How Much Food Should I Feed My Dog

Are you interested in raw feeding, but don't know how much you should buy or feed your dog?

Does the question, "how much raw food do I feed my dog" come to mind?

Cali Raw has your back! All you need to do is go through our Feeding Calculator for your dog's daily feeding.  


Raw Dog Food Weight Chart 

Depending on activity level, size, and weight, how much you should feed your dog varies. Remember, you should be feeding your dog according to their expected weight as a healthy adult. Even if they are only a puppy. 

Raw Food Dog Feeding Chart By Weight

Puppy Feeding Chart 

You may be feeding your puppy according to their adult weight, but at a different frequency. Puppies are small with small tummies, but needs the same amount of food of an adult. Feed frequently, so that they aren't over stuffed but enough to keep growing. Puppy Feeding Chart By Age

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9-Point Body Score

A healthy dog is one that isn't fat or too skinny. Just like Goldilocks and the three bears, we want them to be just right. The easiest way to determine if your dog is at a healthy weight is to look at them and see if you can see their ribs! 

9 point body condition score dog
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