Top 3 Reasons Why Millennials Are Embracing Premium Raw Dog Food Delivery

February 12, 2020 4 min read

Millennials Love Cali Raw Dog Food

Like Generation X before them and Generations Z and whatever else comes after, Millennials catch a bad rap from their elders and get saddled with the same rehashed stereotypes that were once lobbed at their hippy parents.

Surely you’ve heard it, the new version of the old “kids these days” rant, except Millennials are not kids and they are breaking down those old stereotypes daily. Still, when you type the words “Millennials are” into the Google search engine, the list of predictive text that appears under your search lets us all know just how pervasive such labels and stereotypes can be.

Myths about raw food

One trait that does seem to be true, however, is the fact that some of the most meticulous and health-conscious customers in the premium dog food industry are pet owners who fall into the “Millennial” age range.

Depending on who you ask, that range includes anyone born between 1977/1980 to 1992/1996. The so-called experts cannot even agree on the dates but we can all agree that a lot of stereotypes are rooted in some truth and some of society’s biggest complaints about this incredibly diverse generation actually make them some of the best pet owners we know.

Reasons Millennials Are Switching Their Dogs To A Raw Diet:


The number of (human) babies born in the United States in 2018 was the lowest level in 32 years and America now faces a deficit between the number of newborns and the number of people passing away.

There are many reasons why so many Millennials have chosen to be child-free or at least wait until later in life to procreate, but the one most often tacked on to the issue is economics – they can’t afford kids, we are told.

Basically every workplace myth about Millennials that we have been fed has turned out to be bogus.

No, they are not lazy.

No, they are not disloyal.

No, they do not shun instruction or education.

Yes, the economy as a whole has changed dramatically in the past 20 years but Millennials, of all generations, have been best equipped to handle that digital transition to “the new normal”.

Millennials prioritize freedom, spontaneity, and travel over traditional goals of parenthood, homeownership, or stock portfolios. Not many people would associate the words “freedom, spontaneity, and travel” with parenthood, but we can all picture a pooch by our side for all of the above.

That is why Millennials now make up the largest generation of pet owners, with 35% of all pet owners falling into that category. In fact, seven out of every ten Millennials own a pet, and 56% of those folks own dogs.

Millenials with dogs

Here are a few more fun stats:

  • 67% of Millennials consider their pet a “family member”
  • 68% of Millennials would take leave from their job to care for a new pet if they could (lol, who are that other 32 %??!)
  • Millennial dog owners spend $67 BILLION annually

Millennials, it turns out, are strikingly similar to past generations when it comes to working ethic and finances, they are just choosing to spend it on their dogs instead of kids.


Millennials are often referred to as the “Wellness Generation” due to their high prioritization of good health in their lives. The sudden rise of whole foods stores, farmer’s markets, and farm-to-table menus in local restaurants can absolutely be attributed to the demand from the Millennial generation for healthier food options for them and their families.

Well, we already told you that a vast majority of them consider their pup a family member – or even a “furbaby” – so it only stands to reason that this pet-loving segment of society is searching in droves for whole foods for dogs as well, with curiosity about a raw food diet for dogs at an all-time high.

Raised dog bowl feeder

Aside from being more health-conscious, Millennials also tend to be more skeptical of large corporate brands that they know do not share their same ideals.

A backbreaking bag of grocery store kibble may be the cheapest option for feeding one’s dog, but today’s generations are all too aware of the unsustainable and often unethical manufacturing methods employed to make products on such a scale.

They are also aware that a dry, pelletized, shelf-stable feed is not anywhere close to the ancestral diet that canines have thrived on for… well… millennia.


Just as a lot of Millennials are taking the time to count calories and balance the nutrients in their own daily diets, they want to be able to accurately do the same for their dogs. Well, the “Gig Economy” we now find ourselves in doesn’t always operate 9 am-5 pm, and so we have seen the rise in popularity in convenience apps and services, meant to make everyday chores an afterthought.

Everything from new-age childcare services, groceries ordered online and delivered to your door, on-demand transportation services, and more… all implemented in the height of the reign of the Millennial generation.

So when someone accustomed to that level of self-care and customer service comes across a company like Cali Raw Dog Food it is so satisfying for them.

Pre-portioned meals, formulated by an expert dog food nutritionist, prepared to the highest standards using only the finest ingredients, available in a variety of proteins, and all affordably delivered to your doorstep after a few taps or clicks on the screen.

Healthy Raw dog Food Turkey

The technological ease of ordering online at along with the mental and emotional satisfaction of knowing that your dog deserves the best and is finally going to get it cuts right to the heart of the Millennial generation and culture.

So the next time you are chatting with a Millennial and they have a look in their eye that says, “I’d rather be at home petting my dog than be here talking to you”, there is probably a hint of truth in that as well.