Cute Dog Costumes For 2020

September 19, 2020 4 min read

Spooky season is here! Halloween is a great time and excuse for pet parents to dress up our dogs. It’s too adorable, we can’t help it. When looking for costumes it’s best to look for one that our dogs are comfortable wearing, fit properly, and will make us go “awww”. 

It’s about a month before Halloween, so here are some ideas for you and your dog this season.

UPS Deliverer Dog Costume

UPS Deliverer 

This Halloween season, you can dress your dog a UPS Deliverer! Our dogs will be delivering absolute cuteness this year as always. 

If you’re able to snap a pic with your mail person, send it our way so we can feature you! 





Walking bear dog costume

Walking Teddy Bear

Is your dog like a cuddly bear? Well, this season they can actually be a cuddly bear with this dog costume. Your dog will pull some “awwws” and smiles when your friends and family see them. 

ShopWalking Teddy



dinosaur dog costume


Rawr, this dog costume will turn your dog into the cutest dinosaur ever! It’s a simple costume but made of stretchable material so your dog can be comfortable in it. 




ghost buster dog costume

Ghost Busters

Halloween is the season of ghosts and ghouls who can be frightening. However, your dog will protect you! With this Ghost Busters outfit, the ghost and ghouls will be kept away. 

ShopGhost Busters


Security dog costume

Security Guard

A lot of dogs act as if they’re tougher than they actually are. This year they can look the part with this Security Guard Dog Costume. Put your dog in charge of security and there won’t be any tricks this season! 

Shop Security Shirt 



hogwarts dog costume

Hogwarts House Robes

Harry Potter fans can now dress up with their dogs and show off their house! Grab the correct robe and tie for your dog and you can give your dog house points in treats.

* the reviews recommend to size up*

Hogwarts Robes 



lion mane dog costumeLion Dog

Hear him roar… or bark? The Mane for dogs is great for large breeds. According to the reviews, it’s easy to put on and saves dog owners of large breeds struggling to find a Halloween outfit for their furry friend. 

Dog Mane 



Dog Costumes For Disney Fans

stitch dog costume Stitch 

Disney lovers and pass holders weren’t able to enjoy the magic of Disney this year. But, no worries! Bring Disney into your home and dress our favorite trouble maker as Disney’s trouble maker, Stitch. 





olaf dog costumeOlaf From Frozen

Olaf is a goofy snowman who can pull a good chuckle out of us, just like our dogs. This costume will transform your dog to Olaf, thanks to Disney! 

ShopOlaf Dog Costume





ewok dog costume star wars

Ewok From Star Wars 

This Ewok costume for any dog that belong to a pet parent that's a Star Wars fan. Turn your furry pup to this adorable scavenger. 

Shop Ewok 





baby yoda star wars dog costume

Baby Yoda From Star Wars 

Baby Yoda is just so cute! After Disney released Maladorian, Baby Yoda has been a crowd favorite. His big round eyes just capture all our hearts. But, you know who else does too? That’s right, our dogs! 

Shop Baby Yod




belle dog costume


Is your dog a princess? We found the perfect fit. Many of us spoil our dogs and treat them like a princess because they are one. So, let’s take it to the next level. A Disney princess. 

Shop Belle 




maleficient dog costume


If a Disney princess doesn’t really match your dog, then maybe a Disney Villian is a better match.






DIY Pet-Parents

We love pet parents who go above and beyond. The time spent to make their dogs costumes, treats, and everything else is goals. If you’re thinking about making some costumes in-house, here are some ideas.

P.S. send some pictures so we can show you and your dog some love on our Instagram! 

DIY dog flower

Flower Collar

For a simple and cute DIY costume, check out this flower collar dog costume. Anyone can make it and perfect for a last minute fit.






Sven From Frozen 

Sven is Kristoff’s buddy. He’s the cute reindeer sidekick with a hint of sass. This DIY costume is quick to make for any last minute 

Dog Loofah DIY Costume


This costume idea was just too cute to pass up. Who doesn’t want to see a floof ball walking around! We found thisblogger’s DIY instructionsso hopefully, we can see one of your dogs as a Loofah this Halloween.





Appa From Avatar 

Avatar The Last Air-bender has been a Netflix favorite for many of us, especially since we´ve been stuck inside the past few months. This sky bison is the number one sidekick and Aang´s best friend. In other words, he´s like what our dogs are to us! Our best friend. 


Dog Costume Sushi DIY


Your dog doesn’t need to be a show character, instead why not Sushi! It’s a simple half-day project! Follow this DIY to turnyour dog into sushi. 






Are you and your dog dressing up this Spooky Season? If so, tag us on Instagram @caliraw

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