Best Food For French Bulldog Puppy And Adult

September 12, 2020 6 min read

best food for frenchies

Due to their flat faces, they are prone to having breathing difficulties which can be heightened if they are overweight. Luckily, we have some health tips for these common health conditions laid out  to relieve any issues with a holistic solution. In this topic, we will tell you what is the best food for your french bulldog puppy and adult, the benefits as well as experiences when feeding frenchies with allergies or sensitive stomach.


Table of content:

    1. What Is The Best To Feed Your Frenchies?
    2. Common Health Issues
    3. Benefits of A Raw Diet For Frenchies
    4. Why Raw Dog Food
    5. The Best Dog Food For Frenchies With Allergies
    6. The Best Food For French Bulldog Puppy
    7. Bodhi's Experience with Raw
    8. Should I Feed My French Bulldog A Raw Diet?
    9. What's The Best To Feed French Bulldogs With Sensitive Stomach?

What's The Best Food For French Bulldogs?

The best food for Frenchies is a limited ingredient and a natural raw diet, like a BARF diet.

That’s exactly what we carry for your Frenchie in a prepackaged meal, ready to thaw and serve!

We have every ingredient for the best raw dog food subscription with complete and balanced formulas your French Bulldog needs to live a healthy life! With no fillers, carbs, or additives, nothing will get in the way of your French Bulldog's health when they switch to a raw diet.

Our formulas are 80% raw meat, organ and bones, ~20% veggies, and ~1% healthy fats and oils to get their health where it needs to be to live longer and eliminate any common symptoms in Frenchies below.

Common Health Issues in French Bulldogs:

    • Itchy, runny eyes
    • Ear infections
    • Gastrointestinal Problems
    • Hip Dysplasia
    • Red or scabbed skin
    • Snoring caused by an inflamed throat
    • Sneezing
    • Paw chewing/swollen paws
    • Conjunctivitis/Cherry eye (Pinkeye)
    • Cataracs

Benefits of A Raw Diet For French Bulldogs

Many times your Frenchie may develop allergies to the processed food they currently eat. With low-quality ingredients and toxic additives, it’s no wonder your precious pup is suffering!

When unhealthy food is ingested, your dog’s ability to live an active lifestyle deteriorates. They aren't getting the proper nutrients to exercise regularly that often leads to obesity and a long list of health issues.

Switching to a raw diet that resets their digestive tract and transforms your dog into a happy and healthy pup just makes sense.

List of benefits of a raw diet that dog owners love:

    • Essential Vitamins and Minerals
    • Shiny, smooth, oil-free coats
    • Flake and itch-free skin
    • Major changes in poop size and smell
    • Odorless breathe and body
    • Weight management
    • Infections and allergies subside

Why Raw Dog Food Is The Best Food For French Bulldogs

Many of the health conditions listed above can simply be solved with a species-appropriate raw diet! No need for prescription diets or medications when your French Bulldog can heal from the inside out, naturally. Just changing your Frenchie’s diet to raw will do wonders for your dog and transform them into the healthy pup you want them to be.

The Best Food For French Bulldogs With Allergies 

Victoria & McCoy:

Q) What made you want to make the switch to a raw diet?
A) McCoy has been fighting allergy issues since he was a baby…itchy paws, sinus infections, watery eyes, etc. 
Q) What are some of your favorite benefits of feeding your French Bulldog a Cali Raw Diet?
A) In just one month of him being fully transitioned, McCoy no longer has flaky skin, his eyes are less watery, I have not had to give him allergy medicine anymore, his stool is firmer, and his paw biting has been reduced. I hope to see a further reduction in the paw biting with further use of the raw diet.
Q) Why do you think Cali Raw Dog Food is the best choice for French Bulldogs
A) Frenchies are sensitive and they have lots of issues with allergies.
Feeding Cali Raw has helped McCoy and numerous other Frenchies to have relief from their allergy symptoms.
The customer service at Cali Raw has been unbeatable. I have never worked with a company with better service. You guys are also very knowledgeable and were able to answer all of the questions I had about transitioning McCoy to a raw food diet. 

The Best Food For French Bulldog Puppy

Frenchie Puppies can start feeding raw as soon as they are weaned off their mother's milk.

This can be as young as 6-8 weeks old. Starting your puppy Frenchie on a raw diet is the best start to their diet so they don't develop allergies or health conditions as they grow.

Starting a puppy on a raw diet is much easier on their digestive system and allows them to develop a strong immune system. They will be happy and healthy for all of their life and get to be a part of your life for longer! If you want, you could also lightly cook the raw food until they are 16 weeks old.

At Cali Raw, our food was formulated with ingredients that help your French Bulldog’s brain development and joint health.

Like Vitamin D which helps regulate calcium and phosphorus levels to keep your puppy’s bones and teeth healthy! As they grow into their adult self, we have adult formulas that help maintain your dog’s health with age.

It's time to feed your French Bulldog puppy the best food!


Bodhi's Experience with Raw:

Bodhi has been eating a raw diet since he was 13 weeks old. He had a brief fling with kibble from 8-13 weeks and was not impressed. When he landed at John Wayne airport and encountered a lady with raw tripe in her hand, he knew that life was going to be good.

Thankfully because of Bodhi's early introduction to a raw diet as a puppy, he has flourished and thrived into his adulthood.

Bodhi has avoided allergies, weight gain, regurgitation, and other common issues many Frenchies face when fed a processed kibble diet.

Bodhi is lean, muscular & very active. Keeping his weight under control allows him to enjoy a better quality of life and also reduces the Frenchie Snore! He spends his days between naps wrestling and playing chase with his Pitbull. He also loves to snack on raw bones & his favorite treat, watermelon goat milk smoothies.

Bodhi frequently gets complimented on his shiny coat, his snatched bod & his kissable breath! Approaching almost 3 years old, Bodhi is in perfect health and has never had any issues! Some people might say he's spoiled but Mom says he is well taken care of and deserves the absolute best.

best food for french bulldogs

Should I Feed My French Bulldog A Raw Diet?


For these particular dogs, they are prone to a number of allergies and health issues that can be reduced and eliminated with a raw diet!

A happy and healthy Frenchie starts with a species-appropriate diet. The best raw dog food for French Bulldogs is one that is complete and balanced and perfectly formulated with no nutritional deficiencies. Cali Raw uses human-grade ingredients you’ll feel good about feeding your Frenchie! 

What's The Best Food For French Bulldogs With Sensitive Stomach? 

Princeton & Eugenia:

Happy and healthy french bulldog customer of raw dog food
I've always wanted to feed my dog the freshest food possible and to know exactly the ingredients that go into his food. Knowing that raw isn't made up of processed food gives me comfort in knowing exactly what I am feeding Princeton.
I was hesitant to try Cali Raw because he didn't react well to a store-bought raw brand. He would throw up every time after eating. I was thinking it was a bad bag/batch but haven't fed him raw for a long time until I heard about Cali Raw. The Cali Raw recipe looked fresh and looked like they use better ingredients than the store-bought raw foods (that are still minimally processed). The whole product simply just looked fresh. I like that once, defrosted, it looks like actual human-grade food.
Q)Prior to feeding raw did Prinsty have any allergies or health conditions that have been fixed with a raw diet?
A) He never really had any allergies but I was more interested in feeding raw because of the importance of feeding him optimally nutritious food. Not just food that's been processed and made up of fillers.
Q)Why do you think raw dog food is the best for Frenchies?
A) Although I do cook his food occasionally, I do think raw is best for Princeton because the food doesn't lose its nutrients from the cooking and heating process. The only raw I'll buy is Cali Raw because he had a positive experience from the very first bag he's eaten.
Q)How has your overall experience been with Cali Raw?
A) 100%! Love everyone at Cali Raw - everyone is super helpful and friendly. Lastly, I trust that they use the best ingredients possible in a way that doesn't process any ingredient.


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