Based at the heart of Southern California, Cali Raw Nutrition is on a passionate mission to make it easy and convenient for you to feed your dog a life stage specific, species-appropriate raw diet. Our complete & balancedpremium formulas are specially designed for optimum bioavailability of nutrition, easy digestion & delicious taste. We also sell recreational raw bones & healthy treats for your dog. 

Our quality standards for nutrition, ingredients & production are second to none.  Cali Raw dog food is 100% human-grade & produced in a USDA inspected facility with a USDA inspector on-site. We source only USDA certified humanely raised animals & fresh local vegetables. Additionally, having a SQF Safe Quality Foods Certification, our food production is held to the strictest auditing guidelines in the industry. 

We produce our products in small micro batches of 250-280lbs for precise accuracy. Each batch includes only certified humanely raised meat sources combined with fresh vegetables & fruits, plus added organic vitamins & minerals to ensure a complete & balanced diet. Our formulas also contain 18 EPA /12 DHA Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Oil.

Cali Raw Nutrition services the 48 United States with home delivery raw dog food subscription boxes & as needed meals, shipping from Newport Beach California every Tuesday. Each box is shipped with eco-friendly insulation & dry ice, arriving at your doorstep frozen. Weekly local pickup & delivery is also available in Orange County California. 

Our team is personally available to be your trusted guide in the journey to better health for your dog. Reach out with questions anytime at 949-482-DOGS.

Our Story

Cali Raw Nutrition was founded in 2018 by Brandine Strand, an avid life-long dog mom & entrepreneur, passionate about holistic health & natural medicine. She grew up in a family of dog lovers & hasn't gone a day without dogs around since she was 5. 

The first dog she got as an adult was Clyde. He was a golden long-haired chihuahua with a chocolate brown nose, romantic eyes & the most charming personality. He was deeply loved and spoiled beyond measure, but he was fed kibble his whole life. As a young twenty-something Brandine didn't know any better and didn't think to question the norm until it was too late.

After battling a long list of health problems & eventually loosing Clyde to kidney failure, she immediately began to rethink the "dog food" she was feeding her other 2 remaining dogs.  Astonished by what she found when researching dog nutrition & holistic health for dogs, she now understood why Clyde had years of health problems and ultimately succumb to them. She also now knew why her 2 year old Pitbull had skin allergies & digestive problems, as well as why her 10 year old Chiweenie was quite round & lethargic. Brandine immediately switched them both to a raw diet.

As expected, their health completely turned around. Energy levels increased, skin allergies went away, weight improved, digestion problems ceased, plus their stool became smaller, firmer & healthy. Both dogs also loved their new diet, finally licking their bowls clean with enthusiasm. In less than 30 days, her dogs were very obviously thriving on their new raw diet. 

Deeply regretful that she didn't know until it was too late for Clyde, she felt compelled to educate her friends and family about the dangers of feeding a kibble diet. It didn't stop there, her passion grew rapidly and eventually she decided to use her entrepreneurial talent to build a company with a meaningful & impactful purpose, a company that would change the world one dog at a time.

When Brandine joined forces with our seasoned animal diet formulator, James Pendergast, his experience & deep understanding of dog nutrition coupled with her entrepreneurial talent made for aforce of good for dogs everywhere. Cali Raw Nutrition quickly became a recognized supplier of home delivery raw dog food nationwide. Together, Brandine & James continue to push the raw dog food movement to new heights. 

Brandine has 3 dogs, including Clyde's partner in crime, Capone the Chiweenie, Dharma the rescue Pitbull & Bodhi the French Bulldog; who was a Christmas gift for Dharma in 2017. She has been a long time resident of the Costa Mesa & Newport Beach communities since graduating college. She is passionately devoted to the mission of Cali Raw and helping others to enhance their dog's health & longevity with a fresh raw diet. 

Our Formulator

As a raw dog & cat food formulator for more than 14 years, James Pendergast brings with him unparalleled professional pet food formulation experience, research and proven results. 

Blessed with the mentorship of world renown animal nutrition expert Steve Brown, his approach pushes the boundaries when it comes to optimal, age-specific pet nutrition. James has collaborated with leading holistic veterinarians, formulating some of the most ground-breaking prescription raw pet food recipes available today.

Deeply passionate about life-stage nutrition for dogs, James proudly formulated Cali Raw's dog food to be age-specific, developing a complete & balanced line for both Puppy & Adult dogs. 

James resides in Seattle Washington where is the proud Dog Dad of Reeby. Besides, formulating our coveted recipes, he advises and educates the team at Cali Raw, sharing his deep knowledge & extensive experience in order to further develop our growing team of animal nutrition experts.  




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