Raw Puppy Food

At Cali Raw Nutrition we believe in feeding a raw diet formulated & optimized to meet your dog's specific nutritional needs, based on their current life-stage. We make raw feeding easy & convenient with home delivery direct to your doorstep in easy to thaw & feed forms. 

Why our formula is the best raw dog food for puppies? 

Our Puppy Formula is formulated with salmon oil which offers a powerhouse of optimal raw nutrition specifically formulated for the needs of your developing young puppy.

Besides having everything your puppy needs nutritionally, Cali Raw Puppy Food Formula will also satisfy your puppy's desires. Your puppy will be all over you giving you all the sweet puppy breath kisses. 

Feeding Guidelines For Puppies

Young puppies have small stomachs; therefore, it is highly recommended to feed smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day to ensure they are meeting the high energy demands for growth.

How many meals per day?

Puppies between 6 weeks to 3 months of age, should be fed 4 meals per day (based on a 16-hour day), with the first meal being fed in the early morning.

From 3 to 6 months of age, the frequency can gradually be reduced to 3 times per day, after six months and up until 12 months (adult) puppies can be fed 2 times per day.

How long do I feed my dog Puppy Formulas?

Feed Cali Raw Puppy Formula's until your dog reaches 10 months of age for Small breeds, 12 months of age for Medium breeds, and up to 14 months of age for large breeds. 

As an adult, your dog can be now be transitioned to Adult Formulas and a feeding regime of 1-2 meals per day.



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