10 Gift Ideas for Spoiled Dogs For 2020

November 04, 2019 4 min read

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The holidays are approaching and we know finding the perfect gift can be tough. Wondering what to get the spoiled pup in your life this year? We put together a list of some luxurious items that will be sure to impress your four-legged family member because they deserve it!


#1 Furbo Dog Camera

Your dog can’t come to work with you, but they can feel like you never left with the gift of this high tech dog camera. The Furbo Dog Camera has a two-way microphone so dog mom and dad can say “Hi” throughout the day, comfort their pooch’s separation anxiety, and let them know they’re on their way home! The best part yet, Furbo Dog Camera features a treat-tossing capability to reward your pooch for being the good boy or girl that they are from miles away! Spoiled pooches deserve to be spoiled 24/7, right!?

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Furbo Dog Camera Perfect Gift


#2 Cali Raw Gift Card

In a rush and need something quick but extremely generous? Give them the gift of dog nutrition with a Cali Raw Nutrition gift card! The gift of optimal nutrition will bring your furbaby enhanced health and longevity, with numerous benefits for both dog mom/dad and their dog to enjoy. Smaller poops, less gas, reduced allergies...it is the gift that keeps giving! Cali Raw gift cards never expire and are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout.

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Cali Raw dog food giftcard


#3 Luxury Shag Donut Dog Bed

Of course, your spoiled pup deserves to be cuddled on the couch and in your bed, right? But when you’re away for the day this Luxury Shag Donut Self-Heating Orthopedic pet bed will be sure to keep your four-legged family member comfy and warm! It’s unique insulation radiants warmth from the pup's own body warmth, and its orthopedic support keeps them feeling comfortable and protected. It is available in two colors and three sizes, making it the perfect gift for dogs of all sizes!

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dog bed for anxiety


#4 PupRug Runner Faux Fur Memory Foam Bed

If one dog bed isn’t enough, here is another cozy option! This modern luxurious design will blend into any home while still providing the dog of the house a cozy place to wind down from their long day. Made from human-grade memory foam, this dog bed is designed to ease joint pain and provide maximum support for your furry friend. It has a removable and machine washable bed cover with a non-skin rubberized bottom. Talk about comfy-chic!

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faux fur rug for dogs


#5 Embark Breed & Health Kit

It’s like 23andMe, but for dogs! The Embark Breed & Health Dog DNA Test gives dog owners the opportunity to learn more about their pup’s breed, ancestry, health, relatives, and more with a simple cheek swab! Embark looks at over 250 breeds and more than 175 genetic health conditions and traits, while also allowing you to discover and connect with dogs that share the same DNA with yours! This gift will not only give you some answers you’ve been wanting and some valuable health information about your pup but might also give your dog the family reunion they’ve always wanted! Brother, the Sister, are you out there?

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Embark DNA Test For Dogs


#6 Eco Canvas Dog Bag Dispenser

Looking for something small but mighty? Poop happens, so you might as well be stylish about it! Lil’ Archie’s offers Eco Canvas Poop Bag Dispensers that are built to last while adding color and style to your dog’s leash. They are made of eco canvas and 45% recycled content! Each bag is handmade in beautiful Southern California. Don’t forget to stock up on Lil’ Archie’s 100% compostable poop bags made of recycled materials! Let your pup poop in style while also being eco friendly!

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Eco Friendly Poop Bag Dispenser

#7 Real Dog Box

Everyone in the family deserves a monthly subscription box, even your dog! Real Dog Box offers a variety of freshly air-dried treats and chews. All of the treats and chews are single-ingredient 100% meat all locally sourced and delivered fresh directly to your door! This box is perfect for spoiling your pooch for being the perfect pet they are! Remember, dogs like getting packages in the mail too!

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Dog Chew

#8 Dog Teepee

Everyone deserves their own little sanctuary, including your four-legged family member! This tiny teepee will provide them with their own perfect escape, while still looking like the interior designer chose it! With several patterns to choose from, this 100% cotton canvas teepee is each to assemble and come with a matching zippered mat and a carrying bag to be moved from room to room, wherever your pup may want to be. This is not your average dog house!

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Dog Teepee


#9 CBD Oil

Good things come in small packages! CBD seems to be all the trend, and there is a good reason why. More and more people are turning to CBD, but pets can benefit from natural oil as well! CBD oil can be added to your dog's food while providing them with benefits including reducing anxiety and stress, pain, chronic inflammation, arthritis and joint pain, digestive problems, and more! It’s a simple way to enhance their health and make them feel like they’re part of the cool club! 

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CBD Oil for dogs


#10 Printed Dog Bandana

Stay stylish for every holiday outing, and every season to come, with a printed bandana! These statement pieces will be sure to make your pup stand out in the crowd and be the most stylish dog around town! With patterns for every occasion, you can choose the perfect one to make all heads turn when your pup enters the room! Dogs need choices also...and maybe their own closet!

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Dog Bandana




We know you love your dog like they are family, and spoiled dogs deserve the best this holiday season! Whether it's something big or small, fun or functional, your four-legged family member is going to feel so loved while ripping open their presents under the tree. Now let the shopping begin! 


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