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Affordable Raw Dog Food Feeding | Mix Raw And Kibble


While it is recommended that you avoid feeding your dog any processed foods, we understand that feeding an exclusive raw diet isn’t feasible for everyone.

Whether the cost is too high, or you have a larger dog, we want you to know you can still optimize their health and nutrition with a partial raw diet.

In these cases, we recommend supplementing your dog’s current diet with at least 50% raw dog food. You can achieve this by using Cali Raw as a topper! By feeding a Supplemental Combined Diet, you can see what works best for you and your dog.

This will also allow your dog to experience the benefits of a raw diet and improve their health by providing them with the essential nutrients included in a raw diet!

Below, we will answer frequently asked questions, give you some tips, and explain the benefits of supplemental combination feeding. 

Why Feed A Mixed Raw & Kibble Diet For Dogs?

Feeding a raw diet exclusively isn't possible for all dog owners. But, that doesn't mean you can't use raw dog food to supplement your dogs current diet and add nutrients to your dog's diet. Some dog owner's avoid raw feeding due to the cost.Mixing kibble and raw dog food is a great way to feed raw on a budget!

Note: A mixed diet will not meet all the nutrition your dog needs, but this diet will give them more nutrient than only kibble

The added nutrition helps your dog's health & wellness. Supplemental Combination Feeding is a way to improve your dogs health & diet by adding fresh dog food to meals. 

Salmon oil, goat's milk, eggs, sardines, and more to boost the nutrition that kibble lacks. However, adding raw dog food would be the best way to supplement because they are formulated to provide the nutrients your dog needs.


Half Kibble and Half Raw Diet

Adding Raw Food To Kibble As A Topper

There are two ways we suggest feeding raw food and dry food. One is to do a meal of raw and one meal of kibble and another way is mixing 50/50. Mixing the two types of dog food will allow your dog to get more nutrients than they would with a kibble only diet

To achieve a Supplemental Combination Diet, we recommend feeding at least 50% raw food in your dog’s daily intake. This can be done in two seperate meals or using Cali Raw as a topper. Calculate this using our Feeding Calculator and divide the daily feeding suggestion by 2.

These type of feeding can help you work within your budget without sacrificing your dog's entire health. Here are the two methods we recommend: 


One Meal Raw & One Meal Kibble: 

For this approach, we recommend feeding your dog a raw diet in the morning, and then feeding kibble in the evening. If you can't feed 100% raw this is a good long term diet for your dog, as well as a way to slowly transition to a raw diet over time.

Between their morning and evening meal, your dog will have time to fully digest the food! The time gap between meals should be at least 10-12 hours to give time to digest the two different types of food.


50% Raw & 50% Current Food In One Meal: 

For this approach, we recommend following our Transition Guide until your dog has reached the 50/50 Raw/Old Food step. This approach uses the raw food as a topper or supplement, packed with nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals that will benefit your dog's health! Once this is reached, continue feeding 50/50 raw and old food in each meal, two times per day. Remember, it is important to transition slowly & gradually! 


Raw Dog Food on a Buget


Add a source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids from a marine source, such as Salmon Oil or Krill Oil. This can be added to your dog’s dry food at the time of feeding, which will replenish the Omega-3 Fatty Acids that may have been present in the dry food before processing. Adding an Omega-3 will also balance the ratio between Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids.


Tips For A Raw & Kibble Topper Diet

Add A Source Of Digestive Enzymes:

Digestive enzymes are naturally found in fresh food, so if you are feeding partial raw your dog will receive some of these. Digestive Enzymes help breakdown and process carbohydrates, fats and proteins that your dog is consuming.

To improve your dog’s gut health and settle their stomach, you can add a nutritious supplement such as Goat’s Milk to help with the digestion process. Goat’s Milk is packed with probiotics, vitamins and nutrients. It also helps your dog achieve the right pH throughout their digestive system. Pour a little Goat’s Milk on top of your dog’s food!


Choose A Premium Kibble

If you are feeding raw food as a topper on your dog's current diet, it is best to choose a premium kibble. We recommend not to buy in bulk, to be sure it is not past it’s use-by date. Also look for a kibble that does not contain added essential fatty acids, and instead add them fresh at mealtime! Not all kibble is created equally. Choose one that uses natural ingredients if possible and one that is grain free. If you are able, you can replace kibble with a freeze dried raw food as well!


Benefits Of Topping Kibble With Raw

While feeding a 100% raw diet will result in the most health benefits, adding partial raw to their diet will still make a huge difference in their overall health. Below are the included benefits or a raw food diet:

    • Reduced Allergies⁠
    • Improved Weight Management⁠
    • Less Infections⁠
    • Increased Energy⁠
    • Thicker Softer Coat⁠
    • Fresher Breath⁠
    • Reduced Risk of Disease⁠
    • Smaller Poop⁠
    • Less Gas⁠