Benefits of Salmon Oil for Dogs

May 29, 2019 4 min read

For decades, humans have been conscious of including salmon in their diets to ensure they gain numerous benefits. Now, it has become a top trend to give dogs salmon oil, too. 

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Why Salmon Oil Is Good For Your Dog?

One reason salmon oil is so great is because of a substance called Omega 3.

Omega 3 in Salmon Oil

Omega 3 is one of the essential fatty acids for dogs because dogs are unable to produce them in their own bodies.

Salmon oil contains high levels of the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids: EPA and DHA. Humans can make both EPA and DHA from ALA (a short-chain fatty acid present in vegetable oils), but dogs struggle to do the same. Even in humans, the process is inefficient. For this reason, it is much better to provide your dog with a direct source of long-chain fatty acids.

Squeezing salmon oil into your dog's diet is a relatively simple task. You can purchase bottles of salmon oil and add a few drops to your pup's meals, or you can purchase a food that naturally contains them.

Pre-made raw dog food, like that at Cali Raw Nutrition, usually contains salmon oil in each pack. Feeding a brand that already includes salmon oil makes it easy for your pup to reap the benefits.

What Health Benefits Does Salmon Oil Give Your Dog?

By feeding your dog salmon oil regularly, their overall health and development improve. Supplementing meals with salmon oil can improve your dog's life!

1. Healthy Skin

Common reason dog owners start feeding their pets salmon oil is to resolve skin problems. The fatty acids work to promote the production of the natural oils that lubricate your dog’s skin. These oils heal redness and itchiness caused by eczema, allergies, dermatitis, and just about any other skin condition.

Most other skin treatments tend to be just temporary solutions or they are designed to treat a singular cause of flaky, itchy skin. The exception is coconut oil, which can be both safe and effective for long-term use. Still, it is far less beneficial than salmon oil, as it contains no omega-3 fatty acids.

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2. Improved Coat

Dogs who have suffered from an imbalanced diet (such as rescue dogs) often have a poor coat condition. Their coats may be coarse, the hairs even cracked. Feeding salmon oil can help improve these dogs’ appearance faster.

The fatty acids in salmon oil combat the problem of over-shedding and making the coat bright and soft.

Raw diets can also help reduce shedding issues and improve coats for dogs! 

3. Heart Health

People often associate the word “fat” with poor heart health. Omega-3 fatty acids are crucial for maintaining a healthy heart. As well as lowering high blood pressure, they reduce the number of triglycerides in your dog’s body to prevent heart disease.

4. Better Brain Function

Many people are familiar with omega-3 fatty acids as nutrients essential for brain function. This is just as true for dogs as it is for humans. Omega 3 is especially important for developing the brains of puppies and maintaining alertness in older dogs.

5. Improved Organ Function

Salmon oil contributes to the healthy function of several other organs in the body, including the liver and many of the organs that make up the digestive system. It is particularly useful for dogs who are suffering from kidney disease or kidney problems like frequent urination and lack of appetite.

6. Prevent Inflammatory Conditions

Omega 3 plays a major role in keeping inflammation in check. Whereas a certain amount of inflammation is necessary to drive white blood cells to sites in the body exposed to viruses or bacteria, too much inflammation can lead to degenerative health issues.

By ensuring that your dog consumes a sufficient amount of omega 3, you help her avoid conditions like arthritis and potentially prevent acute gout attacks. Salmon oil can also reduce the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease.

7. Enhanced Immune System

By boosting the immune system, salmon oil increases healing time for injuries and fights off illnesses. It also corrects an overactive immune system, preventing allergic responses and autoimmune diseases.

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8. Cancer Protection

Salmon oil can reduce the risk of a variety of types of cancers. It is particularly effective when part of a biologically-appropriate raw diet.

If your dog already has cancer, salmon oil may be able to slow the growth of tumors, improving her chances of recovery. It can also prevent cancer-related cachexia — the loss of muscle mass and strength.

9. Weight Loss and Maintenance

Adding salmon oil to an obese dog’s meals can help her lose weight faster. It can also help her maintain her ideal weight once she has shed some pounds. Again, salmon oil must be part of a balanced diet for it to be effective. Plus, your dog will need to receive sufficient daily exercise.

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How to Choose The Best Salmon Oil For Dogs?

Some salmon oil products are far better than others. The best ones of all are made from wild Alaskan salmon. Such fish are taken from clean water, free from pollutants (such as mercury) that could harm your dog’s health. Furthermore, wild salmon is better than farm-fed salmon, as it contains a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids for greater nutritional benefits.

Whereas you could add salmon oil supplements to your dog’s meals, an even better option is to purchase dog food that comes with high-quality salmon oil as an ingredient. This way, you’ll be providing your dog with a premium source of DHA and EPA every day. There’s no need to wait for your dog to suffer from a health problem to start feeding her salmon oil. Giving her plenty of omega 3 now will yield health benefits in the future.