Best Subscription Boxes for Spoiled Dogs

July 07, 2020 7 min read

You can find just about any product or service as a subscription these days. Why are subscription services so popular? For one, the convenience of receiving a service or product based on the customer’s needs gives people an easy to fulfill shopping experience without leaving their door! You don’t have to remind yourself to buy something, such as dog food, when you leave the house because it will be charged and sent to you based on the frequency of your and your dog’s needs.

Subscriptions that offer a stable price point help customers stay within their budget every month. We know humans love their subscription service and as they have grown in popularity over the years, companies have now started marketing their subscription to their dogs! So which dog subscription box do you think they will enjoy the most? We got you covered.

Best Raw Dog Food Delivery 

Cali Raw Nutrition, Orange County CA

Ok, we’re a little biased here but who wouldn’t want a raw dog food subscription delivered straight to your door?

  • Customizable Subscription
  • Premade & Packaged 
  • Suitable For All Breeds
  • Puppy Formulas Available!!

You don’t even have to think about going to the store to buy pounds of heavy kibble when you can get a variety of formulas for your dog as needed.

Feeding raw meat may sound scary at first, but it is the biologically species-appropriate diet that your dog won’t just survive on but thrive on! Making your raw dog food can be tedious and may lack the nutrients necessary to keep your dog healthy.

We offer complete and balanced formulas packed with nutritious, human-grade, locally sourced ingredients we know your dog will devour...what it comes down to is freezer space. With customizable shipment options, we cold-ship straight to your door every week, month, or custom frequency depending on your dog’s needs.

Our frozen raw food delivery allows you to feed your dog the best fresh dog food after thawing it in the freezer!

If you’re a local in Orange County, we’ll even deliver it to you by hand so we can meet your dog in person! Whether you are a veteran raw feeder or just now hopping on the raw dog food train, we’re always here to guide you. Nothing is more important to us than the health of your dog! When it comes to your dog’s food, we got you covered! 

Best Raw Dog Food Delivery In Southern California

Interested in starting raw?
Check out our Raw Dog Food For Beginner's Guide 

Healthy Subscription Dog Treats

Real Dog Box, San Diego CA 

  • Fresh Dog Treats 

  • Saves Your Dog From Bad Breath

  • Great For Keeping Your Dog Lean 

After you subscribe to your raw dog food service, next in line would be, of course, treats! A healthy dog needs healthy treats so its gotta be real. This company handmakes and dehydrates its 100% real treats in small quantities so they are delivered straight to your dog guaranteed fresh. They have a variety of exotic treats and chews for your dog to keep busy.

Ever heard of steer pizzle? How about a real duck head? What about letting your dog try a beef aorta? As surprising as it is to be feeding these to your domesticated dog, they have a list of health benefits that act as more than just snacks for your dog.

It would be a waste to feed your dog such nutritious raw dog food and treat them with artificial and unhealthy snacks. So keep the ball rolling and keep your dog on treats that will boost their health! Starting at $21 per box with free shipping your dog is in for a real...treat! 

Check out Real Dog Box here.

San Diego Subscription Box

New Puppy Subscription Box

PupBox, San Marcos CA 

  • 5-7 Goodies Per Box

  • Each Box Customized For Your Pup

  • Made For Easy Pup Parenting

If you plan to get a new puppy the best thing to do is the plan! Do your research and collect the essentials you need for them to start their new life at home. If you order their meals from Cali Raw, we’ve got your puppy formulas to start your new dog on a raw diet.

Though, if you don’t know exactly where to start for other supplies, maybe a subscription box will be useful to new puppy parents! In this monthly dog subscription box, you’ll customize your box based on your puppy’s age, characteristics, and needs.

Each box comes with 5-7 toys, treats, dog accessories, and a training guide to get you started. Your puppy will grow into their adult self before you even realize it but Pupbox is here to customize treats, toys, and training tips based on their age so you don’t have to cancel once they’re adults. Check out their pricing plans before your puppy gets to their new home!

Check out PupBox here.

Puppy Subscription Box

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Dog Collar Subscription Service

Get Wagging, TX

  • Keep Your Dog In Style 

  • Monthly/Quarterly Cycle 

  • Return To Donate For Rescues

Your dog needs more than one collar...or maybe ten. Needless to say, collars help accessorize your pet so they can show some personality! Get Wagging allows you to subscribe to their products either monthly or quarterly so you’ll never run out of style choices for your pup.

The best part? This company allows you to return any gently used collars for free to be given to a rescue dog in need. Because you don’t get to choose your collars on a subscription cycle, this will give you more space for new collar designs that will match your pup’s personality perfectly! If you want to feel good about a monthly subscription it will be this one. 

Start walkin' here!

Get Wagging Subscription Box


Monthly Collar Club

Max & Neo, Scottsdale AZ

  • Matches Your Purchase To Donate A Collar 

  • Donation Box Purchase Available 

  • Seasonal Collars

Along the lines of charitable subscription boxes, Max & Neo is another box for you and your dog to feel good about! Similar to Get Wagging, they’ll match your purchase to donate a “one for one” collar to a dog rescue. Each month is a seasonal collar to switch up their style so your dog will never get bored of their accessory!

Max & Neo’s commitment to dog rescues even extends to the buyer giving them an option to buy a donation box and send it directly to the rescue of their choice. Now, this is a company that puts pups over profit and if you’re a dog person we know you always want to support a good cause when you see one.

Next time you need some collars click here!

Collar For Dog Subscription


Pet Grooming Supply Box

Groom Box, by CrateJoy

  • 3-Month Cycle 

  • Grooming At Home Made Possible 

  • Save On Grooming Trips

This would be a fun gift for any pet owner that plans to groom their dogs at home! Maybe this grooming kit will save you a trip to the groomer every month. With 3-10 full-size items, the supplies in the box switch up every month so you won’t be left with the same sheers or grooming brush.

For a homemade dog grooming subscription kit, supporting this small business will make you feel good about your purchase! Or this would be a fun subscription box to gift to your favorite groomer as a thank you.

Check out Groom Box here.

Grooming Subscription Box


Treats & Accessories Subscription Box

Pet Treater, Johnson City TN 

  • Customize Between Treat, Toys, Or Both
  • Supplies With Standard Box Purchase
  • Upgrade Options Available

Depending on your dog's needs you can choose from a Treats Only or Toys Only box but for the best of both worlds, we recommend ordering the standard Dog Box. This would include not only treats and toys but also helpful supplies like spray-on shampoo or poop bags! You might even get lucky and get a new color or bandana to style your pup! This is an affordable variety box that starts at $15/month for 3-4 items or you can upgrade to $25/month for 5-8 selected items. 

Learn more about Pet Treater here!

Dog Subscription Box

Dog Dental Care Kit

Bark Bright, NYC

  • Saves Your Dog's Teeth 
  • Save Vet Bills 
  • Teeth Cleaning Your Dog Will Enjoy

Does your dog suffer from bad breath? Don’t worry, so many other dogs have this problem, they’ve invented a subscription box for it! Depending on what they eat, this could be the reason for any mouth decay that results in smelly kisses. Although a raw dog food diet would primarily help with this, a dental box could make your dog enjoy getting their teeth cleaned!

Preventative care is the best way to avoid expensive vet bills for any type of gum or mouth disease caused by an unhealthy diet. Your Bark Bright box will come with a chicken-flavored triple enzyme gel toothpaste along with some dental chews to get them excited about cleaning their teeth. 

Get cleanin' here!

Dental For Dog Subscription

Custom Subscription Box

Pooch Perks, Miami FL

  • Customizable Boxes For More Than One 
  • Avoid Allergies 
  • USA Sourced & Grain Free

You’ve heard of BarkBox, but have you heard of Pooch Perks? This might be the most tailored custom subscription box allowing you to build your own based on whether you have multiple dogs of all sizes and even have the option to list any known allergies!

They’ll be sure to only include the USA sourced primarily grain-free treats and toys for your health-conscious pup. Pooch Perks and Pet Treater might be similar in service but check out which box would be best for you and your dog! 

With all these different types of subscription services just for your dog, it will be hard to choose from but worth your money. Subscriptions make it easy for you to “set and forget” and customize your order as needed.

Most of these subscription services are local, family-owned businesses that appreciate your support and will do everything to keep you as a customer. Smaller businesses mean more attentive customer service and better relationships. We even wrote a blog on why supporting regional pet companies is better than buying from national corporations, check it out: Best pet food subscription

During these quarantine periods, it would be smart to start subscriptions for things you don’t need to leave the house for. Luckily, dog food, accessories, and treats are all items that can be delivered to your door without ever leaving the house!

Undeniably, even post COVID, subscription services are here to stay so find your favorite and get excited about your order! Dog food delivery, here you come! Woof!