Raw Bones

Recreational Raw Bones For Dogs

At Cali Raw, we have healthy & safe raw dog bones for every size dog
There are many benefits to providing your dog with raw dog bones. You will give your dog a safe & healthy means of cleaning their teeth naturally, preventing the buildup of nasty tartar that causes bad breath & risk of infection.
Unlike cooked bones, raw bones are less likely to splinter and harm your dog. Beef bones and lamb bones are great for your dog to chew because they are sturdy. When given raw, your dog is able to benefit from the nutrients these bones have to offer. 

Note: some raw bones like chicken and pork rib bones are still dangerous and shouldn't be given to your dog. 

Our raw bones will give your dog the added benefit of exciting brain exercise. Your dog will focus on the challenge of getting all the meat from the bone while satisfying their need for mental stimulation.

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