Our Raw Dog Food Ingredients

At Cali Raw Nutrition, we formulate, produce & ship direct to your door biologically appropriate raw dog food, also know as the B.A.R.F Diet.  We believe your dog deserves a high quality human-grade food, formulated to provide them with the complete & balanced nutrition canines need to thrive.

Our recipes are formulated to not only be delicious & nutritious but also easily digestible for your dog's short digestive track. In our quest to provide your dog with optimal nutrition optimal nutrition designed to enhance their health & longevity, we have responsibly & locally sourced our ingredients for their quality & holistic benefits.

Here is a list of our raw dog food ingredients by formula, including the nutritional benefits of each. You will notice the absence of any preservatives, fillers, corn, dyes, grains, gluten, starches, synthetic vitamins etc. because our dog food is based on what nature intended & nothing more.

Raw Dog Food Ingredients For Adult Dogs

Raw Dog Food Ingredients For Puppies