Avoiding the Dangerous Ploy of Prescription Pet Food

October 17, 2019 5 min read

Kibble fed dog

The secret is out…

Every day, more pet owners are connecting the dots to discover that a strict regimen of processed foods every meal cannot provide a complete & balanced diet for our dogs- just like it can’t work for us humans.

This rising trend of health-conscious dog owners has not gone unnoticed by the industrial-scale big-brand dog food manufacturers. They have shamelessly captured a share of this growing market with new product options that look and sound like a healthier alternative. However, these new “healthy choices” are just more of the same.

Across the board, integrative veterinarians dog scratching skinand canine nutrition specialists will tell you that a processed diet of feed-grade rather than human-grade ingredients can create or exacerbate health conditions. A few of the conditions impacted by these ingredients are allergies, diabetes, cancer, dental issues, heart disease, incontinence, joint disease, kidney or liver disease, obesity, and even cognitive dysfunction in dogs.

Pet owners seekingbiologically appropriate fresh dog food options are being bombarded with aisles full of the big brands of the mainstream pet food industry every time they go to the supermarket. Those large corporations have begun offering specialized product options aimed at puppies, small dogs, older dogs, and more. 

A scan of the ingredients lists on any of these brands reveals an excessive amount of corn products, grains, potatoes, fats & various oils- all of which are not only unnecessary but can have harmful repercussions on our furry friends’ health over time.

Additionally, the FDA allows “animals that have died otherwise than slaughter” to be used as ingredients in pet food. So, just because some canned and dry dog food brands advertise ingredients like poultry, fish, or beef, this doesn’t mean that they were harvested or processed ethically.

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The latest collision between the mainstream pet food industry and their entrenched partners remaining in the veterinary community is worse yet. These veterinarians attempt to convince the owners of sick dogs that they need to resort to prescription pet food to provide enhanced health & longevity to their ailing pooch.

In many cases, these ailments are the direct result of years and years of a diet of processed foods, and now, in an animal’s time of need, a vet may tell you to feed them a higher-priced version of that same mistake.

Much like its store-bought counterpart, pet prescription food can and does use questionable sources for their protein. Luckily for them, it is not required to be lab tested for residual deposits of molds or heavy metals like arsenic and lead – all of which have been detected in big brand dog foods in the past.

Not only are none of the ingredients in these prescription dog foods fit for human consumption, but none of them qualify as prescription-grade either. So, what is really going on here?

Simple. It’s a marketing strategy or a cash grab. Class-action lawsuits have sprung up across the country as disgruntled pet owners have levied accusations of price-fixing and claim to having been duped by the implied need for the veterinarian’s prescription.

They argue that requiring a written prescription to purchase a specific dog food makes consumers believe that a non-prescription alternative may not exist when we all know that other options indeed do exist.

To us, the problem is multifaceted.


First of all, most veterinarians are not trained, canine nutritionists. That’s a fact, not a knock on vets; Nutrition is just not typically their specialty.

holistic massage for dogsDID YOU KNOW

There are not that many veterinary nutritionists in the world. Those at the top of the field are rarely associated with dog nutrition companies. Still, one of these specialists has crafted ALL Cali Raw Dog Food formulations to ensure a smooth transition to raw feeding and a more prolonged, healthier life on this complete & balanced diet.


Diagnosing a dog health issue and planning a diet to resolve it is commendable, but filling that diet with low-quality and counterproductive ingredients is not. Nor is it respectable to inflate the prices of inferior products propped up by veterinarians who’ll play along.

Additionally, when you start compartmentalizing a dog’s diet to treat a specific condition without considering the bigger picture, you can do more harm than good by neglecting essential nutrients.

Like what you would receive from Cali Raw Dog Food, a species-appropriate raw dog food diet provides a solid base of the nutrition your dog needs and allows for modification. This way, you can target specific ailments with proven, human-grade, and grain-free ingredients like meats and organic eggs, fruits and vegetables, goat’s milk, and more!

Raw food is the best food for dogs



Even for perfectly healthy pups, your goal should be to create a diet that meets your dog’s individual needs as they age and grow into an adult dog. A BARF (Balanced Raw Food) diet chock full of meat, vegetables, bone, and organs will encourage a nutritional and metabolic balance to prevent disease or health problems before they set in.

Switching to raw dog food has never been easier, and the best part is… no prescription is needed!

Instead, consider asubscription for a regularly scheduled delivery of Cali Raw Dog Food right to your door. Perfectly packaged and portioned meals make it a breeze to stimulate your dog’s ancestral diet – the sustainably sourced meats, fruits, veggies, and essential vitamins and nutrients that they have hunted and gathered for thousands of years.


The ingredients page on our website not only lists precisely what you’ll find in each formulation of Cali Raw, but what role it plays in your dog’s well-being.

As mentioned above, a raw diet for dogs allows you to further customize and supplement their meals with added healing ingredients.

Bone broth, for example, is an all-natural superfood that helps promote a stronger immune system, a healthier gut biome and is an excellent source of amino acids and glucosamine for joint health.

If your vet is recommending a prescription-based diet for your dog, ask for all product information upfront. Odds are, you’ll find an unsatisfying twist on dollar store dry food. In times like these, it’s best to consider your choice of veterinary practice and may want to consider finding a vet that practices holistic veterinary medicine.

Holistic medicine is a practice that uses natural, preventative and holistic treatment options for your dog. With a holistic vet, everything you do, from feeding your dog to taking them on adventures, can be optimized for your dog’s optimal health.

There is no time better than now to start making better dietary decisions for your dogs. Nobody cares more about helping you do that than we do at Cali Raw!