Cali Raw Dog Food Review & Testimonials

Pirate's Success Story With A Natural Raw Diet From Cali Raw 

When you love your dog like family, you will do anything to ensure they are receiving the proper diet & nutrition they need to live a healthy, happy life. Our customer Pirate is a young Pitbull that is thriving on a natural raw diet for dogs by Cali Raw Nutrition. Find out about Pirate's journey into health and how a fresh raw diet has benefited his overall health & wellness! You can follow Pirate here. 

Pirate's Testimonial: 

"A raw food diet has changed Pirate's life for the better.
I wanted to share with you some of the benefits we saw once we made the switch.
Pirate had skin allergies, painful & itchy rashes, warts!!!
His vet prescribed antibiotics, anti inflammatories, topical creams,
a moose, a foot soak and for 3 months nothing worked and it just kept
spreading and got worse.
I switched him to a raw diet and within ONE WEEK hair started to
grow in his rash areas and within ONE MONTH it had all completely
healed. I genuinely can't believe it! But hey, let food be thy medicine!
Knowing what I know, I'll never swap Pie to anything else.
He's thriving on raw food. He's happy & healthy.
I know it's intimidating to start a raw food diet, but Pie is fed Cali Raw!
It's delivered to my door, pre-made, and has extra supplements like Salmon Oil added to it.
You just have to defrost & serve!
And most importantly...Pirate LOVES IT!!!!!!"
-Pirate's Dog Mom