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Feeding Calculator

Interested in finding out how much Cali Raw to feed? We take the guess work out! Just enter your dog's life stage, breed size, and ideal weight and find out a great starting point of how much to feed your dog! Remember, this is just a starting point at which you can monitor your dog's weight and adjust as needed. 


Age Calculator

Want to know how old your dog feels in human years? Look no further! With our dog age calculator you can enter your dog's breed size and age and see how old they feel in human years!


Healthy Dog Quiz

Is your dog healthy? Take our 2 minute dog health quiz and get customized recommendations to find out what you can do to enhance your dog's health. 


E Book Download

The benefits of raw dog food are extensive and life changing. Download our free ebook to learn more about the benefits your dog can experience with a natural raw diet. 


Book A Consultation

We are here to help! Our trained product advisors are happy to answer your questions and be your raw feeding guide! Book a 5 or 15 minute consultation call and get your questions answered.

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