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Is It Safe: Can Dogs Eat Watermelons?

August 31, 2020 4 min read


Watermelon is a great snack that we enjoy but can our dogs eat watermelon?


Summer is the best time of the year to visit the dog beach, hike, and walk with our dogs. Many dogs love to sunbathe and soak in all the vitamin D the sun has to offer. We love to do the same and enjoy delicious summer fruits that are in season like watermelon. 

Watermelons are a great snack for hot days because heat can commonly cause dehydration in both humans and pets. Snacking on this fruit one of the many ways we stay refreshed and hydrated along with drinking water. But why keep the enjoyment of the cool refreshing snack only to ourselves when can share them with our dogs?

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Is Watermelon Good For Dogs?

Watermelons are a great snack on a hot summer day for both humans and dogs. They are 92% of water and a great source of hydration that supports the immune system and more.

Watermelon for dogs infograph

Watermelons are also great because they have: 

  • Vitamins A and avoid vitamin A deficiency which can cause blindness
  • Vitamin C, an antioxidant
  • Vitamin B6 which helps your dog´s body properly use amino acids 
  • Calcium and promotes healthy bones and teeth
  • Fiber for healthy digestion
  • Lycopene natural solution for cholesterol issues and cancer prevention 

Vitamin A deficiency is very dangerous with some scary conditions such as blindness.Your dog’s fur & coat, muscles, and nerves rely on vitamin A to function properly. 

Vitamin C is a form of an antioxidant that protects the body from free radicals,which are byproducts of chemical processes. Antioxidants help boost the immune system and protect your dog’s health. 

Vitamin B6 helps the body use amino acids properly. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, 10 of those amino acids are essential for dogs.

Calcium is a mineral that strengthens bones and teeth. With thehelp of vitamin D, calcium is absorbed, and keeping calcium levels in the correct range prevents issues such as seizures. 

Fiber aids proper digestion and helps toprevent the overgrowth of bad bacteria and repair colon injury 

Lycopene is what makes the watermelon red and serve benefits like antioxidants. 

Aside from all the great benefits listed above, watermelons are also great for dogs with kidney disease. They serve as a healthy and natural treat alternative becausewatermelons are low in phosphorous

Some dogs may have a condition that may put them at risk when given watermelon. We highly recommend checking with your veterinarian if your dog may have a medical history. 

The best dog food you can feed to your dog are foods that have all these nutrition, like vitamins, fiber, and minerals, available. Supplementing should not have to be necessary and only is serves as extra benefits for your dog´s health. Cali Raw´s formulas provide these vitamins and minerals for optimal health and are easy to start. 

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When Watermelon Are Bad For Dogs

As we mentioned, natural watermelons have great health benefits and are safe for dogs but we do need to take precautions before handing them the whole fruit. When choosing a watermelon to feed your dog, reach for the seedless kind. If you grabbed the ones with seeds be sure to remove them along with the rinds. They are not toxic but does pose some danger to your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon Seeds? 

The small seeds of watermeloncan be dangerous for your dog because they aren’t small enough to easily pass through a dog’s digestive system. Especially for the black seeds, they can cause intestinal blockage, especially for smaller breeds. 

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon Peel?

Similarly,the rind also known as the watermelon skin should also be removed before feeding to your dog because they can swallow bigger pieces than they should. If they do get to the rinds they also risk digestive issues like an intestinal blockage. 


How Much Watermelon Can I Feed To My Dog? 

If you have a small dog, 50 grams at most is recommended. 

For larger dogs no more than 64 grams.

Feeding your dog too much watermelon can cause issues such as diarrhea because of the fiber content. 

Like any food you give to your dog, moderation is important for your dog’s health. If your dog follows the BARF model, their diet only consists of 10% fruit and vegetables. Meat should be the majority of their diet because that is what is biologically appropriate. 


Ways To Feed Watermelon To Your Dog

Sometimes we like to have fun with what we feed and who can blame us, we love our dogs! 

The simplest way to feed your dog watermelon is by cubing or scooping them out with a melon baller if you have a smaller dog. For large dogs, you can cut large slices off the rind. 

After the watermelons are sliced up, you can give the watermelon to your dog right away or store the slices in a freezer for a cold snack. When the watermelons are frozen over you can give your dog a great refreshing snack during those HOT days. 

If you want to go the extra mile, there aregreat recipes from this dog mom and she uses natural foods safe for dogs such as plain greek yogurt, coconut milk, and bananas. Remember to use plain greek yogurt that has no added sugar.

These natural food are great for dogs and have amazing benefits like many of the other food you can share with your dog. 


Raw Food 

Feeding your dog raw natural food is great because these types of food mimic their ancestral diet. Though fruits and vegetables would not have been their main diet they were available to eat.

However, raw food is even better than natural food like fruit! 

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Our Cali Raw formula imitates your dog’s biologically appropriate diet without them needing to actually hunt. These formulas will provide all the nutrients your dog needs for optimal health & wellness without any of the unnecessary ingredients that dry dog food like kibble would have. 

We deliver straight to your door frozen so you can feed fresh.