Teach Your Dog These 5 Easy Tricks

September 23, 2022 6 min read

Dog training is something every dog parent can get behind- what’s not to love about spoiling your pup with treats, watching them learn something new, and strengthening the bond between you and your pup? In this blog, we’ll check out 5 of our favorite fun yet easy tricks you can train your dog! 

Benefits of Training Your Dog

Learning how to train your puppy is essential for so many reasons. Not only can it save your dog’s life, but it can also provide them with the mental stimulation a dog needs for their wellbeing! Let’s take a look at a few more reasons why training your dog is beneficial:

  • Regularly training your dog strengthens the relationship between you both, allowing for a deeper understanding from dog to owner and owner to dog. 
  • In the case of a life-threatening situation, being able to tell your dog “leave it” or “come” may save their life one day.
  • Your dog will feel more like family since the communication between you and your pup will strengthen. 
  • Taking your dog to public places, like the park, the vet, or groomers, will be made much easier for everyone involved.
  • You develop a skill that is useful for the rest of your life! Knowing how to interact with dogs and read their body language is a valuable skill that many people overlook.
Brown shiba inu training and learning easy tricks

What You Need For a Successful Training Session:

Before you begin training your dog, there are a couple of essential items you’ll need. Let’s talk about what you’ll need before you start training your pup on some new tricks!

Lots of delicious treats: Without treats, training will be nearly impossible! There are so many uses for treats in dog training- they can lure your pup into a specific position, mark good behavior, and tell your dog that you love them. 

We recommend using Crafted Dog Treats when training your dog. These treats are single-ingredient, human-grade, and packed with vitamins and nutrients. Not only are they healthy, but dogs also love them and even consider them high-value dog treats!

Treats are most effective when paired with a clicker, which we’ll talk about below!

A Training Clicker: A clicker is a small device that makes a short, high-pitched clicking sound when pressed. This device marks the moment your dog gets something right in training, always followed by a treat or two. By using clicker training, you can show your dog exactly what behavior you’re looking for at the exact moment they do it.

A patient and prepared attitude: Dog training requires a lot of patience and tolerance for your pup. Beginning every training session with a patient and ready mindset is the best way to set both you and your puppy up for success! It’s best to start training with an open mind and lots of positive reinforcement since some dogs learn at a much different pace than others.

The training process will be much more fun and productive when using the tools given above. Once you’ve obtained everything you need to start training, you can delve into five easy and fun tricks you can train your dog!

white pomeranian learning to speak

5 Easy and Fun Dog Tricks:

Shake: Teaching your dog to “shake” is much easier than many owners think. Since dogs naturally tend to paw at treats or toys when they want them, getting your pup to learn “shake” is a relatively simple process. Here’s how:

  1. Grab your clicker and bag of treats and put your dog into a “sit” position. 
  2. Once your dog is sitting and you have their full attention, take their treat and hide it in a closed fist.
  3. Move your hand up, with your palm facing upward, to your dog’s chest-neck level.
         Note: Your dog may try to lick, sniff, and nibble at your hand before pawing at it. When this happens, don’t respond to your pet until they put their paw on your hand.
  4. Repeat step 4 several times until your dog knows to put their paw on your hand. Add in a voice cue, like the word “shake” or “paw.”
  5. Remove the treat from your hand, and put out your palm for your dog to “shake.” Now your dog knows the “shake” command! Every time your dog puts their paw in your hand, click and reward!

Speak: Speak is another relatively simple command since dogs are naturally inclined to bark when frustrated or seek treats! Teaching “speak” is very similar to teaching “shake” since you’ll be capturing the moment your dog naturally barks and rewarding them for it. Here’s how:

  1. Grab your clicker and a treat your dog loves. The more your dog loves the treat, and the more likely your dog is to bark for it.
  2. Hold the treat in front of your dog, but don’t give it to them. Your dog may get frustrated and will eventually bark out of frustration- encourage your dog to bark! The moment they do, click and reward.
  3. Add a hand gesture and word to the command, repeating the same process in step 2.
  4. Phase the treat out until your dog will bark when you give them the hand signal and command! Now time to learn more tricks!

Fetch: Fetch is a great trick to teach your dog since it can be a great way to provide your dog with mental and physical exercise. When you teach your dog “fetch,” you open up the opportunity for playtimes at the park and more!

  1. Get a toy your dog enjoys- one that they’ll feel inclined to chase after. Bring along your treats and clicker when preparing to teach fetch.
  2. Throw your dog’s special toy a short distance and let them chase after it. 
  3. After your dog picks up their toy, call them back and let them bring the toy to you. As soon as they get the toy, prompt them to drop it by holding a treat up to their nose.
  4. When your dog drops the toy, click and reward! 
  5. Continue steps 3 and 4 until your dog gets the hang of it, adding the vocal cue “fetch” every time you throw their toy!

Rollover: “Rollover” is an adorable and trendy trick you can teach your dog. The reason this trick is so popular is that it’s relatively simple to teach! Let’s go over the steps to training your dog “rollover:”

  1. For this step, your dog will need to know the “down” trick already. 
              If your dog doesn’t know this trick yet, you can read about it in this blog: A Guide to Training The Basics for Beginner Trainers. We also talk about house training, potty training, and more on Cali Raw’s blogs!
  2. Equip yourself with treats and a clicker, then ask your dog to get into a “down” position.
  3. Kneel by your dog and put a treat up to their nose. Move the treat from their nose down toward their shoulder, luring them to roll onto their side. Click and reward- you’re halfway there!
  4. After luring your dog onto their side, draw them further until your dog is lying on their back. Move the treat more until your dog rolls onto their other side. Click and reward!
  5. Add a vocal cue and a hand gesture when your dog has learned to follow the treat consistently. 
  6. Slowly fade out treats until your dog learns to follow your cue for the trick! Give them lots of praise in place of treats!

Bow: “Bow” is a great trick for your dog to do after any other trick. Not only is it adorable, but it’s also a great way to get your dog into play mode! To teach your dog to bow...

  1. Start with your dog standing up. Have lots of treats and a clicker prepared, like for all the other tricks!
  2. Use a treat to lure your dog down to their elbows while their hind is in the air. Click and reward!
  3. Hold your dog in the “bow” position for a few seconds, then lure your dog back up into standing. Once again, click and reward!
  4. Add the command word and gesture as you continue steps 2-3, slowly phasing out treats while your dog learns!

Now, your dog knows a handful of tricks that are not only adorable but are a blast to learn! Remember that training takes patience, and you and your dog’s bond is getting stronger with every step forward. And don't forget...a great motivator is healthy high-reward treats!