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Oliver's Review: "How Cali Raw Changed My Dog’s Life"

August 16, 2021 5 min read

Hi! My name is Oliver, and I’m the son of Allyson, the dog mom who introduced me to the most delicious food I’ve ever had the pleasure of scarfing down. 

I’m a year-old Siberian Husky-English Bulldog mix, and I’ve been eating a raw diet ever since my mom joined Cali Raw Nutrition in late 2020. I could easily say that switching to a raw diet was the best choice we've ever made, but let me tell you a bit about myself!

Healthy and happy husky mix named oliver that feeds raw

Yes, this is me; stare all you’d like!


About Me!

As I said before, I’m a Siberian Husky-English Bulldog mix (I know I’m unique!). I have a relatively small big brother named Jimmy, and my favorite game is tug-of-war. Oh, and I hate to admit it, but I’m a HUGE scaredy-cat despite being a bulky, 60-pound husky.

I was adopted when I was eight weeks old and have had anxiety and stomach issues since I was a pup. When I was first adopted, I had a lot to take in, like being placed in a very new environment for the first time; luckily, Mom was there to calm my nerves!

Almost like a duck imprinted on its mother, I followed Mom around EVERYWHERE- closed bathroom doors were not allowed, Mom slept on the floor next to my crate, and I demanded to go with her to Cali Raw's office. At first, she thought it was adorable. However, realizing that an overly-attached pup is a piece of lousy news eventually dawned on her when I went through severe separation anxiety upon her departure.

My attachment to my mom stemmed a lot from my dependence on her. I had major anxiety issues, diarrhea and was right in the middle of myfear period. She was constantly running back and forth, searching for ways to help me and make things better for me- and that’s when Cali Raw came into the picture!

What Cali Raw Nutrition Taught My Mom

Mom was entirely new at dog parenting when she first took me home and made a lot of mistakes. Though raising an anxious husky puppy was probably the most stressful couple of months in Mom’s life, she discovered something through it- dogs were her ultimate passion!

Mom started researching dog health, training, nutrition, behavior, and more, committed to finding ways to make my life the best she could! We started getting better together; I learned how to do tricks as she learned how to train me, and I realized that I LOVE beef bully sticks as she knew that they’re filled with amazing health benefits.

Eventually, Mom came across Cali Raw Nutrition and brought me new, exciting foods and treats. My dinners started to include pureed pumpkin, then eggs, then best of all: raw meat! She was now involved in a new network filled with dog lovers, and she learned so much more about my health and wellbeing.

Words can’t even begin to describe the deliciousness of raw meat… Beef….

Oops! Anyways! Let’s at leasttryto talk about why I love Cali Raw’s food so much.

Why I Love Cali Raw

After Mom got mestarted on a raw dog food diet, we were amazed to see many of my problems slowly disappear. 

My poop, which used to be solely diarrhea, started taking a solid form and becoming less smelly. My husky shedding decreased rapidly, and Mom got a break from all my fur. I even got a compliment from my veterinarian, who admired how shiny my coat looks! My stomach pain was gone, eliminating my discomfort and majorly reducing my anxiety.

My brother Jimmy also showed an astounding difference in health improvement after starting raw dog food! Previously, he always had skin issues and doggy acne, which was getting so bad he had to wear a cone to prevent him from licking his wounds. His acne, which was almost impossible to get under control, began to heal.

Before Cali Raw, he also had a problem eating and would refuse to eat a healthy amount of food no matter how hard Mom tried. Now, he doesn't need his cone anymore since he didn't have any wounds to lick! Best of all, he would lick his bowl clean at every meal.

Our journey with raw dog food  was nothing short of spectacular. Jimmy had a spike in energy and played with me much more, and I never felt more refreshed after a meal in my life. Every day, Jimmy and I thank Mom and Cali Raw Nutrition with our wagging tails and bright smiles; our lives have indeed changed for the better.

If a fellow doggo is reading this, I highly recommend starting on a raw diet. My all-time favorite formula is beef, but Jimmy prefers chicken; though, every formula is delicious! If you have any health issues, I'm sure a raw diet can help you somehow.

Introducing Healthy Dog Treats…

If you think dog nutrition stopped at a raw diet, you’d be wrong. Cali Raw Nutrition launched a 100% natural treats brand this year under Crafted Dog Treats! Mom would suddenly come home smelling like pure bliss, and I knew I was in for atreat!

See what I did there?

Training sessions became more intense because the reward was so much more enticing, and I always had chews to distract me while Mom was in class meetings or writing blogs. These 100 % natural and single-ingredient treats are my favorite part of training, giving me something to always work hard for!

Mom also says that single-ingredient treats and chews are healthier for me in the long run than standard pet store treats like rawhide chews and biscuit cookies. She says that single-ingredient treats eliminate the chances of fillers and preservatives entering my system, which I guess is pretty important! All that matters to me is that they taste better than any treat I’ve ever had!

My Goal as a Simple Pup

After experiencing the many benefits from Cali Raw Nutrition and Crafted Dog Treats, I hope that other pups can benefit too. Mom, the Cali Raw Nutrition Team, and all the Cali Raw Nutrition fed dogs (including myself) are working hard to show other dog parents the many benefits of a fresh dog food diet. After all, the more healthy dogs there are, the more friends I can play with!

With that, I'll be leaving the rest up to the other dog parents out there! If you come to Cali Raw Nutrition office in Newport Beach, CA, for curbside pickup (Monday-Thursday from 10-6), then maybe you'll have the chance to meet me! Remember that no matter what you choose for your pup, they will always love you.


Husky mix puppy that eats raw dog food

Adieu from your favorite office Husky mix!

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