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Top 10 FAQ About Raw Dog Food & Cali Raw

November 14, 2020 5 min read

 A lot of you have questions about raw dog food and James Pendergast & Brandine Strand answers them in our Podcast. Check it out for the details

Here's the basic breakdown. 

1. How Does Raw Dog Food Help A Sensitive Stomach?

There’s no one perfect dog food for all dogs, but a raw diet helps. For example, amazing improvements are seen for dogs with sensitive stomachs switching to raw dog food. 

In dry food, kibble, and other processed pet food, it’s widely known that there are fillers, grains, and other unnecessary additives that are found in the ingredients.If your dog has a sensitive stomach, these fillers are not going to help ease digestion. One of the main benefits of raw food is improved digestion. A lot of senior dogs benefit from raw dog food since their body, compared to younger dogs, has a harder time digesting food and working their organs. 

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2. How Can Raw Dog Food Help Allergies?

It’s very important to note that if the dog is accustomed to kibble and is given fresh food for the first time, the body will go through a “detox” process. This is when the body gets rid of the bad to make room for the good. This can sometimes mean changes in their bowel movement and stool consistency. Most dog owners think this is a symptom of an allergy but it is not. This is a natural transition process that dogs go through when making the switch from kibble to raw food. 

At times, intolerance is also mistaken for an allergy. Many times when we think our dog has a food allergy, it may be a sensitivity or intolerance to a particular ingredient in their diet. Many times, this sensitivity is to a specific protein. Food sensitivities, or intolerances, usually appear internally, in the GI tract, causing vomiting or loose stools. Actual food allergies in dogs are quite rare, but if your dog is allergic to something you will see an immune response.


3. How Can Raw Dog Food Help In Obesity?

Obesity in dogs is a global issue and is often overlooked by owners. It’s important to read the packaging of the food and follow the feeding instructions and recommended serving size when feeding your dog. Owning a scale is also highly recommended especially if you have a specific goal of losing weight for your dog. A body condition score of  4-5 is ideal. Anything above that is obese and anything below that is too skinny. 

It’s also recommended to choose a formula with the lowest fat content. Here at Cali Raw, turkey is the leanest meat option. Fillers and grains in kibble cause weight gain and that is something that you don’t have to worry about when it comes to raw food. Our formulas only consist of ingredients that have nutritional value to your dogs.

4. Can You Feed Raw Food To Your Puppy?

Yes. A slow and gradual transition is highly recommended.Since a puppy’s immune system is still developing, it is very important to choose a trusted source or food. You can also gently cook the formula for up to 4 months to give their immune system time to build up. The best way to do this is to cook the food in a skillet in low to medium heat, for 6-8 minutes with a little bit of water to add back the moisture. 

Here at Cali Raw, we follow alife stage-specific raw diet that will provide your puppy with all the beneficial nutrients they need for their high energy demands and growing body. Our puppy formulas have increased Fatty Acids EPA & DHA from Salmon Oil to assist in brain development and improve cognitive learning skills. They also have ideal Calcium Levels with a Calcium: Phosphorus ratio of 1.4:1. 

Also, our Puppy Formulas have enhanced antioxidants and vitamins to improve immune response to vaccinations and immune stimulation. 

Lastly, added L-Carnitine helps burn fat more efficiently and increases bone mass and bone density. All of these formulations are specific to the Puppy Formula and will assist with strengthening your puppy’s immune system, building a healthy gut, and meeting their growing needs. 

best raw puppy food in california for young dogs with extra nutrition and supplements for development and growth

5. What If My Vet Says No To Raw Dog Food?

There are two kinds of veterinarians - traditional and holistic. We highly recommend having a holistic vet but also maintaining a relationship with a more traditional practice for serious health conditions and surgeries. 

The main issue is that traditional vets think that raw dog food is not complete and balanced but they are usually about homemade raw dog food. If not prepared correctly and without the necessary ingredients and supplements, homemade dog food will not be complete and balanced. But there is more than one kind of raw dog food, if you do your research you can find something that can provide your dog with the best nutrition. That´s our main goal and overall vision here at Cali Raw.

6. What's The Best Way To Introduce Raw Food To A Picky Dog?

A dog that's been eating kibble and is accustomed to low protein, high carb, no moisture diet will tend to have a slower transition to a raw food diet. More often than not, smaller dogs seem to be pickier than larger dogs. 

One way to solve this problem is to serve it on a plate, or a new area.It´s important to be excited and enthusiastic about feeding your dog because they will pick up on that energy. As mentioned previously, a gradual and slow start to transition is always best. Gently heating the food also helps, this process heightens the aroma and flavor profile of the food. Another quick tip is to use healthy toppers such as a raw egg or sardines.

7. Is There Bacteria In Raw Dog Food?

This is a non-issue for most dogs, especially healthy dogs.Dogs have a very acidic stomach that is biologically designed to withstand and process bacteria without being sick. 

8. What Can I Do If I Can’t Afford To Feed My Dog Raw Food?

If the cost is not feasible, we recommend a 50/50 supplemental diet. This way you’re still able to incorporate a good amount of raw food to your dog’s diet accompanied by another formula that is more affordable to you. Your dog will still be able to reap the amazing and countless benefits of raw food such as a shiny coat, improved skin and oral health, and less shedding.


9. How Much Do I Feed My Active Dog?

It’s very important to know your dog’s activity level, any medical issues, current diet, and other necessary information regarding their health. This directly affects the amount of food they need to consume to maintain a healthy weight. Get access to a body score chart to have a more accurate perspective on your dog’s current weight and ideal weight. 

9 point body score chart for dog to tell healthy weight vs over weight vs under weight

10. How Does A Raw Food Diet Play Into DCM In Dogs?

Cali Raw has low starchy vegetables in the formula unlike a lot of kibble brands with a lot of carbohydrates that displace amino acids and also contain anti-nutrients. When high heat is incorporated into the processing of dry food, it’s not surprising that these diets become an inadequate source of taurine. 

Cali Raw has about 13 grams of Taurine per a thousand kcal which gives an abundant amount of amino acids. If you have a high-risk breed, it’s highly recommended to feed them sardines every week which will provide them with a healthy amount of taurine.