5 Benefits of Socializing Your Dog

May 13, 2019 2 min read


1. A confident dog is a happy dog!

The key to socializing your dog is to make each new experience fun and exciting! Never force your dog into something they are scared of and slowly work up to it instead. This builds confidence in your dog that new things are fun, and they can handle it. A dog or puppy who is well socialized will be relaxed in a new environment, around new people, and new noises. Socializing builds confidence that new things means they get treats and fun things are coming!

2. Socialization reduces the risk of reactivity!

Dogs who were not socialized constantly have things popping into their life that they have never seen before, which can be terrifying! Dogs are not able to tell us that they are scared with words, so they bark, growl, or even bite. Socializing your pup early with fun interactions can reduce their fear and create better behavior as they grow older.

the benefits of socializing your dog

3. More mental and physical exercise! 

Dogs who are happy and relaxed in public get to go in public! If your dog loves strangers and seeing other dogs, they would probably enjoy grabbing dinner with you on a pet-friendly patio or accompanying you to the beach on a sunny afternoon. Socialized dogs are much easier and more fun to have puppy dates with!

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4. Better health!

Just like humans, chronic stress can cause health issues in dogs. Our pups experience the same “fight or flight” feeling when they are scared like we do. The biggest difference is that we can rationalize our feelings and talk them out, dogs can’t. Without a proper way to alert people or get out of the situation they can live in a constant state of stress and lead to chronic health issues. Your pup’s training and socialization are just as important as your dog’s nutrition, medical care, and grooming for your dog's health!

socializing your dog

5. You and your pup will have a better relationship!

Socializing your pup builds a bond between you and them. They are learning that you will protect them and not put them in a bad situation. That trust can lead to an easier and a more fun time training and a relaxed home life!

Marissa Sunny CPDT-KA is a behavior consultant and owner of a local dog training company,Epiphany Dog Training.

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