6 Gifts That'll Any Pet Parents Will Love For Any Occasion

May 24, 2021 4 min read

Gifts you can give your fellow pet parents that their pet will love

Written by Guest Blogger, Kevin Peterson

Giving gifts is a great way to show your appreciation and affection for another person. Even if you do not know the person very well, the gift receiver will appreciate the thought and time you took to find out what they like. Luckily, if you’re looking for a gift to give a pet parent or lover, you’re in luck! We compiled a list of 6 great gifts for pet parents and hopefully, one of them will catch your eye.

Pet Portrait

Designing a custom pet portrait for your friend, co-worker, or family member will have them smiling from ear to ear. Pets aren’t just a creature inhabiting the same space as us, rent-free, to pet-parents, they are a part of the family. Gift your fellow pet parent and they’ll appreciate that you recognized the bond between them and their pet(s). 

All you need to do is upload a regular photo of the loved pet onto the website and then work with the artists to stylize the portrait. You’ll be able to choose the type of art style, materials, and outfit that the pet may be wearing in the finished product!

Fence Window

Many dog owners find that their canine has an undying fascination with the fence in the yard. An enemy in their eyes prevents them from seeing the world beyond the fence. Unfortunately, this can lead to their dog barking at the fence and world beyond out of curiosity and sharing their frustration. An interesting solution to this problem is installing a pet fence window which is an acrylic dome that can be installed by cutting a hole into the fence. Their dog will be able to peer out of the dome to check out the neighbor's yard without feeling the need to bark anymore. So gift your fellow dog parent a fence window that will hopefully give peace and quiet to their home. 

Pet Camera

Understandably, humans and pets miss each other when the owners are away from home at work, on a trip, or just running errands. To ease this separation for the owner, gift them with a pet camera, like Furbo or Wopet. These pet cameras are easy to install and connect to their smartphone or computer, allowing them to check in on their pet whenever they want. Certain pet cameras also come with two-way audio systems and treat dispensers. The pet will be happy to hear its owner's voice during the day, especially when a treat accompanies the voice. Need some treats to accompany the gift? Look no further than Crafted Dog Treats.

Calming Pet Bed

There are a lot of anxious cats and dogs especially, after the pandemic as many of them may suffer from separation anxiety or are from a rescue shelter. If an animal was rescued from a hostile environment, they will likely act timid until they become familiar with their new surroundings. 

Some pets grew up or grew with their human around all the time during the lockdown which causes them to be on edge when their human isn’t in the same space as them. Either way, a calming bed will help them relax and feel safe, easing their anxiety and saving the couch from destruction. These beds are specifically made with soft, supportive material that will make the pet feel safe to curl up and fall asleep in. The owner is sure to love this gift as well, as they will be happy to see their pets comfortable and sleeping in peace.

Pet Phone Case

In this high-tech world, people will often have their cell phones with them at all times. What could be a better gift than having their pet's image on the back of their phone? You’ll want to confirm what type of phone the recipient has so that you’re giving them the perfect case. If your giftee has lots of pets or a lot of photos of their pet, this custom grid phone case from Casetify is great! where you can upload the photo of your choice to be printed on the case. Your friend will be so pleased to be able to look at their pet whenever they want during the day, and protect their phone at the same time!

Pet Costumes Or Outfit

Pet lovers typically adore the chance to do a photo session with their animals. You can encourage this by purchasing a cute or funny costume for the owner to dress their pet. Try to subtly ask the owner what type of pet they have and their general size and weight. This will make it easier for you to purchase the costume. If you decide to make it festive, the pet may be able to wear it during holidays like Halloween as well!

Whether it’s a birthday or just to say I love you, these gifts are sure to make the pet parent in your life feel loved! A gift for their dog is really a gift for them too, as they treat their dog like a child of their own. We hope this list of gifts for the dedicated pet owner gives you some ideas.  

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