5 Benefits of raw food diet for Pitbulls

January 28, 2022 5 min read

All too often misrepresented in the media and pop culture and mistreated by their human owners, Pitbulls are certainly among the most misunderstood dog breeds.

As their popularity as rescue dogs continues to grow, however, so does our knowledge and appreciation for this highly active, highly athletic, and super lovable class of canines.

For example, we now know that active adult Pitbulls can burn through up to 2,000 calories every day to fuel their seemingly endless desire to run, jump, swim, hike, and snuggle. With a body built for movement and a motor that won’t stop running, clearly a high-protein dog food should be on the menu every day.

When we talk about what our dogs’ bodies were built for, one look into your Pitbull’s mouth should make it apparent that it was not built for pellets of kibble.

Pitbulls prefer Cali Raw dog food

Your Pitbull wants and deserves fresh dog food, healthy dog food, natural dog food, and there is nothing more natural, more ancestral, than a raw food diet for Pitbulls.

5 Great Reasons to Put Your Pitbull on a Raw Diet

As tough as these dogs are, any Pitbull owner can attest that their pups are prone to problems from skin issues to stinky toots and everything in between.

Are we saying that a BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) Diet for your dog will make their farts smell like flowers? No, sorry, but it can certainly help to keep them from smelling up the entire house!

Here are some of our favorite benefits of putting your Pitbull on a fresh, healthy raw dog food diet.


Cleaner Teeth & Better Breath with Raw food diet for pitbulls

It may seem counterintuitive that a dog scarfing down raw chicken and beef and vegetables would have better breath than a kibble-fed dog but as with humans, oral health plays a large role in overall health in dogs and an ancestral diet that allows for gnawing and gnashing through muscles, tendons, and even bones all contributes to cleaner teeth, a healthier mouth, and better breath!


More Muscular Body Type with Raw food diet for pitbulls

The stocky, muscular frame has become iconic with the Pitbull breed, but so too has the notorious joint problems that can develop in these dogs.

The largest contributor to potential joint problems in the shoulders, hips, and lower legs is a Pitbull’s diet.

If left to feed on massive bags of dry, decomposing grocery store kibble day in and day out, Pitbulls are like any other canine breed and prone to putting on excessive weight. Pelletized dry dog food not only contributes to the stacking of upper body bulk, but it fails to deliver the proper vitamins and nutrients that your dog needs to develop and maintain naturally strong and healthy joints.

A properly balanced raw dog food diet will consist of protein-rich muscle meats like beef, chicken, lamb, and turkey. It will also contain a blend of vegetables, vitamins, and healthy fats and oils.

Here at Cali Raw, all of our raw dog food formulas are small-batch crafted right here in our USDA-approved facility using only 100% certified human-grade meats and vegetables.

Additionally, our simple to serve, pre-packaged, mail-order meals are always 100% free of grain, gluten, corn, wheat & soy.

This commitment to quality and switch to raw feeding has worked wonders on our own Pitbulls and has returned them to their lean, powerful, ancestral form.


Healthier Skin & Shinier Coats with Raw food diet for pitbulls

Once you are your Pitbull make the easy change to a raw food diet, it won’t just be those happy teeth blinding you with their shine!

Our inbox is full of firsthand accounts of the seemingly miraculous improvements that people are seeing in their Pitbull’s skin and coat almost immediately after opting for an ancestral raw dog food diet.

It’s not a miracle, it is science and biology working in real-time!

When you look at your own diet, what happens when you cut out the junk food and drive-thru meals? A clearer complexion? Healthier hair?


All-Natural Allergy Abatement with Raw food diet for pitbulls

As mentioned above, a properly balanced raw dog food diet can benefit a dull coat, or dry and flaky skin, but did you know that it can also put an end to seemingly untreatable allergies?

American Pitbulls and related breeds are particularly prone to skin issues. 

Pittys bred to display that rare and gorgeous blue/gray coat, for example, can be extra susceptible to skin ailments as the recessive gene that gives them such a desirable look also opens them up to potential problems.

Often, Pitbull allergies are being caused by a very distinct part of their diet. Many Pitbulls, for example, are diagnosed as being allergic to beef. As we point outin this past article on the subject, the odds are high that the dog is actually allergic to whatever artificial “beef” flavoring that is being coated onto their cheap, grocery store kibble.

But hey, maybe your dog truly is allergic to beef. When you feed a raw diet to your dogs, you can eliminate protein sources until you find the culprit. With a resource like Cali Raw just a click away, mealtime won’t miss a beat with 4 key protein sources to pick from.


Increased Energy Levels with Raw food diet for pitbulls

More energy? And that’s a good thing?! Yes, it is a good thing! Pitbulls are an active dog breed, they should be begging to run and play for hours a day and as their paw-rents, we should be letting them.

A Pitbull that is ok with laying around all day is not a healthy animal, but the starches, fillers, preservatives, and artificial flavorings sprayed into and onto most dry kibble dog food products are the recipe for laziness and wellness challenges.

Watch out for those snore-fest naps after they get done playing, though… they always try to trick us humans into joining them!

Best Raw Food Diet For Pitbull Puppies

The question often gets asked, “When is the right time to transition my Pitbull to raw food?” or “Can I put my Pitbull puppy on an ancestral raw dog food diet?”

Pitbulls puppies prefer Cali Raw dog food

The answer is: Pitbull puppies LOVE the raw dog food diet, too!

As their little bodies work overtime to catch up to their giant heads and paws, Pitbull puppies need several meals a day, high in healthy fats, useful carbs, and plenty of protein - that describes the BARF diet perfectly!

Pitbulls are known to be overeaters so we like to split our daily portion into two meals for our adult Pitbulls but your puppy’s portion can be split into multiple meals to keep up with their hyperactive lifestyle and constant calorie burn.


Of course, a puppies dietary needs will differ from an adult dog’s which is why it pays to take advantage of a resource like Cali Raw where we’ve worked with top canine nutritionists to develop and offer raw dog food blendsspecifically formulated to fuel a Pitbull puppy’s rapid growth.

As soon as they are on solid food, they can and should be on raw dog food. Getting started is easy! Check out: Our Puppy Feeding Guide.

A long, healthy, happy life for your Pitbull will follow.

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