How You Can Feed Raw Dog Food On A Budget

November 28, 2020 5 min read

So, you keep seeing the harmful effects of kibble and many dogs on your Instagram posting about raw dog food...but not quite sure if you should make the switch?

It can be quite daunting switching your dog’s food when all they’ve known their whole life is kibble!

As dog owners, we want to always provide the best food for dogs because they deserve the world. But, we all know that raw dog food is significantly more expensive than that 30 lb of kibble or 30 pack of wet food you’re used to buying at the store.

If you learned that kibble could shed years off of your dog’s life and become more costly when you have to take them to the vet for health issues, would you try to make the switch?

We’d like to think of raw dog food as a preventative measure in which many health conditions can be eliminated with a raw diet, therefore spending less at the vets!

We’re here to tell you raw feeding doesn’t have to be expensive.

And at the price point of one coffee a day, we want to help you and your dog make the step toward a healthier diet.

Why Is Raw Dog Food So Expensive?

The costs of raw dog food can vary by the pound and a big factor for price difference could be the quality of what you're buying.

Our raw dog food formulas are priced at the lowest cost to ensure that your dog is getting the best, locally sourced, human-grade ingredients in their meals at just $7-$9 a pound.

That’s the price of product, sourcing, producing, and shipping to and from facilities all while supporting local markets. Other raw dog food companies may have lower prices but cannot guarantee the quality of the meat or veggies used. We take pride in being able to tell our customers our meat is sourced and formulas produced from USDA certified facilities with an inspector on-site. We make it easy for you to feed a life-stage specific, species-appropriate, complete and balanced meal in a one pound packet! For a raw dog food diet to miraculously improve your dog’s allergies, sensitivities, digestive problems, or weight issues we believe there is a tremendous power to natural holistic healing.

Feeding Raw Dog Food On A Budget

Even though raw dog food is the best food you can give to your dog, it doesn’t have to be expensive!

We understand feeding 100% raw may not be in the cards for you whether it has to do with your expenses, if you have more than one dog to feed, or your dog is a 150 lb St. Bernard. We're here to tell you that we support supplemental feeding, an affordable alternative for budget-friendly raw dog food.

With supplemental feeding, your food costs will be cut in half!

Essentially, once you’ve transitioned slowly the first couple of days you can go ahead and stop at 50% raw food 50% old food and see the health benefits slowly benefit your dog! With a 100% raw diet, many customers see a difference within weeks.

For supplemental feeding, expect to see benefits after a few months.

Although the transformation will be gradual, you’ll start to notice increased energy and subsided allergy symptoms in your dog at first.

You’ll feel good about how even just supplementally feeding your dog raw food will help them through minor health problems.

Maybe even half and half feeding is still a bit pricey for you and your dogs...that’s ok!

Might we suggest even using our raw formulas as a health topper for your pup?

This could reduce your cost by more than half!

Adding a generous spoonful of raw on top of your dog’s kibble can still be a better option. Reducing the amount of kibble and complimenting it with healthy toppers will reassure you that your dog is eating less and less processed foods.

We recommend natural toppers like dehydrated sardines, blueberries, or goats milk to fill your dog’s stomach along with our raw formula and reduced amount of kibble. We have another blog that lays out which whole foods are safe to treat dogs for your reference, here.

We also have many customers who use our raw dog food as healthy stuffers in dog toys and training enrichment treats. All in all, we hope that our raw formulas make it into your home one way or the other even just to try it out!

Why Is Premade Raw Dog Food Better?

We applaud the dedicated humans that know how to make homemade complete and balanced raw meals for their dogs. It takes a lot of time, patience, and trial and error to come up with the perfect formula to avoid nutritional deficiencies. We support the efforts of people like The Lazy Raw Feeder who has spent years perfecting her own raw formulas for her dogs.

If you choose to purchase pre-made raw dog food, it takes all that guess work out. Plus, you’ll know your dog will get the most out of! Raw feeding as a beginner may be a little intimidating at first for many people.

We make easy premade raw dog food so all you have to do is thaw and serve!

We also offer many free educational resources about raw feeding so you don’t have to do any of your own research. We’re also always just a phone call away.

Many veterinarians do not support raw feeding because when it is homemade there is often a lack of vitamins and minerals essential for a dog’s overall health.

Most commercialized raw dog food companies must follow AAFCO guidelines and must be complete and balanced in order to be sold nation-wide. So with local businesses like us who would never cut corners to compromise your dog’s health, you can be assured our customer service puts pups over profit every time.

The Best Way To Order Raw Dog Food

Would be from us of course!

With easily customizable subscriptions and a variety of formulas to choose from, we make it simple to get raw dog food delivered straight to your door.

You’ll never have to make an extra stop to a local specialized boutique store that sells raw.You purchase directly from the source where your orders are packaged with care and lots of love for your pup!

When you purchase from us, you support a local business that cares about keeping you as a loyal customer. With the cost of your raw dog food also comes our highly rated customer service specialist that will answer your questions and strive to give you the best experience when switching to raw.

We applaud your efforts in moving toward feeding raw, doing the research, and realizing that there are better alternatives when it comes to your dog’s food. We want to make it affordable and easy for you to make the switch to any form of raw dog food. We hope this gives you a perspective on how feeding raw dog food on a budget is always possible.

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