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Who We Are

Cali Raw Nutrition was founded on the mission to bring an easy to feed, complete & balanced ancestral raw diet to your dogs. We are 100% committed to going the extra mile for your dog, our community & the environment. We work hard to make feeding a raw diet safe, convenient and easy for you.

We're driven to educate other passionate pet owners about proper species appropriate nutrition in order to improve the overall health & longevity of our beloved dogs. A healthy dog starts with an informed dog owner!

Our formulas are tailored to meet the life-stage needs of your dog, providing the optimal nutrients their body will thrive on. We currently offer a healthy treats, recreational bones & a BARF Diet in four different formulas for adult dogs & puppies. You will see ongoing menu expansion, including Prey Model Formulas coming from us soon!


We formulate, source & produce a complete and balanced, life-stage raw dog food with responsibly raised, locally sourced, human grade ingredients; delivered direct to your door in easy to feed frozen forms. We completely balance your dogs meals to meetAAFCO Guidelines for nutritional adequacy.

All of our meats & vegetables are sourced here on the West Coast and processed in a California USDA Certified Facility. We deliver our products nationwide, direct from our doorstep to yours, keeping our chain of custody short & controlled. In Orange County California, we offer FREE Delivery!

We offer one-time orders as needed or subscription based orders monthly. Simply subscribe to your dogs monthly needs once & never pickup dog food again. Our subscription service is non-comital, with the ability to modify or cancel your order anytime prior to your prescheduled shipping date.

We make safety our priority by practicing a test & hold procedure to ensure the safety of the food before it goes into the market. By 2020, all of our products will undergo HPP processing for added confidence & trust.


We believe dogs are one of the very best parts of life, if not the best! To put it simply, we do it all for the dogs, so that we can each cherish more time with them. Science & genetics tells us that the commonly fed "kibble" is not providing proper dog nutrition. An increasing trend in allergies, cancer, diabetes, kidney failure & heart disease in dogs confirms that we need to rethink dog nutrition. An ancestral species appropriate diet offers proper nutrition & that is the simple solution to so many common health issues in our pets.

Our mission at Cali Raw is rooted in educating the public about raw feeding & doing our part to grow this movement, while adding happy, healthy years to your dogs life with optimal, life-stage raw diet formulas conveniently deliver to your door, making raw feeding easy for you.

Why Choose CaliRaw?

  • Easy to Thaw, Scoop & Serve
  • Added Salmon Oil in All Formulas
  • AAFCO Balanced & Complete Formulas
  • Only Human Grade Meats & Vegetables
  • Locally Sourced & Made in California
  • Only Naturally Derived Vitamins & Minerals
  • Formulated for Maximum Nutrient Absorption
  • 100% Grain Free, Gluten Free, Corn Free, Wheat Free & Soy Free
  • Small Batch Production in a USDA Inspected Facility

Our Commitment to Community

We are more than just another hot e-commerce subscription box service. At Cali Raw we are committed to our local communities. You'll find us frequently out in our local community hosting a regular 'Pack Walk & Raw Talk' event in Southern California.

Whenever possible our team is touring the coast of California looking for the best dog friendly events, where we can personally educate & enlighten passionate pet owners about the benefits of raw feeding their dog.

View our Community Event Schedule Here.