Raw Dog Bones

Recreational Raw Bones For Dogs

At Cali Raw we have a healthy & safe raw dog bones for every size dog! Choose from 3 of our favorite recreational frozen raw dog bones, each individually suited for different size dogs.

There are many benefits to providing your dog raw bones. You will give your dog a safe & healthy means of cleaning their teeth naturally, preventing buildup of nasty tartar that causes bad breath & risk of infection.

You will also give your dog the added benefit of exciting brain exercise. Your dog will focus on the challenge of getting all the meat from the bone while satisfying their need for mental stimulation.

Can't forget, they are also a unique & delicious treat your dog will LOVE!

Small & Medium Breeds

We recommend the Lamb Femur 3-Pack. 

Medium & Large Breeds

We recommend the Beef Marrow Bones 4-Pack

Large & Extra Large Breeds

We recommend the Beef Knuckle Bone Single Pack (It's Big!)


Best Practices For Raw Bones

  • Ideal for dogs older than 6 months old.
  • Ensure chew timedoes not exceed 30-60 minutes in any 1 day.
  • Feed raw bones 1-3 times per week for optimal oral health & mental stimulation.
  • As with all dog treats & toys, choose the appropriate size for your dog. -Ex. Don't give large dogs bones small enough to swallow. Don't give small dogs large bones.
  • When feeding high-value treats, it is always best to keep all dogs separate to avoid any temptation, possessive stress, or altercation.
  • Not ideal for young puppies, seniors dogs, flat-faced breeds, over-aggressive chewers, or food aggressive dogs.
  • For dogs with weak or insufficient teeth, avoid giving raw bones altogether. 
  • Be sure to supervise your dog at all times during recreational bone activity.  
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