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We suggest feeding your dog approximately 2.5%of their ideal body weight daily. This is just a starting point, which you can then monitor their weight and adjust as needed.

For puppies, we suggest feeding based on their predicted/ideal adult body weight, adjusting the exact amount according to how your puppy develops.

Check out our Feeding Calculator here.

Our food is delivered 1-3 days from when it is shipped from our warehouse in a 72 hour rated, eco friendly insulated 14x14x14 box with dry ice if necessary.

Your order is delivered to your doorstep via UPS. We strongly recommend opening your box and stocking your freezer immediately.

Thaw the frozen raw dog food in the refrigerator for 1-2 days until soft and unfrozen.

Once the food is thawed and measured to meet your dog’s requirements, you can place it in your dog’s metal or glass bowl!

Always store unused portions in the fridge for the next feeding. Do not exceed refrigerator storage for more than 7 days once thawed.

Yes, as long as your dog is not allergic to something in the formula you can switch meat sources with ease. We actually recommend offering your dog a variety of meat sources weekly.

When possible it is best to feed your dog 2-3 meat proteins per week. Your dog will appreciate this!

Our subscription service is flexible, non-committal & caters to your needs. We offer an auto-ship option in order to make raw feeding convenient and easy for you.

By simply subscribing to any products, either bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly you receive 5% OFF the regular price & benefit from auto ship services that mean you never have to pick up dog food again.

You will always receive an email confirmation for your order 1 week prior to shipping. At this time you may choose to skip, cancel or modify your subscription.