The Best Dog Food For Pitbulls And Their Health

October 19, 2020 8 min read

Despite the controversy of Pitbulls being “dangerous and aggressive” dogs, they have miraculously seen a turn around rate in adoptions. Many of these dogs have been saved from illegal dog fighting rings.

Pitbulls, as mighty as they look and as strong as they are, suffer from a range of health issues that could lead to life-threatening diseases and a shorter lifespan.

Luckily, these symptoms can be relieved with a species-appropriate raw diet that will transform your Pitbull pup into their happy, healthy self!

What Is The Best Dog Food For Pitbulls?

A raw dog food diet is the best dog food for Pitbulls. The diet won't only treat these common symptoms, but can also lessen the effect of aging on their bodies in the long run! A raw diet will do so much for your dog. The long list of the benefits of a raw diet for Pitbulls will change your dog for the better and improve their quality and longevity of life!

  • Major changes in poop
  • Shiny, smooth, oil-free coats
  • Flake-free and itch-free skin
  • Chronic allergies and infections subside and/or disappear
  • White teeth, free of tartar and dental disease
  • Decreased visits to the vet
  • Odorless breath and body
  • Improved energy and vitality
  • Mental stimulation from working at mealtimes

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Common Health Problems In Pitbulls

  • Skin Disorders: Allergies, tumors, even skin cancer
  • Knee Complications: Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL)
  • Poor muscle coordination/imbalance
  • Ichthyosis: skin problem left untreated will worsen
  • Thyroid disease
  • Heart disease

Best Dog Food For Pitbulls With Skin Allergies

The best dog food for Pitbulls with severe skin allergies is a raw diet.

Many allergies develop from a processed kibble diet because of the artificial “meat” ingredients.

So, when you think your dog is allergic to beef it’s most likely the toxic beef flavoring that coats over kibble to trick dogs into eating it.

If you switch to a raw diet for Pitbulls, that incorporates USDA certified & human-grade beef; your Pitbull will likely have no problem devouring it because the quality is much better!

An improper diet is a major contributor to allergies and there are many blogs that want to bring awareness to this topic. A raw diet helps detox and expel the chemicals of a processed diet. With proper transitioning, your Pitbull will be able to get rid of allergies from the inside out.

Our formulas include plenty of salmon oil that has Omega 3 healthy fats. This lubricates your dog’s skin and improves coat health! Omega 3 is a necessary oil for dogs which helps keep inflammation in check. No more nibbling on their paws or irritated skin.

Jax & Pia: This duo of dog mom and dog have seen the great results of switching to raw!

Q) Prior to feeding raw did Jax have any allergies?

A) Oh my goodness! YES x infinity! Jax had the worst allergies. He had random bald patches on his coat, he was constantly itchy and scratching and sneezing. His weight wasn’t at an unhealthy weight but he could benefit from a few lbs lost.

Q) What made you want to make the switch to a raw diet? 

A) I did a lot of research on the benefits of raw feeding and they all fit the criteria of what I was looking for. Jax liked kibble but I just didn’t see any sort of health benefits from it. He was still having terrible allergies and was gaining weight. I just needed something better and more natural.

Q) What are some of your favorite benefits of feeding raw?
A) Natural ingredients. Shinier coat, no more bald patches, that’s right! Hair grew back in those areas and he gets compliments on his coat all the time. His digestion is soooo much better! His poop says it all 🙊 lol and oral health as well, which was surprising.

Q) How long have you been a raw feeder?
A) Almost 6 months now

Q) Why do you think Cali Raw dog food is the best for Pitbulls?
A) I think many Pitbulls suffer from allergies. I’m not sure about others, but my Pitbull LOVES food.

Cali Raw satisfies all the needs without the worry of him gaining a ridiculous amount of weight while, also helping his allergies.

Cali raw is a raw food company, but it’s been more than just that for us. It’s almost personalized. Customer care is phenomenal so you really take into consideration different sized dogs, different breeds, and you do the research.  

Q) How has your overall experience been with Cali Raw?
A) 100 out of 10. Hands down the best customer service. Always so helpful. Patient. And knowledgeable. It’s never a chore to drive to Newport because we look forward to saying hi and seeing y’all!

Best Dog Food For Pitbulls With Gas

With sensitive digestive tracts, Pitbulls are known for their gassy tendencies. A raw diet will help with eliminating bad odor and won’t make you afraid to cuddle them.

Bad gas is a sign of gas buildup in their GI (gastrointestinal) tract.

The Canine Journal helps lay out why your dog may have excessive gas here and provides helpful tips and remedies to combat this smelly problem.

Pitbulls are sensitive to food that is not meant for them. That means any grain, soy, or milk products will not sit well with their stomach. A natural raw diet does not include any carbohydrates or legumes that may not digest well in a dog’s stomach. Mimicking a keto diet, our raw formulas only include meat, bone, organs, veggies, and healthy oils to help absorb nutrients and burn excessive fat. With no preservatives to make your fresh food last longer, it doesn’t get cleaner than a raw diet! Soon, you’ll notice your farts might smell worse than your dogs!

best food for pitbullsDharma's Experience With Cali Raw:
Dharma is a sweet 6-year-old Pitbull who was being sold as a bait dog before being rescued at 4 months old. If you don't know what a bait dog is, you don't want to. Let's just say she got very lucky to be adopted into a dog-loving home.

For her first 2 years she ate premium kibble, you know the most expensive processed junk you can buy. After 2 years of trying every premium kibble I could find, I realized that Dharma had a sensitive stomach.

She never really had firm stool & was a bit heavier than she should have been.

Then she developed allergies that gave her welts all over her body.

After trying a few more expensive kibble brands, I found out about raw food and was immediately regretful that I hadn't been educated sooner.

As a dog lover, it broke my heart to find out what I had been feeding my pups, especially since I had just lost my first dog & realized I could have done better for him. After switching Dharma and her Chihuahua brother to a raw diet for dogs, I was mind blown at the changes I saw in both of them.

Dharma trimmed down, the welts went away and boy did she have her puppy energy back.

My personal favorite benefit of feeding raw food to Pitbulls is the poop perks! Her poop was sooooo much smaller, firmer, and no longer smelled like death. My senior chihuahua also had incredible results that made him act and appear years younger & a lot happier. I initially fed a prey model diet but later found that Dharma's digestive system functioned much better on a BARF diet for dogs.

I am confident that raw food is the best dog food for Pitbulls and even all dogs with a sensitive stomach.

Best Dog Food For Pitbulls To Gain Muscle

A species-appropriate raw diet will be your best bet when you need your Pitbull to lose the fat and replace that with muscle mass. Although your chubby pittie might look loving and adorable, it's highly damaging to their joints that lead to knee complications and hip dysplasia. As mentioned above, a keto diet helps humans lose fat and gain healthy muscle and will do the same for your Pitbull.

The best diet for Pitbulls to gain muscle is one that is high in fat and protein with no unnecessary fillers or carbs.

You’ll have to calculate how much raw food to feed your Pitbull appropriately first.

Decrease the amount of food and increase physical activity to get to your dog’s ideal weight! Stick to lean proteins like our chicken or turkey formulas to get them started on their weight loss journey. With a proper diet, your Pitbull will lean out and cause less stress on their joints from any extra weight. Remember, lean dogs live longer!

Best Dog Food For Pitbull Puppies

If a raw diet is good for adult Pitbulls, it would work tremendously well for Pitbull puppies as well! At Cali Raw, we have life stage-specific formulas that cater to your puppy’s needs to promote healthy brain development and joint strength.

Although this breed of dog may have underlying health conditions through genetics, a raw diet will prevent them from flaring up and might even eliminate them completely. When you start your Pitbull puppy on a raw diet this will support healthy growth, prevent dreaded allergies, and better functioning GI tract for the many years to come. The best part? Fewer vet visits!

Remember to feed puppies in small quantities, but frequently. They burn through almost every bite they eat with all the energy they have. Transitioning puppies to a raw diet is a much faster, smoother process than changing their diet as an adult dog. Their developing body can handle new, healthier food and will be able to be a full raw fed dog in no time!

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best dog food for pitbullsLio
Q) What made you want to make the switch to a raw diet?
A) I had 2 pitties before Lio. They both were on kibble and one of them had severe allergies. They both died due to cancer in the past few years so I decided to try a raw diet with Lio as I read all the benefits of a raw diet.

Q) Were you hesitant to try raw food for Lio?
A) In the beginning, I was a little worried about the cost but then realized it was like $6 a day average.

Also, during the transition, Lio was so used to kibble and he is a picky eater so I had to warm up the food for him to eat it. But now he is used to eating at 9 AM every day. He's super vocal if I or my dad aren't awake to get his breakie ready.

Q) Prior to feeding raw did Lio have any allergies or health conditions that have been fixed with a raw diet?
A) No. I started Lio when he turned 1 yr old. We are currently on his 4th month of a raw diet and I have noticed how his coat is a lot shinier and he does not shed as he used to prior to it.

Q) What are some of your favorite benefits of feeding raw?
A) His skin coat is shiny and since I am giving him the amount appropriate for his weight, he has maintained a healthy weight even though his activity level has been a bit lower as I started a new job. (We used to walk 2 hrs a day, we are down to 1 hr 4 times a week)

Q) How long have you been a Cali Raw feeder?
A) 4 months and a half

Q) Why do you think Cali Raw dog food is the best for Pitbulls?
A)I follow Pirate’s journey and he inspired me to try Cali Raw. I love how simple it is to serve Lio a meal and how convenient the delivery method is as well.

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