Asha & Pirate

I am beyond thankful to have discovered CaliRaw! I’ve had Pirate a year and since we have begun raw feeding ALL of his allergies, warts and skin irritations disappeared almost immediately! And this was after 3 months of trying a combination of creams, foams and a lot of antibiotics. I’ll never go back to anything but a raw diet! He leaned out, his coat is sooo SUPER shiny (we get complimented almost daily), his teeth are clean and most importantly - he’s healthy! CaliRaw has made it possible to give him the best nutrition with the convenience of home delivery. All for a price that’s affordable. 

Bryndon, Kismet, Chablis, Teddy & Bambi

I have always been heavily involved in my dogs nutrition, feeding raw or fresh foods as much as possible. Cali Raw takes the guess work out of the equation with some of the most appealing raw food formulas around, all delivered right to my door. I have 4 dogs from 6-50 lbs and they have all been eating Cali Raw exclusively for months. My labrador's coat is the shiniest I've seen and my picky chihuahua gobbles it up instantly.

Ryan & Bowie

First off, I want to tip my hat off for the best customer service experience. I just started the transition to raw feeding my dog and Cali Raw came through with the guidance and knowledge. I did my research and shopped around & what I figured out is that they are the total package. My dog is healthier than ever and I'm never going back to kibble. If you’re on the fence about making the switch, I say do it because my whole experience has been A+ from start to finish.

Lorena & Rex

Cali Raw has changed the life of my 9yr old pug! Rex was best described as an old chubby, grumpy man. After only a month on Cali Raw dog food he lost 3 lbs and was finally able to scratch his head with his back foot again! He even got a little pep in his step now. We can’t wait to continue along the Cali Raw journey.

Carla & Dudley

Cali Raw is incredible. The bowl is always licked clean, the bags are re-sealable, our dog gets a good mix of everything he needs and the raw diet gives him the best bowl Movements. Happy dog, happy PAWrents!! Thank you Cali Raw for a great experience.

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