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Cali Raw Reviews & Testimonials

Asha & Pirate

I’ve had Pirate a year and since we have begun raw feeding ALL of his allergies, warts and skin irritations disappeared almost immediately! And this was after 3 months of trying a combination of creams, foams and a lot of antibiotics. I’ll never go back to anything but a raw diet! He leaned out, his coat is sooo SUPER shiny (we get complimented almost daily), his teeth are clean and most importantly - he’s healthy! Cali Raw has made it possible to give him the best nutrition with the convenience of home delivery. All for a price that’s affordable. 


Discover more about Pirate's success with a raw diet here.


Lily The Masked Frenchie




We were nervous to try raw dog food at first but after hearing/reading all the potential benefits we decided to give it a try. We’re so happy we did and that we found Cali Raw! It’s been a game changer!

Lily used to have really bad allergies. Her eyes were red and her paws were irritated from constant licking. Since switching to Cali Raw, Lily no longer has red eyes and itchy paws. She also has improved digestion with firmer, smaller stools.

We thought that going raw would be a lot of work but it’s actually pretty easy. Our Cali Raw is delivered monthly so we’re not scrambling to pick up or order dog food last minute like we’ve done in the past. It comes frozen so we just thaw it in the fridge for 24-48 hours before feeding. Lily loves it and licks her bowl clean every time!


Katie & Camp




We are so thankful for Cali Raw! Our dog absolutely loves it, the ingredients are spot on (I did my research), and it’s delivered right to our door! You can seriously smell the freshness when you open the package. We had tried other alternative feeding for our pup, but nothing was gobbled down as quickly, nor made us feel like we were giving our dog the best except for CaliRaw!! 🐾

Maya & Charlie



As a new dog owner, I read "buko" articles, watched hours of YouTube videos, and talked to lots of people regarding nutrition for dogs. All data led to a raw meat diet as research show genetic similarities between dogs and grey wolves. Grey wolves are carnivores, so it gave me more reason to try raw meat.

During my research, I came across Cali Raw which happen to 1. be local and 2. deliver routinely. Needless to say, I haven't looked back and instant noticeable differences were seen in his coat texture (silk smooth) and is poop (consistent).

Chip & Koda



Chip and Koda LOVE IT! Before switching to Cali Raw, they would wake us up every morning desperate to go to the bathroom. Now, they sleep in and patiently wait for us to get up without any sense of urgency. We’ve noticed that their stool looks a lot better (dog owners whose pups regularly have tummy troubles will appreciate this), and their physique has become leaner and more muscular. We are delighted to have made the change, and our pup's health is better. Upon our last visit, our vet also seems to agree.

Duncan & Christine



Dobermans tend to have very sensitive digestive systems, and as someone who is very health conscious myself, I never wanted to feed my pets anything like most of the bagged kibble you find in stores... so many of them are like giving junk food to your kid every meal! I home cooked a breed-specific recipe for many years with my previous Doberman but I knew I didn't want to continue that with Duncan for a variety of reasons. Duncan has always been a picky eater, and when he was very young we did try a couple other healthier brands of fresh cooked or raw food but he never stuck with any for more than a few months...he would just stop eating it. Fortunately I found Cali Raw whose Beef diet follows a very similar recipe to what I was cooking all those years, only raw of course... and Duncan continues to enjoy eating it! Huge score! He's been on it for about 2 1/2 years now and his health, appearance and energy are perfect! I hope to never have any reason to change his diet. I completely trust the quality of the food and treats from Cali Raw. I love supporting a local business also, and it's convenient for me to go pick up and even sometimes enjoy community events with other Cali Raw family! So very glad to have found this company!

Lorraine & Stormy



Texas Hold 'em up Winter Stormz aka Stormyz loves his puppy formula food so much, he squeals like a piggy while I open the packet to place in his dish because I apparently take FOREVER to serve him. His favorite treats are the beef heart, beef tendon, beef trachea, chicken strips, turkey sticks, lamb I leaving something out?

I am so happy I can have the food and treats delivered to Texas too! Now I don't have to take the time to prepare all of this myself! My cousin feeds her doberman, Duncan (Stormyz sire), this food and recommended y'all. I am so glad she did, because it would have taken me a long time to find a proven company that I could trust.

Christina & Tiger



Tiger, Our 8 year old Cavalier King Charles spaniel LOVES Cali Raw!!
He has always been a finicky eater, and I cannot tell you how many different brands of kibble, cooked and raw food we have tried over the years. CaliRaw absolutely is his favorite, as he never hesitates to eat his meals. In the past, it was always such a challenge to get him to eat and we don’t have this problem with Cali Raw .Improvements we’ve seen: smoother and softer coat, more lean body mass, more energy, better looking poops. As a consumer, I am very satisfied with how quickly Cali Raw ships, the excellent quality of all the food, and your excellent customer service. Thank you Cali Raw! You’ve definitely made a positive difference in Tiger’s quality of life (and ours too!)

Naomi & Gracie



Cali Raw dog food has been a lifesaver for my older dog, Gracie. She refused to eat unless I cooked for her and even then it was intermittent. She was down to 58 pounds and had lost 15 pounds. She was always lean but she was too thin. After I switched her to the raw diet she is finally eating and has gained almost 10 pounds in a 5 week period. She has much more energy and is back walking her average of 3 to 4 miles a day!

Alysha, Frank & Tank



Amazing customer service. Super informative.  Convenience is key with feeding raw and they do all that and more. Plus this food helped eliminate my dog’s allergies. His hives were completely gone, skin healed and hair grew back in 3 months! This company is the best! Your dog will thank you for the rest of their life.

Dottie, Binny, & Scarlett



I love your guy’s raw products, I love all the information you guys give, knowledge is power and you guys share that. I love it. Thank you guys for all you do from communication to making sure I am a happy customer and indeed I am and my pack loves your raw.

Debbie & Willie



This is Willie. He’s a nearly 12 year old boy with skin issues, intestinal issue and was losing more and more weight on “high quality” kibble. Since switching to raw, his skin has has healed, the fur has grown back and he’s slowly gaining weight again. No diarrhea, no vomiting, no hunching over in pain. His energy is back and he’s just a happier dog.

Marcus & Malo



Cali Raw is literally the GOAT in raw feeding companies! I wanted to transition my dog Malo to raw years ago but I could never find the time to separate and prep his meals in advance. Cali Raw takes care of all of that! I now have a peace of mind that he’s getting the needed nutrients in each individually packed meal. His rash that he’s had off and on for his entire 7 years was gone in 3 weeks after switching completely to raw! We’re now 2 months in and I’m looking forward to continued health/skin improvements. I just unpack his biweekly box and stack the meals in the freezer. Easy. Also, their customer service is phenomenal and the love they have for their customers is evident. I had a small issue with shipping recently and when I called, they went above and beyond to help me and kept clear communication until the problem was resolved. I’m so appreciative of that. So with that being said.. Just make the switch to Cali Raw, people! You won’t be disappointed.

Sarah & Stormi



We just adopted new GSD puppy and added her to the raw family as well. She gobbles every last bit up! The price may seem steep but it definitely beats taking trips to the vet for refills on allergy medication and shots. Not to mention allergies are just the surface... curious if his joints etc were inflamed as well! Above all else I have to say I’m the most impressed with their customer service. They are absolutely amazing and patient with all of my questions. We’ve gotten deliveries well before they were to arrive (we live in OC local delivery is free!) and the communication couldn’t be more fluid. You wouldn’t want your kids eating cereal for every meal of their lives... your dogs shouldn’t either. Make the switch :)

Anna & Joey



Love Cali Raw! After learning what kibble is made of, I was on the search for a really good raw diet for my dog. He has sensitive skin & allergies, and I thought he was allergic to a bunch of different proteins, and the vet said we could take years to try to isolate what he was allergic to, or give him shots. That was too much time with no guarantee, and also I try to avoid giving medicine if not absolutely necessary. I transitioned my dog over the course of 6-8 weeks (a testament to each dog's individual GI makeup) and now he is happily raw fed! We're probably one of the few people based in the East Coast ordering from CA, but even after doing extensive research on more local companies, Cali Raw seemed to have a really approachable, caring team. Their customer service is out of this world. And so we haven't looked at another company! We're looking forward to when they include new protein options, timing which is affected by the pandemic. I love that we can do a subscription with savings, and that I can customize the variety for each monthly delivery. They're super flexible and loyal to their customers, and we appreciate that.

April & Eskimo



I used to feed my dog raw and he loved it but it became a hassle and my job keeps me traveling a lot where I would have to leave my dog with family often for a few years a year so I eventually switched to something more practical for my lifestyle. When I came off the road and saw a slight decline in his health, overall desire to be active and of course his higher age I was concerned and decided to get him back on a raw diet. I did a quick online search and found Cali raw. Eskimo is super picky so he was unsure the first time but I followed the instructions you gave for picky eaters and partially cooked a bit of it and mixed that with some of the raw and he gobbled it up. Since that first time, my picky eater has gone from picky to excited about meal time, energetic, cuddly and generally happy/back to his old self again. The nutrition he is getting in the mixture is what dogs should be eating and I support you. I only wish more were educated on the history of dog food and why our furry friends deserve a better diet!

Dragana & Bruno



I have been feeding my almost 2 year old American Bully Cali Raw for 3 months now, and the improvements have been life changing for him. Bruno suffers from severe food and environmental  allergies. After hundreds of vet visits and many allergy medications later, we finally decided to try raw and we couldn’t be more happy with the complete balanced meals Cali Raw offers. Our dog whimpers every meal, he loves raw! His allergies have already started to improve and we’ve been able to scale back on most of his medications. I can’t wait until he’s completely off all medications. He’s finally back to his normal happy, full of energy, hopping pup! Cali Raw has be SO worth it for us, it gets delivered straight to our door, and all we need to do is thaw it out the night before. I honestly can’t ask for more!

Cody, Lenny & Carl



I just started switching kibbles to raw not too long ago for my pups. And I was a little skeptical at first but I started seeing the results on my pups, his skin, his joints, his demeanor, his breaths is so much better. He’s started to act like a puppy again, tons of energy, like too much energy but no complaints from me about that cause I love to see my dogs happy and healthy. So I chose Cali Raw for this important reason, and we are not looking back to kibbles anymore. This company is local from where I live, which makes things so much easier for me to go pick it up after ordering online. And everyone there is so nice and professional and they will try their hardest to help you with orders, informations, anything you need to know about raw food.

Georgia & Val



I have a ten year old standard poodle who is the pickiest of eaters and historically had the most sensitive of stomachs. Cali Raw has been the solution - to my relief not only does he now eat properly but has also put on 3 needed pounds. No more loose stool and I finally feel he is getting proper nutrients. Staff is super helpful and responsive. Highly recommend!

Donna & Kali



It took less than a month to see incredible positive results! Her dark hair was back, very shiny coat, less potty breaks and her stool was small and hard. I highly recommend this food for your furry family members! It really does make a difference!!

Eugenia & Prinston



My french bulldog LOVES Cali Raw. He makes sure his bowl is clean - none of the yummy goodness in each bag to be wasted with my dog! Super glad to have a local trustworthy raw food brand around us. They host fun community events too so you can even meet the representatives/owner of the brand! They're super friendly and very help and responsive for any questions I've had.

Monica & Olive



I cannot say enough good things about CALI RAW! My dog is an incredibly picky eater, and would go through periods of not eating her previous kibble and/or real/fresh diets. She absolutely LOVES the food, and I have noticed beautiful changes in her coat and dry skin following the switch from the kibble and real/fresh food combination. Additionally, the customer service is PHENOMENAL! Such a great company! Thank you for your amazing products and wonderful customer service! You have a customer for life!

Seline, Como, & Leo



Cali Raw is the highest quality raw food, deliveries are always on time and the team always has excellent customer service. Strongly recommended.

Carla & Dudley



Cali Raw is incredible. The bowl is always licked clean, the bags are re-sealable, our dog gets a good mix of everything he needs and the raw diet gives him the best bowl Movements. Happy dog, happy PAWrents!! Thank you Cali Raw for a great experience.

Pia & Jax



So after months and months of going back and forth about a raw diet for my Jax, I finally decided to go with our local Cali Raw and I’m so glad we did! For starters, customer service is phenomenal. So friendly and always so helpful. We love picking up our food and interacting with the team. They're the best! Now as far as the food, Jax LOVES it. He licks his bowl clean and goes back looking for more. We also love their raw bones as they make great treats and really keep Jax busy while making his teeth puppy white again. I’ve noticed since Jax has been on Cali raw, his digestion has improved and he has more energy. I would totally recommend this to anyone and if you’re still on the fence just reach out. The Cali raw friends are happy to help :)

Babette & Massimo



Wow, what can I say about this company! The customer service is outstanding, the food always arrives fresh and properly sealed and always on time. Cali Raw really cares about their customers and their four-legged friends and it shows.
My very active Westie male pup embodies what a healthy, balanced diet is all about. His beautiful coat is shiny, no bad "doggie" breath, and well, his poop a breeze to pick up.
I tried various other brands on the market today but I found none gave him the radiance he now shows. The other brands had his tummy at times gurgling and upset; not Cal Raw. As a devoted fur Mom, I like how healthy the food is and knowing I am providing a complete and balanced diet for my little sweetie

Jessica & Bodhi



Bodhi loves Cali Raw, as soon as he sees me pullout the container from the fridge he’s ready to go! I love it for the nutrition, with a Frenchie they can be prone to so many allergies and he’s had no issues. He’s 11 months old and I can’t wait for him to try the adults selections, I’m sure he’ll love them just as much as the puppy blend. Also customer service has been so helpful and the subscription is so convenient.

Lorena & Rex



Cali Raw has changed the life of my 9yr old pug! Rex was best described as an old chubby, grumpy man. After only a month on Cali Raw dog food he lost 3 lbs and was finally able to scratch his head with his back foot again! He even got a little pep in his step now. We can’t wait to continue along the Cali Raw journey.

John, Alexander, & Graham



My boys are spoiled rotten and will eat only the best, and that’s Cali Raw. They gobble down the beef, the chicken and the turkey like it is their last meal! Of course, it never is…

Lizette & Travi



Cali Raw has truly helped eliminate our pups allergies. Ever since switching to a raw diet his coat has gotten softer and shiner. Our pup loves it! The team is also great and very hands on. Travi’s vet recently told us our pup is the healthiest he has ever been!

Chelsey & Ichiro



We started giving our puppy Cali Raw puppy food in January. Since then, I think my favorite part is that his coat is super soft & shiny! I can't get over it! We've tried both of the puppy food - but he likes the turkey & lamb more. We usually choose the local delivery, and they deliver right to the door. I strongly recommend Cali Raw because the workers are super nice, they have many choices in foods and your dog will LOVE it!

Alexa & Harley



Prior to our raw switch we were feeding Harley kibble. At one point she stopped eating. I looked into raw and had a difficult start, but switching to CaliRaw has been the best decision. It is so easy to change my subscription and Harley now dances when she eats! I love everything about this diet: whiter teeth, shiny coat, smaller poops, and I know she is getting the healthiest ingredients. Thank you so much Cali Raw for all that you do for our pups.

Kathy & Murphy



First of all, the customer service is great. They are super sweet and helpful. Secondly, the food is amazing! Well, at least my dog seems to think so. He devours it in seconds and then he burps. Doesn't that indicate it's delicious-ness? Seriously though, he never skips a meal which he used to do with kibble. He used to get ear infections quite often and hasn't seemed to lately. I believe it's related to eating raw. Overall, Murphy and I highly recommend CaliRaw!! I especially love the added convenience of home delivery.

Ismari & Mylo


Cali Raw was the answer to our prayers to feed our 2 dogs that are not just dogs but family. We wanted to feed them nothing but the best because just like us we need healthy food to live a healthy life. Cali Raw are heroes!! You will have a peace of mind knowing you are truly feeding your dog nothing but healthy. I want my babies to live a long healthy life. The food is all excellent quality. Just think if your dog was out on his own what food would he hunt for? Well knowledge is power my friends. When you truly love, you search and search for what’s best for you and your family. Let me tell you that is much affordable than you think. Much easier than you can imagine. Our two babies love the food they know is real food for them. They're healthy & strong. Not to mention the beautiful customer service. They have been there for us all the steps of the way. Forever thankful.


Michael & Mishka



As a new dog owner I was overwhelmed with deciding what type of diet I wanted my Mishka to begin. I, like many, switched my puppy around many different types of kibble, until I thought I was feeding him the best one. My dog, Mishka, began pushing away at his food bowl and wasn’t excited about the food after 2 months of feeding him. After doing some research on what a raw diet was we reached out to Cali Raw. They were super friendly and helpful and educated us on an entirely different viewpoint of kibble vs. raw meat. As a college student it has been super convenient and beneficial in so many different ways. To start off his bowels are a quarter of the size they once were, he drinks half the amount of water because he’s absorbing more nutrients in his food, and a compliment I always get is his super white teeth!! Yes a raw diet even helps them maintain good hygiene! Additionally his coat is pristine from all the additional supplements put in Cali Raw to support this! Their customer service is incredible, they have been very accommodating and have made me feeding my dog fun! Thank you Cali Raw, we love you!

Leakana & Buttercup



Cali Raw is literally a lifesaver for my dog, Buttercup. She’s a 12-year-old pit bull mix that we adopted from the shelter four years ago. Prior to coming home with us, she had a rough life in a backyard breeding situation. She recently survived surgery to remove cancerous tumors, is currently on medication for vestibular disease, and has a lot of food allergies on top of it all. She did not tolerate dry kibble very well and would have bouts of diarrhea and vomiting. Also, her fur and skin showed signs of allergic reactions to her food. We tried everything from Taste of the Wild lamb formula to Orijens Six Fish formula. They didn’t work. Then, I began to research how to cook her food at home. It was more complicated and time consuming than anticipated, but I cooked her meals for about four months. As a vegetarian, I never had so much raw chicken parts in my refrigerator before! Then, the pandemic hit and I was trying to limit my grocery store runs. A friend recommended Cali Raw as an alternative and it was the best advice we could have gotten. They deliver our orders straight to our door and our picky pooch cleans the plate at every meal. Two months later, her allergies are gone, her bowel movements are regular, and there have been no vomiting incidences. Thank you, Cali Raw, for helping us give our dog the best retirement years she could possibly have! You’ve got a customer for life!

Fey & Cookie



I started a raw diet for Cookie at the end of last year. I always had to go to at least two different grocery stores to find everything and needed to prepare her meals, plus buy supplements and take some of time to Meal prep. With the quarantine, I avoided going to many places, so I decided to try Cali Raw. After 4 months I can guarantee that there’s no turning back! Financially it ends up being about the same, it is so much easier, saves me so much time and the team is all incredible and treat us as family. But most of all, Cookie is basically a new dog! She has a lot more energy, her teeth are pearly white, she finally reached an appropriate weight and I can easily say that she loves her food. She keeps licking & licking her bowl to make sure she got every single piece of it.
Cookie had a rough start of life and was only 9lbs when I adopted from The OC Humane Society. To compensate that, I obviously spoiled her and also over fed her. She went up to 15lbs and developed some problems on her legs. Her knee cap would easily pop out, causing her a lot of pain and making her limp. With the help of CaliRaw she went down to 12lbs and never had problems on her legs again!

Pau & Lio



I have been feeding Lio Caliraw since March this year. Lio is my third pittie mix dog and I had dealt with a lot of allergies issues from my previous dogs, so I wanted to make sure I fed Lio the best of the best to prevent any allergies from happening at an early age. Lio is a very picky eater, I started transitioning 30%/50%/75% and finally a 100% in a matter of a month.
Some of the many improvements I have seen on Lio is his skin. Before caliraw, Lio would shed a lot. I would have to brush him every other day and end up with a brush full of hair. I now brush Lio once a week and his coat is shiny and he sheds the bare minimum.
Lio has been maintaining a very healthy weight while continuing growing muscle, prior caliraw, Lio had some minor ear infections that were my red alert to invest on raw food as vet said it could that he was developing allergies.
I am so happy I found caliraw. They made me feel part of the family since day one. The delivery to my door every month its so convenient and serving the food to Lio is as easy as getting my coffee serve in the morning. Thank you!

Erika & King



I just have to say how incredible Cali Raw is. From the diet they create, to the customer service. They go above and beyond. Cali Raw brings complete and balanced meals right to your door, making it super convenient for you and for your dog. I love how I know I’m feeding my dog a high quality, healthy diet every night. They’re packed in convenient 2lb packages that are resealable. Easy to carry, easy to travel with, and your dog will leave no leftovers. I’m thankful to have found Cali Raw, because my dog has never been happier and healthier.

Ryan & Cinco



I cant say enough good things about the company, people and product. We were referred by another loyal customer and family friend who told us we had to try it out so we did and our dog has never been so happy and healthy. He licks the bowl clean after every meal. its funny because he was always take it or leave it with the kibble, now he is excited to eat with his tail wagging. He also LOVES the marrow bones as a treat once a week. Overall my experience has been great and I recommend them to anyone. My dog loves the Lamb but we get a variety so it doesn't get old eating the same thing over and over.

Becca & Arnie



Cali Raw is the best food service I have ever seen! I can always email or text their customer service at any time. Also my boy's allergies went away magically after a week! No more licking, no more tough paws, no more heat flashes. Their food is of the upmost quality. Thank you Cali Raw!

Emmeline & Grogu



As you all know Boston Terriers have extreme gastric problems and have farts that can clear a room .. since we started on his raw journey this has helped dramatically. His stools are much more tolerable and solid. Not only that but his fur is super healthy he no lingers has flakes or itchy skin. And he’s way more energetic than when he first came home to us 4 months ago. I am a first time dog owner and I am so grateful to have been referred to CALI RAW by my brother they have been so helpful throughout this journey of being a 1st time Dog Mom.

Katy & Auggie



Auggie has been on Cali raw for almost a year now and it was the best switch for him! He actually enjoys mealtime again! We can also see it in his physicality, shinny coat, and regularity that it has done wonders for him. The transition process from kibble was also seamless for us with Cali Raw recommendations, so everything has been so simple. How can you not love the scheduled home delivery? We are so happy to have discovered Cali Raw and look forward to providing Auggie with high quality food!

Suzanne & Anya



I am so glad I stumbled across this food. I had tried every prepared brand of raw out there and even resorted to making it myself and adding supplements before I came across your site. What a difference! Not only is feeding her no longer a challenge, but the bilious vomiting is also a thing of the past. Your team made it easy to get to this point and your customer service is top notch. What a great local company!!!

Tammy & Riley



A complete transformation happened after switching Riley’s food to Cali Raw! Her skin was itchy, red and peeling. And she constantly had bumps all over her body. She also goes crazy for the treats and they keep her teeth clean as well. So grateful to have found Cali Raw and their subscription delivery service makes it so easy and convenient for me. Thanks Cali Raw team!!

Ashley, Rudy & Eddie



My dogs love Cali Raw so far. Ever since we started them on this diet over the summer, our dogs look forward to eating and they sure do let us know if we are late feeding them! As soon as I put the bowls down, the food is gone within seconds. I am pretty sure that means they love the food! I recently took them to see my mom and sister, and both of them told me how good my dogs’ coats look and how in shape they look since changing their diet. I think it has definitely improved their health and their body types so they are in the best shape possible. They really love the treats too which is great. I used to get Barkbox but I noticed the treats often had questionable ingredients. I love that the Cali Raw treats are single ingredient and I can trust there isn’t anything weird in them that might make my dogs sick. On top of the amazing food and treats, Cali Raw has great customer service. They are quick to respond and always happy to help. Thank you Cali Raw!

Rebeka & Salem



Best company ever! I used to cook my dog’s food constantly and was so happy to find something she’d love. Now, it’s easier than ever. She’s healthy, happy, and has the shiniest coat. She loves her chicken! We are very satisfied - especially with the customer service team. They are amazing and will always do anything to accommodate and help you. Happy with this team and never going back! I even calculated my pricing and buying Cali Raw is cheaper than buying her food and making it. So happy I found a solution. Would recommend to everyone! Thank you so much!




My dog LOVES Cali Raw. She has always been a very picky eater with a sensitive stomach. Upon transitioning to Cali Raw, my dog looks forward to meal time everyday! She honestly can’t get enough of it. It’s an amazing feeling to know my dog is getting great quality food that is good to her and amazing for her. Her coat shines, she no longer suffers from upset stomach, and she’s noticeably more energetic. We love Cali Raw and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to offer their pet the best. ❤️

Alisa & Cooper



Cooper loves his Turkey and Lamb puppy food! He used to be a picky eater when I was feeding him kibble. Now, he wolfs his food down. I was actually concerned he wasn't getting enough food he was eating so fast! His coat and skin look so good. Now, I don't have to gross out trying to make my own well-balanced diet for him. Thank you!

Benji & Bailey



We rescued Benji and Bailey about three years ago. Benji was two and Bailey was 8 months old. From the start we noticed Benji always had a horribly bad odor coming from him. Between his toes, it was always super red and his coat was brittled and super dry. He was always scratching and had a super dry skin and coat. He suffered from bouts of diarrhea and horrible smelly gases! He's a very chill dog who truly enjoys and takes his naps very seriously, however, he always seemed uncomfortable and never played no matter how hard Bailey tried to get him to play with her. It seemed like he was depressed and had no energy to do anything. And at times he refused to eat for a day or two. We took him to the vet, to try to figure out what was wrong. Right away, we were told, he had food and environmental allergies. We were prescribed some fancy food being sold by the vet. Benji refused to eat it. He refused to eat for 3 whole days. I went to every dog store, both commercial and private within 10 miles looking for recommendations, time and time again refused to eat any of the food we bought him. I decided to start cooking their food which he finally started enjoying. I did that for about a year. However, the whole time, I was concerned that they were not receiving all the nutrients and vitamins they needed. I was constantly buying supplements and vitamins because I was just so concerned. During those months, I started following some dog accounts on IG, and one of the dog parents mentioned how her dog had severe allergies and she had transitioned him to a BARF diet and how it had completely changed her dog. I began to do some research and found you guys. It took us several months but we finally decided to take a chance. We started in May 2021, with a small order, because we had tried so many other dog foods. I truly didn't have any high expectations, but from the first bite they were hooked. We started giving them half raw, half home cooked meals. Neither dog had any bad reaction to the food. After about a month, we started seeing subtle changes in Benji. He began to play and run around, and have fun with his sister. He finally started going on hikes, long walks and sometimes, even running with his dad. His coat began to change. Even Bailey's coat began to change. Because he was the one with the biggest problems, we transitioned him to full raw after a couple of months. Once we were able to make the full financial commitment, we transitioned them both to full raw. Benji is now a completely different dog. His coat is soft and shiny but most importantly, he now fully enjoys his meals. He now licks his bowl clean every single time when before, he hardly ate. He no longer suffers from any stomach issues. He has the energy to run around and chase his sister. Bailey has been a fan from the start as well. Making the transition was a serious financial commitment but it was one which we definitely do not regret.

Casha & David



Recently, we switched from a high end kibble that my 14 month old German Shepherd had been eating her entire life. After researching the many raw dog food companies, we chose Cali Raw, and boy are glad we found them. Locally owned, right here in Southern California, this company excels in providing dog owners with a much superior option of real raw dog food & treats.

After only one month, Casha has shown what a difference a raw diet brings to her life. Her coat is shinny, and her skin is free of any itching and hot spots. Cascha’s gut bio is finally on the right track. With the kibble, her stool was always very soft, and loose form. Now, she has 60% less stool amount, and it’s very solid.

More importantly, Cascha LIKES and DEVOURS each meal with vigor. What a change from the kibble. Wow. The balanced high quality ingredients, with all the right nutrients, make this raw food the best of the best available today. The packaging is easy to store & serve.

Not only is the raw food good, but the treats are great! She loves them all! Since we live locally, we order online, and pickup twice monthly in Newport Beach, CA. The people at Cali Raw actually make this company very special. Everyone is delightful to talk to, and very helpful with any information needed. Their professionalism and dedication to fulfilling their mission of providing high quality dog food makes this company stand far above any competitor. We are so thankful Cascha has found a good source of raw food, and she looks forward to many years of Cali Raw meals!