for dogsThis fatty fish is an excellent source of omega-3’s which are as good for dogs as they are for people. Fatty acids are excellent for your dog’s immune system and help keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy.

There are also suggestions thatomega 3’s can help with dogs’ allergies. Feeding salmon is a great way to get those benefits. When feeding salmon, cook it thoroughly and make sure there are no bones. Raw salmon can carry parasites. Salmon oil will also make a great addition to your best friend’s diet and is found in all of the Cali Raw formulas.


Fiber and beta carotene (vitamin A) are two important components in your dog’s diet. Dogs need fiber just like people. The current trend towards highly digestible dog foods are not high in fiber and lower a dog’s stool volume. This is not good for your dog. You want a diet high in fiber that keeps the GI tract moving and the cell lining of the gut healthy.

Feeding pumpkin can be as easy as mixing canned pumpkin into your dogs’ dinner. You can boil or bake a pumpkin and make your own pumpkin puree. Your dog will love the taste and you will be making your dog healthier.

Sweet Potatoes

Just like pumpkin, sweet potatoes are another good source of fiber and they contain vitamin C, B6, beta carotene, and manganese. You can serve sweet potatoes the same way as pumpkin. You can also serve them in dehydrated slices as chewy dog treats. You don’t need to buy expensive and additive-filled treats when you can make simple, healthy, and delicious treats like chewy dried sweet potatoes that your dog will love just as much.

Green Beans

green beans for dogsWho would have thought of feeding green beans to your dog? Actually, they are a great source of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, and manganese. If you are having trouble managing your dog’s weight, try replacing a portion of his food with green beans. They are low in calories but will be a filling alternative. Some dogs find frozen green beans a tasty treat.


Most dogs love eggs as much as humans do! They are a great source of digestible protein. They are rich in selenium and riboflavin. If your dog suffers from digestive upset, eggs are a simple way to add protein to his diet.

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Brewer's Yeast

This is the yeast that is a by-product of making alcohol. Many dogs love the tangy flavor. Brewer’s yeast is chock full of vitamin B which is excellent for coat, skin, and metabolizing carbohydrates.

If you choose to add brewer’s yeast to your dog’s diet, make sure you are using a quality product from a health food store on an online source. Never use baking yeast which is harmful to your dog. Brewer’s yeast can peak a dog’s appetite by sprinkling a little on his food. If your dog is a picky eater, try some brewer’s yeast and watch him dig in!


apples for dogsYet another unexpected yet wonderfully crunchy treat for your dog. The skin of apples contains phytonutrients which are thought to combat skin cancer. Apples are a rich source of vitamins A and C, plus they are rich in fiber. Make sure to core the apple as apple seeds are not good for your dog. They contain cyanide.

Make a tasty apple treat for your dog by coring then slicing the apple into smaller pieces. Apples can be a good source of fiber as well as helping to keep your dog’s teeth clean. Start with small quantities of apple when introducing them into your dog’s diet so his digestive system becomes accustomed to the new ingredient.


Carrots are very high in fiber and vitamin A. They are low in calories so they make a good snack for your buddy. Carrots are very beneficial to your dog’s teeth. If you are having weight issues with your dog, consider carrots as a treat as they are very low in calories. You can find carrots in theCali Raw ingredients list.


Oatmeal is probably not a food you would consider feeding your dog. However, this is a good option for older dogs who have bowel issues. It should also be considered for a dog with wheat allergies. Feed oatmeal with probiotics to provide a good source of grains and a gut-healthy addition. It is a great source of fiber and packed with nutrients.

Always feed oatmeal fully cooked. Do not serve it from instant packets that contain fillers and sugar.

It's All About Canine Health

Always consult your vet when making changes to your dog’s diet, especially if he is taking medications. Certain medications do not react well with the nutrients found in people food. If your dog is healthy and not on any medications, adding people's food to your dog’s diet can be very beneficial to his health.

Most dog owners want to provide their canine family members with the best possible diet. Adding healthy alternatives to your dog’s diet can possibly extend your dog’s life by 15%. The suggestions above are not meant to replace your dog’s diet but to supplement it with healthy alternatives. Your dog will love the variety of these treats and you will be adding vitamins, nutrients, and beneficial ingredients to your dog’s meals.

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