The Facts Are In! Raw Eggs for Dogs are an ‘Egg-cellent’ Source of Safe Nutrition

September 18, 2019 5 min read

Eggs for dogs

Can Dogs Have Raw Eggs?

Some people like them sunny side up, others over easy, and some fitness fans will even down a few eggs completely raw to start their day. It is no secret that eggs rank near the top for foods with the highest biological value for protein. With just 75 calories but seven grams of all-natural protein along with essential vitamins & minerals, one egg represents an entire factory of disease-fighting nutrients… not only for humans but for our dogs as well. That's right!  Raw eggs can be for dogs too, not just us. 

If you’ve spent any time around a farm or ranch with laying hens and unleashed dogs you’ll know that canines are enamored with eating fresh eggs – shells and all – sometimes to the point of becoming a nuisance if you were counting on those for your morning omelet!

Fresh, raw eggs have been a biologically appropriate staple of canine diets for thousands of years providing enhanced health and longevity as a complete source of amino acids, vitamin A, riboflavin, vitamin B12, iron, selenium, and fatty acids. Even the shell is rich in calcium, contributing to healthier bones and claws, stronger teeth, and better digestion.

Benefits of giving dogs eggs

For decades, the mighty egg was saddled with an unsavory reputation due to its high cholesterol content but in the year 2000, the American Heart Association turned the tables on its dietary guidelines and advised healthy humans that they could certainly eat an egg a day as a part of a complete and balanced diet – so why is there still any debate about our dogs doing the same?


For the most part, those who argue against raw foods for dogs do so from a place of genuine concern, unfortunately, their facts often get scrambled and the great egg debate is no different.

Generally, their position on feeding dogs raw eggs boils down to two main concerns:

  • Potential ingestion of E. coli or salmonella
  • Potential overexposure to avidin, a biotin/vitamin B inhibitor

Well, the nutritionists at Cali Raw Dog Food are here to ease your mind on both.

E.Coli / Salmonella

Your dog’s digestive system is much different than your own. Compared to a human, the canine digestive tract is much shorter and much more acidic. These conditions provide little sanctuary for bacteria to even exist, let alone thrive.

Consider that your dog can ingest entire raw bones and their gut biome breaks that down with ease. The odds of your pooch contracting E. coli or salmonella is low and even lower from eating raw eggs when fed organic and “free-range” eggs from trusted sources when available. Healthy chickens tend to lay healthy eggs.

The larger threat of E. coli or salmonella exposure lies with us, the humans who handle the raw eggs to feed our dogs. Medium to large healthy dogs can typically be given an entire raw egg as is, and they will gently crack the shell, slurp the goodness from within, and finish it all off with a munching of the crunchy shell. We like to send our pups into the back yard with theirs and usually not a trace gets left behind. For smaller dogs or those with compromised ability to chew or eat, you can crack the egg and serve the contents in a dish or bowl.

Be sure to wash your hands well before and after handling eggs.

Avidin vs. Biotin

Biotin is an essential B vitamin and should be present in any proper raw diet for dogs. Avidin is a biotin-inhibitor.

It just so happens that they are both present in eggs!

Avidin, typically treated as a no-no for dog owners, is found in raw egg whites and contributes to a dog’s cellular growth, metabolism, and can help provide a healthy, shiny coat. However, in a large enough quantity, it could affect an animal’s vitamin B levels. Once again, eggs have an answer. The yolks found in raw eggs happen to be equally rich in biotin, easily offsetting any potential deficiencies.

This is why it is not only important to feed the dog the entire raw egg – for that natural balance – but also to feed them a species-appropriate, full-spectrum diet of raw dog food. There are endless sources of all-natural biotin-rich supplements that are safe for dogs to eat, many of which form the baseline for Cali Raw Dog Food formulations.


Raw and cooked eggs for dogs



As we outlined above, experts agree that it is perfectly safe to feed your dogs several raw eggs each week. Here are some common questions we have gotten on the topic from customers signed up for Cali Raw Dog Food delivery.

Q. How many eggs should I give my dog each day/week?

A. As with most things dog-related, much will depend on your pet’s age, health status, current diet, size, breed, and so many other factors. But as we have outlined here, there is really nothing to fear by supplementing your dog’s diet with raw eggs so the best option is usually to start slow – perhaps one egg every other day for the first week. Monitor your dog after that first egg for upset stomach or regurgitation. They will likely be just fine, but dogs can be transitioned to raw eggs by first introducing cooked/boiled eggs which are still packed with nutritional benefits.

Q. Do I feed the egg separately, or with other food?

A. This is up to you (and your dogs). Ours regard their egg as a treasured treat and like to savor it on its own. For a more finicky Fido, we have seen much more success when the egg is added to the dog’s typical portion of Cali Raw Dog Food as it will aid in the digestion of the meat, vegetables, bone, and organ matter in the rest of the recipe, and vice versa.

Looking To Transition To Raw:  Cali Raw Transition to Raw Feeding Guide


As we know, eggshells are a rich source of calcium but did you know that they are also a source for 27 other mineral elements? This combination of essential minerals works in unison to give your dog better bone density and muscle contraction, keeping them healthier and happier and on the go for many years to come. The beneficial parts of eggs for dogs can also improve their skin and coat!

Supplementing your dog’s diet with a ground bone meal is not only inconvenient, but it can be detrimental to your dog’s long term health if you are not exact in your ratios of phosphorous to calcium. Take that guesswork out of the equation and let nature do the math for you.

Eggs are beneficial to dogs

Switching to raw dog food is a big choice for any pet owner, but we know that it is the right choice for your pet. Cali Raw Dog Food makes that switch easy by giving you the information you need and by giving your pet the nutrition that they need. We don’t sell raw eggs but if they benefit your dog’s diet, you can bet that we’ll be telling you about it!