The Best Dog Friendly Campgrounds in California

July 28, 2020 7 min read

Dogs and owner on a camping trip
Another dog-friendly activity that is fun for both you and your adventurous dog would be overnight camping! Get away from busy streets and replace those sounds with rustling trees, exotic birds chirping, and a crackling campfire and you got yourself an authentic camp getaway.


While you’re cooking your hotdogs over a grill, don’t forget to defrost a pack of raw dog food for your furry friend! What easier way to store raw food for dogs than in a cooler.


Going on multiple day camping trips? Just throw some icepacks in the cooler to keep the raw food fresh for your dog. Our vacuum-sealed packs make it easy and convenient to thaw and serve so you won’t have to worry about bringing heavy cans or large bags of dog food on your trip. You can even throw in some dry ice to keep it frozen, just make sure to handle it with protection and proper safety measures. 







California’s Top Dog-Friendly Campsites

  • O’Neill Regional Park - Orange County
  • Moro Campground - Laguna Beach
  • Campland on the Bay - San Diego
  • San Mateo Campgrounds - San Onofre
  • Dogwood Family Campground - San Bernardino
  • Yosemite National Park
  • Plaskett Creek Campground - Big Sur
  • Serrano Campgrounds - Big Bear Lake
  • Fremont Campgrounds - Santa Barbara
  • Ramblin Redwoods Campgrounds - Crescent City
  • Donner Summit California State Snopark
  • Yuba Pass Snopark

O’Neill Regional Park - Orange County

Welcome to a large, spacious regional park with plenty of campsites and trails to explore. Firepits and grills are also available so you can roast marshmallows and grill to your heart’s content! Dogs of all shapes and sizes are allowed here, as long as they’re leashed and they are not left outside after dark. Dogs are allowed on certain trails of the campground but are restricted on Arroyo Trabuco, Vedanta, and Tijeras Wilderness Areas. Plenty of trees surround the campgrounds so there’s a good chance you and your camping companion will be able to relax and sit under the shade and really take in what nature has to offer.

Plan your hiking trip with your dog here. 

Moro Campground - Laguna Beach

A dog friendly beach campsite close enough to smell the ocean breeze might be a great option for you and your dog as well. There are 58 family-friendly campsites here that are dog-friendly, include picnic tables, and restroom and shower access. Leashed dogs are allowed in the campgrounds and on any paved surfaces which include a 3-mile trail on the coastal side of PCH. They are not allowed on backcountry trails so they do not interfere with the wildlife. Although there are spectacular views of the ocean from this campsite, dogs are not allowed onto the public beach. A couple of miles down PCH you can find nearby dog-friendly beaches in Laguna if you and your pup want to go for a swim. 

Take your dog to the beach & on a hike at the same time! Check them out here.

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Campland On The Bay - San Diego

Listed as one of San Diego’s best campgrounds, you are sure to be impressed by the amenities they have to offer for both humans and dogs! With a private beach, a pool, a gym, and restaurants to visit there are plenty of things to do here. Hydro bikes, kayaks, and paddleboards are available to rent so you and your family can spend the day at the beach. Although your beloved pet can’t join you at the beach, there is a designated pet walk and even an off-leash Dogwood park for your pet to socialize and play with other dogs. Outside of Dogwood park, be sure to have your dog leashed on your campground at all times. This is definitely a campsite you’ll want to check out in the summer!

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San Mateo Campgrounds - San Onofre

These campgrounds are just a few miles inland away from San Onofre State Beach. With the San Mateo creek flowing through the campsite, the grounds are nestled in a wetland habitat with plenty of greenery surrounding the area. Standard campsite rules allow pets as long as they’re leashed and supervised at all times. There is a 1.5-mile trail that leads to Trestles Beach. Although dogs are not allowed on the actual beach, you and your active pup can take a stroll on this trail, just be sure to pick up after them!

Plan your active outing here.

Dogwood Family Campground - San Bernadino

With a name like dogwood it would be silly not to let dogs into this campsite! Luckily, you and your furry family members are welcome here to enjoy the surroundings of nature within the San Bernadino Forrest. There are plenty of hiking trails, Lake Gregory is a 15-minute drive away, and Lake Arrowhead Village is just 5 minutes away from the site. Dogs must be supervised and leashed at all times but you’ll be sure to find a trail both you and your four-legged friend will enjoy!

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Yosemite National Park

One of California’s most beautiful national parks just so happens to allow dogs and will sure to be an adventure you and your dog will cherish forever. Yosemite offers a range of lodging or camping options that are dog-friendly so you can comfortably spend the night. As for trails, there are several pet-friendly hikes to take your dog on but also be mindful of the trails that do not allow pets. Here’s a website that tells you exactly which trails are pet friendly and where your dog is not allowed. 

They also offer kennel and dog sitting options for when you need to leave your dog for a few hours while you do something more adventurous like kayaking or rock climbing. Win-Win for the whole family!

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Plaskett Creek Campground - Big Sur

Another campground just minutes away from a dog-friendly Sand Dollar Beach offers each site with a grill, table, and fire pit to fulfill all your camping desires. Surrounded by the bountiful trees of Northern California, you are sure to enjoy the smells of nature that surround you. Your dog will surely have a great time sniffing around a new territory while you prepare the fire pit for marshmallows and maybe even some healthy treats for your camping canine.

Learn more about the campground here. 

Serrano Campgrounds - Big Bear Lake

This lakeside campground is sure to not disappoint when it comes to summer camping. Surrounded by tall pine trees and beautiful views of the lake, you and your dog will spend quality time together on this retreat full of wildlife. There’s plenty of water activities to enjoy maybe your dog can even take up some kayaking! If not, you can always walk your dog on a leash along the lake and enjoy the view.

Fremont Campgrounds - Santa Barbara

Looking for a beautiful campground in Santa Barbara county? This is the spot! A family-friendly facility located just off California's western coast. It provides access to a variety of hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails, as well as some off-road vehicle trails, in a scenic area. Spend some time here to unwind and unplug with your dog and see what quality bonding experience you can share!

 Get started on planning your hiking trip with your dog here.


Ramblin Redwoods Campgrounds - Crescent City

Located minutes from the Redwood National Forrest, you and your camping companion will be sure to look up at the towering redwood trees above when you camp here. With cabins, RV spots, and tent sites to choose from, you and your dog can decide how immersed in nature you’d like to be. There’s an off-leash creekside dog walking trail and pet-friendly park to take them to. And afterward, if they seemed to have gotten muddy from playing in the dirt there’s even a dog washing area to rinse off your pet before returning to your campsite. There are lots of greenery and plenty of activities to enjoy here, don’t forget to take some cool photos!

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Donner Summit California State Snopark

Donnor summit is just off the I-80 and is the perfect place to go cross-country skiing, dog sledding, snow play, and snowmobiling! There are trails both north and south of this highway, so you have plenty of snow to play with your pups in!

Plan for your triphere!

Yuba Pass Snopark

Located in the south of the I-80, this snopark is the perfect place if you wanted all types of snow activities. Not only does Yuba Pass have an amazing landscape and scenery, but you can also partake in many activities including cross-country skiing, dog sledding, and snow play!

Dive in the snowhere!

Why Should You Take Your Dog Camping With You?

To promote a healthy lifestyle of course! Nothing like going back to their roots like being immersed in nature and eating a raw food diet. If you ask us, both go hand in hand! Before being domesticated, dogs only ate food they could find in the wild, which means fresh raw meat of the animals they would hunt and whatever was leftover in the digestive tract of their prey. (Check out our blog about the B.A.R.F. diet and why it is essential for your dog’s health!)  We believe bringing them with you on a camping trip is essential in bringing back that animal instinct.

Camping has always been a cherished family memory and will create a stronger bond with you and your dog as well. You wouldn’t want to be stuck at home during warm Summer months either right? Your dog can also feel restless and bored waking up to do the same daily routine. Add some adventure to your dog’s life and you will be surprised to see them in an outdoor environment outside of their comfort zone.

So, go ahead, bookmark this page for your upcoming camping trip up and down California this Summer. Don’t forget the ice cooler of frozen raw dog food either, your dog will thank you later!

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