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Regional Fresh Pet Food Offers A Much Better Alternative to Uncaring Corporations

June 11, 2020 4 min read

The best west coast raw dog food is Cali Raw

The Great Toilet Paper Fiasco of 2020.

First, it was sort of funny, then it really was not, and now most people have been able to re-up their bathroom stash, so it is all just a 3-ply Cottenelle memory. It should not just be a memory, though, it should serve as a lesson as should this entire strange experience that this year has provided… So far! That lesson ought to be that our food supply chain in this country is unsustainable and that  buying local is not only smart for us humans but buying local fresh pet food is a wise move too.

It just makes sense, right? When you buy your pet’s food regionally, not only are you boosting your local economy, but you are drastically cutting down on the carbon footprint that each delivery leaves behind. Having dry kibble dog food mass-produced across the world only to be shipped by plane, train, and automobile to all parts of the country is just as backward as importing fruits or vegetables from South America that we could and should be growing here.

Heart healthy dog ingredients in raw food

When it comes to prioritizing fresh pet food, the concept is nothing new in the European Union where direct farm to consumer transactions are more common. Here in the United States, the mainstream fresh pet food movement is about a decade strong, lining up unsurprisingly with the boom in popularity of fresher human food and stores like Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, Whole Foods etc.

Industry watchdogs predict that the fresh pet food sector of the broader market is  poised to gain over $6 Billion in value by the end of the year 2023. This would constitute a 24% compounded annual growth rate (CAGR). It is worth noting that a 10-15% CAGR is considered a success in almost all industries.

Happy Healthy Dog

Regionally sourced, human-grade, high-quality, whole-food ingredients are essential to a dog’s optimal health and wellness, enabling better digestion and a boost in immunity from common allergies and illnesses as they begin to thrive on their new ancestral B.A.R.F. diet.

What this shows is that fresh raw dog food like we offer here at Cali Raw is not just some trend.

Well, maybe if you  consider healthier skin and coat, optimized body conditions and strength, improved joint health and mobility, brain development, and a more active lifestyle merely 'trends'. We think it's a shift in lifestyle, one that will bring your dog many healthy years by your side.


Another huge lesson that 2020 has taught us is that big corporations – regardless of the industry – are totally out of touch with their consumers and, frankly, it seems they don’t care.

How many times have you seen some version of this commercial in the past 60 days?

 [Stock video footage of some cowboys, or a sunset, or some cowboys at sunset]

We know you’re hurting financially, but here, buy this $60,000 pickup truck and we’ll give you three months of no payments…

Of course, after those three months, they will be coming for your keys... but that is in the fine print somewhere.

They do not care, and neither do the major pet food corporations that have convinced a majority of Americans to shovel shelf-stable pellets full of fillers into their dogs’ mouths all for the sake of convenience.

Raw dog food for small and big breed dogs

Do you think some board of directors or investors care that  kibble is composed of mold-friendly materials and cancer-causing aflatoxins? Or heterocyclic amines? Or acrylamides? These are  carcinogenic byproducts found in all of the top grocery store brands of kibble and they are worsening and shortening dogs’ lives.

Do you think that they care that besides being loaded with bad ingredients, the  high heat process used to mass-produce their kibble strips it of virtually all good or beneficial nutritional value?

They call that “dead food”, by the way. Do you think they care about that term?

Let’s face it… as long as profits are in the black, that is really all they care about.

Cali Raw (and other regional raw and fresh pet food companies like ours) was founded from the heart of a passionate dog mom who wanted better nutrition for her own furbabies.

If we wouldn’t feed it to our dogs, we would never ask you to feed it to yours and that is why we only use  the freshest ingredients, expertly formulated by our in-house canine nutrition specialist, and shipped each week from our headquarters in Southern California all across the western United States. Cali Raw delivers the best raw dog food frozen to your door to the 48 states in the contiguous USA.

Our  customer reviews are the stuff that large corporations can only dream about.


The rise in popularity in fresh pet food also coincides with an upward trend of dog owners considering and treating their dogs as actual family members. This increasing level of the humanization of pets is certainly fueling the market expansion of fresh dog food.

Just like driving past McDonald’s and instead of going to get a sandwich or salad from the local deli is a better choice for your health and for your local economy, choosing to feed your dogs regionally sourced fresh dog food will have those same benefits and more.

Cali Raw Subscription Box

We are so happy to see so many family, friends, and neighbors out in their yards planting new gardens this spring. Self-sustainability is in the air! However, we realize it is hard to plant chickens, cows, and pigs so Cali Raw is here to handle that for your four-legged friends. 

With multiple formulas for both puppies and grown adult dogs, nutritious and hydrating treats, and the most helpful staff and website in the industry, Cali Raw makes it easier than ever to take the lessons you’ve learned so far in 2020 and apply them to a better quality of life for your dogs for years to come. 

If you are in the continental US, raw dog food delivery is always just a click or call away. We now deliver to  48 states!

Remember, Cali Raw Cares.