Holistic Health Treatments For Dogs

We want all dogs to live a healthy, happy, long life free of health issues and disease! We have put together a list of holistic natural remedies to prevent, manage and treat common health conditions in dogs. 

We cover conditions such as DCM, cancer, diabetes, allergies, pancreatitis, and obesity. Whether it is a natural raw diet, supplements, or acupuncture we have advice to help guide you in being your dog's health hero!

Health Conditions:

Sensitive Stomach
Ear Infection
Kennel Cough
Sensitive Skin
Picky Eaters
Obesity/Overweight Dogs
Gum Disease
Unhealthy Stool
Hip Dysplasia
Digestive Problems


Naturally Treat Sensitive Stomach In Dogs

Symptoms include: lack of appetite, vommitting, soft stool, diarrhea, blood in stool 

Sensitive stomachs, which can cause discomfort, can happen to dogs just like humans. It could be something they ate, stress related, a food intolerance or allergy, parasites, or a change in their diet. When your dog experiences an upset stomach it could be a one time thing, or could be a more serious health concern if the issue is continuous. If your dog has an upset stomach there are some natural remedies you can try to help settle it and give them some relief.

Canned Pumpkin

100% canned pure pumpkin is high in soluble fiber, which coats and soothes irritated bowels. It also slows down the GI tract transit time, allowing the digestive tract to settle and calm down. It is also an excellent source of potassium which your dog can lose a lot of from having diarrhea. 
For small dogs, give ½ teaspoon and for larger dogs 1 teaspoon.


Goats Milk

Goat’s milk contains vitamins, electrolytes, enzymes, proteins, and fatty acids all which promote good gut health. It aids in digestion as well as helping your dog achieve the right pH throughout their digestive system.

Slippery Elm

Slippery Elm is a great natural remedy to settle your dog’s upset stomach. It is like a natural Pepto-Bismol for dogs! Slippery Elm reduces GI inflammation, while also soothing, coating, and lubricating the mucus membranes in the digestive tract. It is high in fiber and can help relieve both diarrhea and constipation. It is recommended to give about a half teaspoon for every 10 pounds of body weight, mixed into your dog’s diet twice daily.

Intermittent Fasting

If your dog has an upset stomach, giving them more food may further complicate things. Fasting your dog for 12-24 hours can provide relief before introducing them to a normal diet again. This will give the digestive system time to digest before giving them more food. If fasting your dog, be sure they have access to clean drinking water. Read more: the benefits of intermittent fasting for dogs.


Naturally Treat Ear Infections in Dogs

Ear infections are one of the top reasons for a vet visit! Ear infections are a common health condition in dogs that can be caused for a variety of reasons including diet, breed, environment, a weak immune system, or water stuck in the ear canal. If your dog has an ear infection the symptoms are very clear. Ear infections are uncomfortable, painful, and inflamed. You may notice your dog scratching or rubbing their ears, shaking their head, or tilting their head. You may also notice waxy or gunky discharge, irritated skin, and even a smell. Ear infections are common, and unless chronic, can usually be treated naturally. Here are some holistic remedies for ear infections in dogs. 

Green Tea

Green Tea has anti-bacterial benefits and can be used as a natural remedy for ear infections in dogs. At home, you can boil 8oz of water and add 2 green tea bag. Let this steep, then cool the water till it is lukewarm. Next, take a sponge or syringe and drop some into the ear canal. 

A Raw Diet

A species appropriate raw diet is the best diet for dogs with ear infections. A diet with fresh ingredients will strengthen the immune system, making it easier for the body to fight disease. An ear infection is usually caused by something else going on in the body, and in turn the body is fighting infection and purging toxins. If no toxins are going into the body, this occurrence is less likely to happen. Nutrition is the base of good health! A raw diet also consists of vitamins and minerals, including prebiotics and probiotics, to promote overall health and making them less susceptible to infection and disease.

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is known for many of its healing properties which are beneficial not only to humans, but to dogs too! At home, you can mix 1 part Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 part filtered water and apply to the ears daily for a few weeks, then once a week for several months to follow. This is a good treatment as well as preventative care to fight ear infections from returning. 


Naturally Treat Kennel Cough In Dogs

Bordatella, also commonly referred to as Kennel Cough, is an infection similar to a canine cold that can picked up when dog’s are in close proximity to another dog who is infected. This can happen when dogs are in a boarding facility, dog parks, beaches, and other places with many dogs. Kennel Cough usually last for 1-2 weeks, and if a mild case can be treated at home with natural remedies. Herbs, and homeopathics. Below are some natural remedies for kennel cough in dogs. 


A Natural Raw Diet

When your dog’s immune system is strong and working properly, they are less susceptible to health concerns including Kennel Cough. A raw diet will strengthen your dog’s immune system, provide them with nutrients to keep them healthy and fight infection and disease, and ensure overall health. The best diet for kennel cough is a limited ingredient raw diet with immune-system enhancers such as vitamins, minerals, and species appropriate nutrients. 

Coconut Oil

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is a great supplement that can be added to your dog’s meal to enhance their immune system. Coconut Oil is full of fatty acids that are very beneficial for fighting viruses and bacteria, as well as providing your dog with many other benefits. 1-2 teaspoons per 10lbs of body weight can be added to your dog’s daily diet as a natural remedy for Kennel Cough. 


Garlic is another great natural remedy for dogs suffering with Kennel Cough. You can peel some garlic cloves, soak them in a glass jar with olive oil, and let the oil infuse for 1 day. After this you can add a couple drops to your dog’s meals as a healthy supplement to fight off Kennel Cough.

Naturally Treat Diarrhea In Dogs

Unfortunately, diarrhea can occur in dogs too. This can occur if your dog ate something foreign, a health concern, or possibly during transitioning from processed kibble to a fresh raw diet. If the problem clears up on its own, there is nothing to worry about. If the diarrhea persists, it could be in infection, inflammatory bowel disease, an injury, parasites, or a food allergy. In this case, we recommend going to a holistic vet to diagnose the issue. There are some natural remedies you can try to soothe your dog’s stomach and treat the diarrhea.

Intermittent Fasting

Fast your dog for 12-24 hours. During this time, your dog’s GI tract will have an opportunity to reset and provide relief. Do not fast a puppy! Puppies have different nutritional demands than adult dog’s and need more consistent meals.  Read more: the benefits of intermittent fasting for dogs.

Simple Foods

We are sure you have heard to give your dog cooked chicken and rice to settle their diarrhea. While this may work for some dogs, cooked chicken and rice are not species appropriate for dogs. Instead, a natural remedy for settling your dog’s diarrhea is to give them a soothing soup. You can make bone broth at home using our Beef Marrow Bones. 
Click "the simple recipe" to discover!

Probiotics and Prebiotics

Another holistic remedy to treat your dog’s diarrhea is to make sure they are receiving prebiotics and probiotics. Probiotics will rebalance, build & restore your dogs gut. A prebiotic will feed the good bacteria in your dog’s gut, with ingestible fibers that travel to the colon. They are then fermented and become short chain fatty acids. Read more: The benefits of probiotics and prebiotics for dogs

A Limited Ingredient Raw Diet 

Feeding your dog a natural fresh raw diet is the best for overall health, including gut health. A natural raw diet consisting of raw meat provides your dog with live enzymes and optimal nutrition. While transitioning to a raw diet, it can be problematic if not done slowly and gradually. If you notice your dog has loose stool or diarrhea, slow down the process even more. Click "Here" for ourtransition guidelines, remember every dog is different and some take more times to adjust than others. 


Ways To Help Diabetes In Dog Naturally

Diabetes in dogs can result when there is a lack of insulin, causing glucose to build up in the blood. Common symptoms of diabetes in dogs is drinking excessive amounts of water, urinating in large amounts, and having an overly active appetite. If your dog has diabetes, there are some holistic remedies to consider.

Feed a B.A.R.F. Diet

Nutrition is one of the most important parts of the treatment plan for a dog with diabetes. Feeding a natural raw diet is the best diet for a dog with diabetes. A natural raw diet can benefit a diabetic dog in many ways. As different foods are digested, they affect blood sugars in different ways. When a diabetic dog eats carbohydrates or sugars, their blood glucose spikes. A fresh raw diet is the best dog food for diabetes as it is low in sugars and carbohydrates. 

Vitamins & Supplements

Adding essential fatty acids, specifically omega 3 fatty acids, to your dogs diet can be beneficial in treating and preventing diabetes in dogs. These fatty acids enhance glucose metabolism and protect the heart. You can add Salmon Oil to your dog’s diet. 

Natural Treatments For Cancer In Dogs

Cancer is the leading cause of death in adult dogs. Rather than just treating conditions, it is best to prevent them from happening in the first place. Here are some natural approaches to preventing cancer in your dog, and some tips you can take to give your dog the best quality of life and comfort while fighting the disease. 

Chemical Free Products

Use all natural cleaning products in your home, yard, and on your dog. It is important to avoid chemicals, toxins, fragrance, and anything else that could be harmful to your dog. 

Feed A Fresh Whole Foods Diet

The best dog food for cancer is a natural fresh raw diet. A raw diet has ingredients that are fresh, highly bioavailable, and easily digestible. Feeding your dog a diet consisting of fresh vegetables and raw meat will enhance their overall health while avoiding processed kibble with carbohydrates, additives and preservatives. Raw diets do not contain the chemicals that are linked to cancer, but instead have ingredients that will decrease cancer risk.


If your dog has cancer acupuncture can assist in managing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation such as inflammation, nausea, pain, and decreased appetite, This can bring your dog some relief.

Avoid Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are not a species appropriate food source for dogs. They also give the cancer energy, causing your dog to have a deplete in their energy levels. Stay away from foods with high carb content and stick to a healthier option! 


Research has shown that CBD oil has an anti-tumor effect! CBD oil helps the immune system to kill cancer cells by blocking their ability to produce energy. It also has anti-tumor properties that slow cancer cell growth. CBD oil can also help increase the efficiency of conventional cancer treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy.

Naturally Treat Pancreatitis In Dogs

The Pancreas does a lot for your dog and their overall health. It is located right below your dog’s stomach and is attached to their small intestine. It produces and stores hormones to help maintain proper blood sugar levels and produces and stores enzymes to help the body digest protein and fats. If the pancreas is under attack, it can result in pancreatitis. 


Dogs with Pancreatitis can benefit from a fresh raw diet. A natural raw diet contains many active enzymes which help with the digestion process and also reduce stress on the pancreas. A fresh raw diet will also improve their appetite, digestion, and absorption of nutrients. We recommend feeding a leaner protein such as our turkey formula, and staying away from meat sources that are high in fat such as lamb. 


Pancreatitis dogs can benefit from the addition of digestive enzymes or a prebiotic and probiotic, such as kefir or raw goat’s milk. When the pancreas is inflamed, its ability to produce digestive enzymes is compromised. By adding a digestive enzyme or probiotic, the lost enzymes will be replaced and be able to digest properly.


Dog acupuncture can be used as a tool to ease pain and nausea. It can also increase appetite to ensure your dog is receiving the nutrients they need. Although acupuncture may not cure pancreatitis, it can manage the discomfort. 



Naturally Treat Allergies In Dogs

With up to 40% of dogs suffering from allergies, we have some natural remedies to help comfort your dog and give them some relief. Allergies can be from a number of different things including environmental, food allergies, or breed related. 

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Adding an omega 3 fatty acid to your dogs diet will help regulate their inflammation caused by allergies. You can add Salmon Oil, or feed a diet with omega 3 fatty acids already included. 

Use Natural Cleaning Products

Switch your current cleaning products to ones with all natural ingredients. The chemicals and fragrance in cleaning products could be contributing to your dogs allergies.

Apple Cider Vinegar

If your dog is suffering from flea allergies, you can use Apple Cider Vinegar as a natural solution! You can create a spray using 4oz of warm water, 6oz of Apple Cider Vinegar, and ¼ tsp of sea salt. Spray your dog’s coat weekly, avoiding the eye area and any open wounds. Read more: the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for dogs.

Switch To Raw Dog Food

Many times, allergies are caused by the ingredients in processed dog food. By switching your dog to a natural raw diet, you may see their allergies reduce drastically. Kibble is filled with poor nutrition, fillers, and inferior meat quality. Many pet owners see their dogs' allergies eliminated just by making the switch! A limited ingredient natural diet is the best diet for dogs with allergies. 

Naturally Treat Sensitive Skin In Dogs

Does your dog have sensitive skin? It could be allergies or breed related. It’s no fun watching our dog’s suffer from sensitive skin so here are some all natural tips you can use to promote good skin health!

Reduce Stress

Stress is a major trigger for skin conditions in dogs. By reducing stress, you not only create a calm environment for your dog but also help to soothe their inflamed skin.

Optimal Nutrition

Feeding your dog a species appropriate raw diet with natural ingredients will prevent them from having skin sensitivities and allergies. You want to stay away from preservatives, sugars, carbohydrates, and other unnatural ingredients. Carbohydrates can aggravate skin conditions, making it difficult to reduce sensitive skin in the first place. 


Another natural remedy to soothe sensitive skin is to create an herb mix of calendula, chamomile, parsley, burdock, nattle, and dandelion in equal parts in a large jar. Each night, out 2 tablespoons of the herbs in 1 cup of boiling water, cover, and let sit overnight. The next day  stain the liquid and mix it into your dog’s meals. 

Give A Soothing Bath

Giving your dog a nice soothing bath can help to treat their sensitive skin. You do not want to wash your dog too frequently, as it can strip the good oils and bacteria in their skin and coat. Use an all natural gentle shampoo free of artificial fragrance and chemicals. You can also add baking soda, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, epsom salts, or green tea to their bath to help booth their skin. 

Support Picky Dogs Naturally

Have a picky eater on your hands? Many times your dog may grow bored of their food and not be enthused. Sometimes a new diet could be the answer! A species appropriate diet with raw meat and fresh vegetables is very likable by dogs, as it is what their biology calls for. Here are some natural tips for dogs who are picky eaters!

Serve at Room Temperature

If feeding a raw diet, some dogs may be unsure of the change at first. In this situation, you can lightly cook the food for 6-7 minutes on low heat with a tablespoon of water. This will enhance the aroma of the food, and may entice them to eat. 

Intermittent Fasting

Sometimes your dog may not eat because they aren't hungry or don't feel well. In this case, you can fast your dog for 12-24 hours. This will reset their digestive system while also making them hungry and more enthused for their next meal. Check out: the benefits of intermittent fasting for dogs

Add A Healthy Topper

If your dog is a picky eater, it may be difficult for you to get them to eat on their regular schedule. You can add a healthy topper on their food such as a raw egg, sardines, a sprinkle of oregano, or a healthy treat such as our Venison Jerky Treats or some of our Lamb Lung


Combat DCM In Dogs Naturally 

DCM, Dilated Cardiomyopathy in Dogs, is a heart disease that weakens the heart’s ability to pump blood effectively. DCM usually occurs in medium to large breed dogs. In recent studies, DCM has been found to be linked to nutrition. If your dog shows signs of DCM such as decreased energy, a persistent cough, chronic loss of appetite, or difficulty breathing, it is important to take your dog to the vet to begin treatment and give your dog the best quality of life possible. There are some natural remedies you can do to help treat DCM.


Some research has shown that CBD has aided in treating cardiovascular issues. CBD has many benefits for dogs. Give your dog CBD daily in their current diet, or with CBD treats to help manage DCM in dogs. 

A Healthy Dog Food Diet

The best dog food for a dog with DCM is a quality whole food dietcontaining fresh vegetables and raw meat. This will provide your dog with the appropriate nutrition to boost their immune system and support their overall health. By feeding a natural raw diet your dog will avoid the negative health effects of a processed diet. Dogs also need taurine which is an amino acid found in animal protein. A processed diet with fillers instead of grains can inhibit the intake of taurine, and possibly result in DCM. Feeding a raw diet with muscle meat will provide your dog with taurine making sure there is no further deficiency. 

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Add salmon oil or sardines on top of your dog’s meal! Omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial for cardiovascular health. Cali Raw's formulas al have added salmon oil, but you can also purchase it as a supplement to add to your dogs current diet.

Coenzyme Q10

This supplement supports a healthy heart and cardiovascular system. Use this as a supplement in your dog’s current diet. 

Treat Obesity/Overweight Dogs Naturally 

More than half of dogs in the US are classified as being overweight. As we know, obesity can lead to other serious health issues if ignored. The first thing to consider when your dog is overweight is the food you are feeding them. Next, we must look at their activity level, metabolism, and any other factors. If your dog is overweight, they need your help making the changes in their life to promote weight loss. Here are some holistic remedies for overweight and obese dogs. 

A Fresh Raw Dog Food

The best diet for overweight dogs is a natural fresh raw diet. A natural raw diet is free of preservative, high amounts of carbohydrates, and sugars. A raw diet is designed to help your dog achieve and remain at their ideal weight without cutting vital nutrients from their diet. This diet will also allow them to receive more proteins, vitamins, and minerals leading to overall health. 


When your dog is active, they are not only happier but they are also contributing to their overall health! Keep in mind some breeds need more physical activity than others!

Avoid Unhealthy Treats

We know giving your dog yummy treats is their favorite part of the day, but stick to healthy treats with limited ingredients! Unhealthy treats add to their daily caloric intake. If you are giving your dog lots of treats each day, keep this in mind and adjust how much they are eating. Feed healthy, single-ingredients treats from our Sister Store, Crafted Dog Treats. We offer Lamb Lung, Beef Liver, Beef Heart,, and more. 

Coconut Oil or Fish Oil

Both coconut oil and fish oil can help promote weight loss. This is because they improve your dog’s metabolic rate, increase energy levels, and regulate thyroid function. Either choose a raw food product that already contains coconut or fish oil or add the oil yourself. Just never use both in the same meal, as too much oil can cause loose stools.


Treat Lethargic/Aging In Dogs Naturally 

We want to keep our dogs healthy, happy, and alive for as long as possible! It is important to provide preventative care and good nutrition their whole life, but there are some holistic tips for making your senior dog comfortable and healthy!

Omega 3s (EPA & DHA)

Making sure your dog is receiving fatty acids is important for many reasons. Long chain omega-3 fatty acids help to reduce inflammation, protect the liver,  improve cognitive skills and the nervous system and reduce joint pain. You can add Salmon Oil to your dogs current diet, or buy a complete and balanced raw diet with salmon oil already included!

Probiotics & Enzymes

A healthy gut is at the core (literally) of good health! Giving your dog a probiotic will help with digestion, the immune system, and overall health.A digestive enzyme and probiotic will also optimize nutrient absorption and aid in improving the digestive tract. 

Raw Food For Dogs

When switching their dog to a raw diet, many pet owners experience their senior dog turning back the hands of time! A natural raw diet will boost their immunity, improve energy and vitality, decrease inflammation, and provide overall health. Also, as your dog ages their organ function declines and a raw diet is the easiest for them to digest with the greatest bioavailability of nutrients. 

Treat Gum Disease In Dogs Naturally

Did you know that gum disease affects over 86% of U.S. dogs before they are 3 years old? The cause of this is from buildup of bacteria and food! A processed diet contains preservative and additives that cause tartar and plaque buildup on dog's teeth, resulting in decay, bad breath, and possibly gum disease. Teeth cleanings can be expensive, but there are of course some natural remedies for improving your dog's oral health!

A Natural Raw Diet

When your dog eats a natural raw diet, they are avoiding preservatives and additives that cause plaque and buildup. The bone content in a raw diet also aids in cleaning your dog's teeth! Also, the soft food is easier on their gums. The best diet for a dog with gum disease is a fresh diet with raw meat and fresh vegetables. This will prevent gum disease and promote great oral health!

Raw Bones

Another natural remedy for treating your dog's gum disease is raw bones! Raw bones act as a natural toothbrush for dogs! As they chew on a raw bone, their teeth and gums are scraped clean. Your dog will also digest small pieces of bone that will provide your dog with calcium to naturally strengthen your dog's teeth, while also freshening their breath and restoring their pearly white teeth!

Help Unhealthy Stool In Dogs Naturally

Let's talk about dog poop! Your dog's stool can tell you a lot about their overall health! If your dog's stool is runny, very stinky, discolored, or bloody it is important to finding out what is going on internally. Healthy stool will be different from dog to dog but tends to have similar characteristics. Healthy stool is light to dark brown, mild odor and have a firm texture. Getting your dog to have healthy stool can be acheived with some holistic remedies below.

A Species Appropriate Diet

Feeding your dog a species appropriate dietis the best food for a dog with unhealthy poop! A diet consisting of raw meat and vegetables is what your dog's biology calls for. They will be able to easily digest this diet, resulting in smaller, firmer, almost odorless poops! It is one of the top benefits for pet parents too! 

Keep It Simple

Giving your dog too many treats, ingredients, and supplements can result in unhealthy poop. Keep it simple with a nutritious diet, limiting treats and extras. This way your dog's digestive system can improve resulting in healthier stool. 

Help Arthritis In Dogs Naturally

Just like humans, dog's can get arthritis. As dogs age, the immune system releases proteins that damage joints. This causes inflammation at the join, which can result in pain if not managed. Of course as pet lovers we want to keep our dogs as healthy as possible, free of pain and inflammation! Here are some natural remedies to treating your dog's arthritis. 

Improved Nutrition

A healthy dog starts with a healthy gut! A poor diet with preservative, GMOs, sugars, starches, and grains are harmful to the gut. A natural raw diet is the best diet for dogs with arthritis while supporting a healthy gut. Improved digestion and a healthy gut will provide optimal nutrition and enhanced health, while also reducing inflammation in your dog. 


Providing your dog with antioxidants can help prevent cell damage that free radicals cause. Free radicals are small, but dangerous. They can build up in your dog caused from metabolism, inflammation, and environmental factors. They can cause degenerative disease and faster aging. Great options for adding antioxidants to your dogs diet are blueberries, turmeric, and phytoplankton! Add an antioxidant to your dog's diet to help prevent cell damage leading to arthritis. 

Support Hip Dysplasia In Dogs Naturally 

This condition is common in large breed dogs. It can occur when the hip joint does not develop properly, causing the ball of the leg bone and the pelvis socket to improperly fit together. If left untreated, hip dysplasia can lead to arthritis and inflammation. Below are some natural remedies for managing hip dysplasia in your dog.

A Natural Diet

The best diet for a dog with hip dysplasia is a raw dietconsisting of meat, vegetables, and vitamins. A raw diet will assist in weight management, as obesity can cause a lot of stress on the joints causing more pain and inflammation. A raw diet will also enhance overall health and ensure the immune system is working properly.


Who doesn’t love a little water therapy!? Hydrotherapy is a great alternative to traditional medicine for a dog with hip dysplasia. Hydrotherapy can be done at a facility, holistic health center for dogs, or in your own swimming pool! Hydrotherapy is a great way for your dog to get a workout and does not put too much stress on their joints. 

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Adding an Omega-3 fatty acid to your dog’s diet will be beneficial to dog’s with Hip Dysplasia. O are also great for joint inflammation relief. Adding Salmon Oil to your dog’s current diet or choosing a raw diet with Salmon Oil already included can provide your dog with omega-3 fatty acids. 


Treat Fleas In Dogs Naturally

If you suspect your dog has fleas, it is important to treat immediately before it becomes a bigger issue! Once there are fleas in your house they can be very difficult to get rid of, but with your diligence can be treated at home! You can notice fleas on your dog if they are constantly itching and biting and can also oftentimes see the fleas by looking at your dog’s belly and skin. Below are the best natural home remedies for fleas.   

Wash Your Dog

When you notice fleas on your dog, give them a bath using a mild shampoo and an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse after. The ACV rinse can be made with 1 part ACV and 10 parts water. After this, keep your dog's coat clean with a flea comb to get rid of any left over fleas. You can also use an ACV spray to keep fleas away in between baths. 

Read more: The benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for dogs.

Keep Your House Clean

If fleas live in your house, they will jump back on your dog after this flea bath! It is important to keep your house rid of fleas as well so this does not happen. Once a week, wash all your dog’s bedding and blankets with a natural detergent. Vacuum and clean your floors as well, especially in areas where your dog spends time. Another natural remedy is diatomaceous earth which can be used around the house and on your carpet to keep fleas from multiplying. Make sure you repeat these steps as a flea’s entire life cycle can be months.   

A Species Appropriate Diet

The best diet for fleas is a natural raw diet. Fleas are attracted to dogs that consume processed foods, because the processed foods increase blood sugar levels in dogs and increase body odor as well; both of which attract more fleas. When you switch your dog to a raw food diet, the high protein, low carbohydrate regimen will help regulate blood sugar and reduce the ‘doggy smell,’ thus becoming less attractive to the sugar and odor loving fleas. 

Heart Health For Dogs Naturally

Heartworm can be contracted through a mosquito bite, and can become very serious is not treated. Heartworm disease can result in severe lung disease, heart failure, organ damage, and premature death. Vaccines can be expensive, and actually harm the immune system leading to other serious health issues, so the best treatment for heartworm is preventative care. Below we will discuss natural remedies and preventative tips for dogs with heartworm. 


An Ancestral Diet

The best diet for heartworm in dogs is a biologically appropriate raw diet, as it will strengthen the immune system and make it easier for your dog to dight and overcome disease. Feeding raw meat, fresh vegetables, and vitamins & minerals will keep your dog’s heart healthy and replenish vital nutrients your dog’s heart is lacking from heartworm infestation. 


Adding a supplement to your dog’s diet such as CoQ10 is a great way to provide them with antioxidants to support a healthy heart! Other supplements that are beneficial are L-Carnitine, Taurine, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, and Vitamin E. These can also be found in a raw diet and consumed by your dog daily!


Treat Digestive Problems In Dogs Naturally 

Overall health starts with a healthy gut! Did you know that the a majority of the immune system is located in or around the digestive tract? Having a health digestive tract will contribute to your dogs overall health as well as preventing chronic diseases. 

A Raw Diet

The best diet for digestive issues in dogs is a raw diet, as it has the greatest bioavailability of nutrients allowing your dog to digest what they are eating with ease, use the nutrients for energy, and have little to no waste. A raw diet will also help balance the bacteria in your dog’s gut, since it has natural prebiotics and probiotics! It’s a win-win! 


A great supplement to add to your dog’s diet is a probiotic for fogs. This will help restore and maintain healthy gut bacteria. You can add a probiotic to your dog’s daily meal as a supplement or choose a raw diet that already has prebiotics and probiotics included. Read more: The benefits of Probiotics and Prebiotics for your dog

Digestive Enzymes

Adding a digestive enzyme to your dog’s diet can assist in promoting improved digestion. Enzymes are helpful in breaking down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to ensure the small intestine can digest them properly. A natural digestive enzyme you can add to your dog’s meals is goat’s milk! It is great for improved digestion. Read more: The benefits of goat’s milk. 


Support Cataracts In Dogs Naturally

Dogs are prone to cataracts just like people. If left alone, cataracts can lead to blindness. This is very common in older dogs but can also take place after the eye experiences trauma. Cataracts in dogs may be present from the very beginning of their life, or develop overtime. If your dog has cataracts there are some natural health tips we recommend! 


A Raw Diet

The best food for dogs with cataracts is a raw diet with added omega-3 fatty acids to promote good eye health. Omega-3 fatty acids can be received from high qualitySalmon Oil added to your dog’s meals or already included! A limited ingredient raw diet will also provide your dog with the essential vitamins and minerals to promote good eye health, as well as overall health!



Natural remedies for cataracts in dogs include supplemental vitamins! These vitamins can be given to your dog through their fresh raw diet, or added as a supplement to their current diet. These vitamins include Vitamin C, which aides in improving vision, Vitamin A, which aids in protecting the eye, Vitamin E, which recovers tissue damage, and Coenzyme Q10, which is an antioxidant that can aid in stopping the progression of cataracts and sometimes reverses their effects by strengthening and protecting the eyes. 

Support Lyme Disease In Dogs Naturally 

Symptoms: depression, reluctance to move around because of stiffness, fever, fatigue, rashes 

When an tick infected with the bacterium named Borrelia burgdorferi, a dog is prone to becoming ill with Lyme disease. A commonly known tick that carries this bacterium is known as the Deer Tick or back legged tick. The ticks, however, are not the only culprit to dogs falling sick. Dogs with weak immune systems are more at risk for this disease. To prevent the worst from happening we have natural ways to diminish the risk of your dog getting sick. If your dog is already sick with Lyme disease they must be looked over by a health professional.

A Raw Diet 

Feeding a fresh diet boosts the immune system because the food is biologically appropriate for dogs. Unlike kibble, raw food provides all the nutrients needed. The balanced diet of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and more will help your dog be less of a risk to falling sick of Lyme disease.


A purple cone flower is known to boost the immune system of both dogs and humans. Providing echinacea to your dog will improve his overall health and decrease the chances of falling ill to diseases, such as Lyme disease.