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Top Southern California Dog Daycares For Spoiled Dogs

April 07, 2020 6 min read

As more and more people are adding new additions to their family in the form of furry friends, the concern of leaving their dog at home for hours becomes an afterthought. Planning a getaway vacation becomes harder, staying at work later than usual can be worrisome, and your dog might suffer from separation anxiety that may result in destructive behaviors!

Doggy daycares have become more common over the years but some people might be hesitant to leave their precious family members in a pet boarding facility. There are many benefits to leaving your pet with a trusted daycare service and we will tell you why! 

The Benefits Of A Trusted Dog Daycare


Socialization for dogs is important so your dog doesn’t forget how to play and interact with each other (just like humans). Dogs are used to being a part of a pack so being among others develops positive behavior skills that reflect in other group situations like playdates, pack walks, and dog beach etiquette. 

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Being active in a large open space where your dog can exert energy and mingle with other canines is a lot better than being cooped up inside all day. A tired dog is a happy dog and will be ready for a good night’s sleep after you pick them up. What better way to end your day then cuddling with a sleepy pup!

Certified Trainers

These daycares understand that they are responsible for your dogs and to ensure that they are trusted they must hire professionals. Employees who understand the protocol and are passionate about what they do are the ones that know how to supervise and keep a close eye on your dog in a safe environment.


Daily or weekly visits to a familiar daycare will prepare your dog for overnight boarding if needed. Leading up to overnight stay should be gradual therefore if you do have a trip planned, make sure to schedule boardings months in advance. This way your dog can get used to a routine of being dropped off and always getting picked up.

Home Away From Home

Interaction and playtime with consistent trainers and employees will make your dog feel more secure. Once you find the perfect dog daycare it is important to bring them back to the same familiar faces. But watch out, if you bring them in too often your dog might never want to leave after being given all that attention!

Is Doggie Daycare A Good Fit For Your Dog?

There are however things that need to be taken care of before attending a doggy daycare orientation. These are added steps and precautions from the daycare side to ensure your dog is the right fit for attending daycare.

Up-To-Date Vaccinations

It is important for your dog to be properly vaccinated before mingling with others. Just like children before they enroll in school certain vaccinations must be done in order to be considered. Core vaccines like parvovirus, rabies and canine hepatitis shots are all required and your daycare provider may ask for others too.

Proper Socialization With Other Dogs And Humans

Daycare would be the best place to maintain socialization etiquette but not ideal for socializing dogs for the first time. See how your dog reacts to other dogs during walks or trips to dog beach before leaving them in a place that is filled with other dogs. Dogs should be properly trained before being dropped off at a daycare unless the facility offers training sessions.


Most daycare and boarding centers require an evaluation that involves a meeting with one or more dogs to ensure that your dog is not aggressive toward others. It’s like an interview process but for dogs and it’s a good indicator of whether your dog is a good fit for the daycare.

Now that you have a general idea of the benefits of doggy daycare and you have determined that it would be a good fit for your dog, here are some of our top picks for Southern California dog daycares and the amenities they can provide for your dog’s stay.

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The Best Doggie Daycares In Southern California

Oh Hello Dog - Downtown LA

oh hello dog los angeles

Always greeted with a warm and welcomed, “Hello”, Oh Hello Dog provides 24/7 supervision and treats every dog like family. Their 7,500 square feet facilities offer cage-free dog supervision separating big and little dogs during playtime. Services including meal plans with homemade snacks using organic and raw dog food good enough for humans to eat! Oh Hello Dog even offers bath services so you can pick your pup up smelling clean and fresh.

Check out Oh Hello Dog here!
IG: @ohhellodog


Dog Drop - LA

dog drop los angeles

We know about dog food subscriptions but what about doggy daycare subscriptions? Customizable and flexible subscriptions for how often your pet frequents a daycare. Separate spaces for open play, training, and quiet time are provided for your dog’s comfort. These amenities are available for dogs that pass The Good Fit Test and don’t forget to bring copies of your dog’s records!

"Drop" by their Instagram: @dogdropco


Paw Sweet Paw - Irvine

dog daycare orange county

Paw Sweet Paw? More like home sweet home! They have recreated their pet hotel into a cozy-home environment that makes you feel good about leaving your dog there for hours. They offer beautiful suites for overnight stays, playtime with other friendly dogs, grooming services, and training! They also offer a checklist on their website of requirements before signing your dog up to stay over.

Visit this beautiful facility here!
IG: @pawsweetpaw


Dogtopia - South Coast & Anaheim Hills

dogtopia south coastThe Dogtopia Manifesto gives you an idea of the philosophy they believe in that is reflected in their standard practice at their facility. An award-winning daycare, boarding, and spa service, you will feel confident leaving your dog at a place like this. Dogtopia is committed to delivering safe, open play areas that focus on socialization and education for your pup.

Check them out: 

The Bone Adventure - Costa Mesa

the bone adventure doggy daycare

Another fun, cage-free doggy daycare offers boarding, grooming, even a swim club! Complete with K9 grass (custom grass for dogs), customized sleeping arrangements, and indoor/outdoor grounds for play. Socialization and exercise are their primary focus to your dog’s well being while staying at this spacious, multi-room facility. Your dog will come home to you tired and happy, guaranteed!

Learn more about The Bone Adventure here.


Paws Chateau - Huntington Beach

paws chateau doggy daycare

Combining homelike amenities and recreational activity, their trained staff offers peace of mind when you leave your furry friend here. When considering an overnight stay, Paws Chateau lets you choose from a variety of accommodations from traditional guest rooms to luxury suites with a TV, tempered glass (no bars or cages), and webcam access. Don’t forget the spa and wellness center for a relaxing bath and massage before bed. Talk about a pampered pooch!

Check our Paws Chateau here.


Canine to Five - San Diego

canine to five san diego

A cute spot for your puppy or adult dog that offers training, swimming practice, and just a couple doors down a self dog wash on Saturdays! If you need to leave your dog for a few hours while you’re at work, why not get them trained too? They practice positive reinforcement training so you can pick your dog up more well-mannered than when you dropped them off. They also have a wide selection of holistic and healthy treats, natural ingredients shampoos & conditioners, books on the benefits of feeding your dog a natural raw diet, and so much more! 

Visit their Instagram @caninetofive_sandiego


Beach City Dog Camp - Fountain Valley

beach city dog camp

Here’s a spacious dog camp that gives you a peek into your dog’s play space right in the front lobby! Group and private training sessions are available alongside packages that include overnight board and train. Grooming and spa treatments are available using organic locally sourced products for your pup to smell fresh and clean. If you’re interested, feel free to schedule a tour!

Take a look at their website here.


Joyful Paw Hotel - Long Beach

joyful paws doggy daycare

A hotel-style pet boarding in a park-like setting makes you feel good about leaving your dog to stay overnight or just for the day. They provide superior accommodations and care with customizable activity packages to suit your dog. Lots of play, cuddles, and dog brain teasers available to keep your dog distracted from missing you too much. Feel free to add on a dog bath too with hypo-allergenic products and a de-shedding service if needed!

Learn more about Joyful Paws Pet Hotel & Daycare here.


Camp Opie - Rancho Santa Margarita

camp opie doggy daycare

This doggy camp is staffed with friendly, loving staff 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so you won’t have to worry about your dog being alone ever. During the day the camp is lively and full of energy and then the staff strives to create a comfy environment for dogs staying overnight. They offer basic bathing services as well and if you have more than 2 pups to send to this camp a family discount can be applied!

Check out Camp Opie here.


Other doggy daycares in Southern California to consider:

Doggie Daycare inforgraph