The Healthiest Puppy Food for Optimal Health & Wellness

June 23, 2020 6 min read

"What should I feed my pup?",
"What is the healthiest puppy food should I consider?"

These are, perhaps, the most common question asked by new dog owners as we inherently strive to provide the best puppy food for our furry new family members.

If your ultimate goal is the longevity and high quality of your dog's life, begin with a healthy growth stage while they are still puppies. Three overarching aspects will factor in that goal.

puppy eating raw puppy food for the best health
Discover what is the practice of feeding small animal
to optimize your puppy's health

The first would be genetics. We have some control over this through selective breeding and healthy lineage. But this is the most out of our hands as dog owners and is completely out of our hands once the puppy is born.

Second is the puppy's environment – the setting where it is raised and lives its day-to-day life. Again, we have some control over this, but not everyone can completely change their lifestyle to accommodate the arrival of a new puppy. Some dogs will be trained to be created for most of the day. Others will be raised in apartments with limited time outdoors. Of course, this factor varies wildly but certainly plays a role in your puppy's growth and development into maturity.

Finally, we come to nutrition, perhaps the most important of the three, if for no other reason than this, is something that we have direct control over every day as pet owners.

Putting your puppy on a path to a long and healthy life is a conscious decision you must make at every feeding.

It is important to note that conscious decisions are not always the most convenient, but puppies are our passion here at Cali Raw.

Now we have made it more convenient than ever to optimize your dog's nutrition based on their life phase with a raw puppy food formula fortified with all-natural ingredients and vitamins to bolster their crucial growth stage. Here is why it matters.


Life Stage Nutrition is defined as:

The practice of feeding animals a diet that meets their optimal nutritional needs at different ages or physiological states.

It should come as no surprise that in a dog's first year of life, its nutritional demands will differ from what it will require later in life.

Puppies need 4.4x as much protein intake as an adult dog to feed the rapid development, build new muscle, balance and optimize metabolism, form vital neural pathways, and fuel their off-the-wall energy levels.

The same rings true for calcium – puppies require 5.8x more calcium and 6.4x more phosphorous than adult dogs. When you consciously decide to feed your puppy a B.A.R.F. diet from Cali Raw, you give them the lifelong gift of strong and healthy teeth and bones. That'll keep you both smiling for years to come.

Cali Raw will be the healthiest raw puppy food because the food is already packed with protein, but our raw puppy food formula was specially crafted to keep up with your developing pup!

Then we need to consider fiber and fatty acids… magnesium and minerals, and antioxidants… oh my! Truly optimizing your puppy's health, even with a raw dog food diet, is not quite a simple as a quick trip to the butcher's block. But instead, we make it even easier with a few quick clicks in the Cali Raw shop.

healthy puppy food available at cali raw nutrition
Cali Raw Nutrition food provides your dog everything they need to thrive based on guidelines of Associate of American Feed Control Officials


From Pit Bulls to Pekinese, Chows to Chihuahuas, all dogs descended from wolves. Clearly, this has occurred over the course of millennia and domestication has produced a slew of breeds that probably would not be able to keep up with the pack in the wild.

Although humans have been convenience-feeding grocery store kibble to their dogs for decades, in the grand scale of things, our dogs are much more accustomed to and built for the ancestral diet that their fanged forebearers thrive on.

While wolf mothers will regurgitate hunted and foraged findings for their pups to feast upon, fortunately, today we can skip mama's mouth and have a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (B.A.R.F.) meal plan affordably and conveniently delivered to your door with just a few clicks at CaliRaw.

The fresh, whole-food ingredients found in Cali Raw Puppy Food are thoughtfully selected by an in-house nutritionist with decades of experience in the field to create complementary combinations of essential proteins, vitamins, and useful carbohydrates that your puppy will love.

Even if your puppy came to you from the breeder, the shelter, or a neighbor already on a kibble-based diet, it is never too soon to transition them over to the healthiest puppy food that is species-appropriate like Cali Raw.

The fact of the matter is that puppies can – and ideally would – ween from their mother's milk directly into a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet.

But even for puppies who were started on dry kibble, the transition to a complete raw puppy food diet is so easy and is most often accomplished with outstanding results in 10 days or less.


Raw dog food is all the rage these days, but as with anything else, there are levels to the game, and we can confidently say that there are very few brands on the same level as Cali Raw.

We set the bar for nutrition, ingredients & production standards by creating craft batches of 100% human-grade dog food produced in a USDA inspected facility with a USDA inspector on-site.

By only sourcing USDA certified humanely raised animals & fresh local vegetables, combined with organic vitamins & minerals along with Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Oil to ensure a complete & balanced diet, our food quality is the guideline by which other brands must be measured.

By maintaining a valid SQF Safe Quality Foods Certification, our food production is held to the strictest auditing guidelines in the industry.

Crafted in micro-batches right here in California to ensure quality, Cali Raw currently ships orders fresh-frozen to your doorstep in eight western regional states, including California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado.

No artificial ingredients, no preservatives, no by-products… no BS!

Our puppy formulas not only have all these AMAZING ingredients, but our formulas are also suited for all breeds.

The best part is that you don't have to take our word for it, just take a look at these messages from caring pet parents like you.


Did You Know?

A puppy eats approximately 80%-100% of their ADULT body weight monthly, or 2-3% of ADULT body weight daily, split into 3-4 meals.

By far, the easiest, most affordable, and most convenient way to order Cali Raw Puppy Food is by signing up for a weekly or monthly subscription box.

You'll have a choice of two protein options - chicken or beef - or you can get the Combo Box each month with a 50/50 split of the two.

Of course, all dogs are different, especially in the puppy stage, so our boxes come in sizes ranging from 10 to 36 pounds. You can use our handy Feeding Calculator to determine what will work best for you and your pup.

As long as you re-order 3-5 days before you run out of food, you'll maintain a constant supply of fresh frozen, species-appropriate meals, thoughtfully packaged and portioned to make mealtimes a breeze for dogs of all ages!


Are you ready for the best raw dog food delivery on the west coast? The decision is yours, but just look at that furry lil' face and let us know how Cali Raw can help your puppy begin to live its best life.


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