Lamb Femur Bones for Dogs

Lamb Femur Bones for Dogs

Our Cali Raw Frozen Lamb Femur Bones are an excellent high value treat for Small & Medium breed dogs.They come cut about 3-4 inches in length & packed 3 to a bag. 

Raw bones act as nature's perfect toothbrush, cleaning your dog's teeth naturally. By giving your dog our frozen raw bones you can provide them a means of maintaining cleaner teeth, fresher breath & overall improved oral health. 

They also provide the added benefit of mental stimulation & brain exercise for dogs. Your dog will love the challenge & reward of removing the valuable meat from the bone!

Feeding & Handling Instructions

  • Store Frozen Until Feeding
  • Wash Hands with Soap & Hot Water
  • Refrigerate or Refreeze Until Marrow is Consumed

    Best Practices for Recreational Raw Bones

    • Best enjoyed outdoors
    • Supervise your dog at all times when chewing recreational raw bones. 
    • Limit react recreational raw bone chewing to no more than 2-3 times per week & 30-60 minutes per session. 
    • If your dog is food aggressive, limit bone activity to a supervised private location separate from other animals.
    • Be sure to refreeze orrefrigerate bones that stillhave marrow and meat left. You should refreeze the bone if it will be several days before it's chew time again.

    Warning: Not for puppies under 6 months old, Large or Extra Large Dog breeds, over-aggressive chewers, dogs with a history of pancreatitis or dogs having insufficient teeth available.

    Read more about safe recreational raw bones for your dog here

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How soon will my order ship?

    We ship every week on Tuesday’s. All orders placed by 4pm Monday will ship that week.

    How much does shipping cost?

    To California, Arizona, Nevada & Utah shipping starts at $12.99 via UPS Ground. Outside those states, the cost will vary based on distance & can be calculated at checkout. All orders ship with an ecofriendly insulated liner & dry ice as needed.

    Do I have to subscribe?

    Of course not, you can order our food as needed by building a box with our ala carte products. Our subscription is just there to make your life easier, and save you a few bucks! You can modify, pause or cancel our subscriptions at any time.

    How does local pickup & delivery work?

    Local delivery is currently available in Orange County & Long Beach California every Wednesday from 10am-10pm for orders over $150.

    Local pickup is available in Newport Beach Monday thru Thursday from 11am-6pm & by appointment at 880 West 16th Street Newport Beach Ca 92663.

    Will my dog like it?

    If he’s a canine, odds are he will absolutely love it! In fact, be prepared for more meal time excitement than you have ever seen. For picky dogs, you can find some very effective tips in our Raw Transition Guide.

    Do I have to feed a 100% raw diet?

    While it is recommended that you avoid feeding your dog processed foods, we understand that feeding an exclusive raw diet isn’t feasible for everyone. In these cases, we recommend supplementing your dog’s current diet with 50% raw dog food to improve health.

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