What Is HPP & Why Is Done On Raw Dog Food?

What Is HPP & Why Is It Safer For Raw Dog Food?

February 07, 2020 4 min read

raw dog food HPPHere at Cali Raw Nutrition, we practice a safe, nonheat & nonchemical kill step for bacteria called HPP. We take this extra step for your added safety and confidence. Below, we will discuss what exactly HPP is, how the process goes, why we choose to practice HPP on our raw dog food, and what some of the added benefits are!

What is HPP?


HPP stands for High-Pressure Pasteurization. HPP is considered a best practice for the FDA. It is a processing method used by the USDA to reduce harmful bacteria, pathogens, and microbes in the food chain. It is a non-thermal preservation technique that causes little to no change to the nutrients in the product, unlike most heat treatments some food goes through. 

HPP uses no heat, no chemicals, and no preservatives. It is an all-natural process, keeping the product tasting and looking the same while adding nothing to the ingredients list.Our formulation is designed with the knowledge that HPP will be used and certain ingredients are optimized for this reason.HPP is a commonly used processing method, also used on some human foods such as meat, cold-pressed juiced, yogurt, and guacamole. 


What Is The HPP Process?

HPP works by applying high hydrostatic pressure through a water bath surrounding the product. The extreme pressure is applied evenly from all sides keeping the food from being crushed and keeping all the ingredients intact. The extreme pressure is transmitted through the package of the food, never touching the actual food itself. Unlike cooking or heat treatments, HPP has minimal to no effects on the nutritional value of the food, the vitamins, minerals, or enzymes. This process eliminates all pathogenic microbes from the food including listeria, salmonella, and E. coli. Harmful bacteria can’t survive under this extreme process, resulting in a perfectly protected raw food! 

HPP Process For Our Product:

Our raw dog food is put in a chamber filled with water and put under 87,000 lbs of hydraulic pressure per square inch and held there for 3 minutes. We use HPP in order to offer one of the safest & best raw dog foods on the market.  HPP reduces bacteria levels without having to cook the food, which would lower the overall nutritional value.  

As a general precaution with any raw meat, always check for signs of spoilage before feeding. Cali Raw dog food is good for up to 14 days in the refrigerator and up to 2 years frozen. When encountering a disapproving veterinarian, let them know Cali Raw is HPP'd for added safety and confidence.


Why does Cali Raw use HPP?

At Cali Raw, we have chosen to use HPP on our raw dog food formulas to reduce the risk of harmful pathogens without changing the nutritional value of the raw dog food, while also giving our customers added confidence. We understand feeding raw meat to your dog can be intimidating. You may be worried about bacteria for your dog or for your family. We get it!While we recommend using basic hygiene processes in the kitchen when handling raw meat, HPP reduces the risk of harmful bacteria. 

HPP is a kill-step for bacteria to add confidence to raw feeders but keep in mind dogs have a natural defense against all sorts of microbes. For starters, dogs saliva contains the bacteria-fighting enzyme lysozyme. Dogs also have highly acidic stomachs which aid in destroying pathogens before they pass further into the body. Finally, the short digestive tract means that any bacteria is ejected from a dog’s body fast. HPP just gives that added level of confidence for your peace of mind. 

Added Benefits HPP Dog Food:

Dogs With Specific Health Issues:

Dogs with compromised GI defenses or inflammatory bowel disease might not have a healthy gut to handle the normal bacteria some raw food is comprised of. Feeding a sterile raw food can be the solution, while also benefiting their digestive system.

Sterile raw dog food is actually very beneficial for dogs undergoing chemotherapy and dogs who have a significantly compromised immune system. These dogs should not be exposed to any potential pathogens, including that from food, but can benefit from HPP processed raw food. 

Using HPP can especially provide these special cases with a high-quality raw diet while eliminating the risk of additional harm. 


Approval From Veterinarian:

Another benefit of feeding safer raw dog food to your dog is for the confidence of your veterinarian. Many traditional vets are skeptical of raw diets, for various reasons. The first reason is the fear that a raw diet is not complete and balanced. This could be the case if you are doing it yourself at home, or choose a commercial raw dog food that is not complete and balanced. The next reason is the risk of bacteria. With HPP, we eliminate this risk! When consulting with your vet about why you are choosing a raw diet for your dog, be sure to tell them Cali Raw practices HPP. 

Trusted food brand

Cali Raw Nutrition was recently named as 1 of only 26 pet foods in the US that meet the quality & manufacturing criteria for the annual list put out by TruthAboutPetFood.com. We take our role in your dog’s life very seriously and we are honored to be recognized for our dedication to helping as many pet owners as possible.

We hope this helps you understand why we practice HPP, how the process works, and how this adds a level of confidence to raw dog food feeders. Our mission is to provide as many dogs as possible with high-quality nutrition to enhance their health and longevity. 

If you have additional questions regarding feeding raw dog food, you can schedule a consultation call with our team

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