7 Benefits Of Cali Raw Local Raw Dog Food

October 08, 2019 5 min read

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Let’s face it, if you are considering a switch to raw dog food, or have made the change and are looking for a trustworthy source for dog food delivery, you are clearly a dog lover. The fact that you’re reading a blog about it elevates you even further into the ranks of Dog Lover Extraordinaire!

Cali Raw fresh dog food

Switching to raw dog food to promote the enhanced health and longevity of your dog is a bold step in a market dominated by giant bags of kibble. We at Cali Raw Dog Food commend you and we are here to make it easy and convenient to make the right nutritional choices for your dogs.

Our company was founded with the goal of helping as many dogs receive a biologically appropriate, complete, and balanced diet as we possibly can. As Cali Raw continues to grow, we feel all warm and fuzzy ourselves knowing we are giving hundreds of dogs more of the quality ingredients they need, without the fillers that they don’t.

Cali Raw fed dogs represent hundreds of reasons why it makes sense to make the switch, but we’ve narrowed it down to what we feel are the top 7 Reasons to Feed Cali Raw Dog Food

The Reasons To Feed Cali Raw Nutrition: 

Complete & Balanced Recipes

At Cali Raw, we believe that our dogs deserve the same access to the essential vitamins and nutrients in their natural forms as we humans do. We personally try to avoid processed foods because we know they are not good for us, surely we don’t want to feed that to our dogs day after day.

Cali Raw Heart Healthy Ingredients

Just this past July, the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a report linking over a dozen popular brands of kibble-style dog food to a condition called canine dilated cardiomyopathy, a doggo heart disease. These stories get us howling mad! That is why we went and found the leading nutritionists in the industry to formulate the healthy dog food options that we feed to our own dogs and that we proudly offer to you.

Made Locally in California in a USDA Kitchen

Rachel Ray once said, “Good food and a warm kitchen are what make a house a home.” We would add some snugglin’ pups to that mix but she is right on the money. Nothing says love like a caring kitchen and the USDA certified commercial kitchen that we have here in California is second to none when it comes to food safety and quality preparation. Cold packaged and properly portioned meals come ready to be thawed and served.

Human Grade Ingredients

What a world we live in where we need to proudly announce that we are not filling our formulas with 3D or 4D ‘meat’ that seems to be the rage for far too many raw dog food companies. This technology may be the wave of the future, but until they have it perfected, we’re going to stick to all-natural human-grade food ingredients for our savory line of raw dog food formulations.

Ingredients like chicken, carrots, broccoli, kale, turkey, squash, apple, beef, green beans, and melon may sound like a fantastic Thanksgiving Dinner – and it would be! – but this is what you can affordably feed to your furry friend every day when you sign up for a Cali Raw Dog Food delivery.

You’ll notice no corn, no grain, no gluten, and no unhealthy and unnecessary fillers on our ingredients lists. Eliminating these ingredients has helped to aid our own pets’ food allergies and has led to everything from a healthier coat to healthier poops!

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Small Batch Production

We realize that in order to ensure that every dog that is fed by Cali Raw Dog Food receives the perfect balance of species-appropriate dietary essentials, our company needs to grow organically and may someday reach a subscription cap. When you choose Cali Raw as your raw dog food subscription service, you can rest assured knowing that you are always getting a product crafted with care from start to finish.  

The ingredients for all of our formulations are listed here on our website and our dedication to quality control ensures that every recipe is precisely applied and that every order you receive provides consistent and optimal nutrition for your dogs.  

Shipped Direct To Your Door Monthly

As our company continues to grow, we’ve given ample room to scale and meet the rising demand for fresh dog food delivery. With nationwide shipping options, switching to raw dog food has never been easier. A raw dog food subscription is an immediate improvement in the quality of life not only for your dogs but for you as well!

No more lugging that ridiculously large sack of dusty dog kibble around the grocery store, we bring the nutrition right to you. Feeding times are a breeze as well.

Simply order, thaw & serve! Voila, Cali Raw!

Local Orange County Delivery & Pickup

We are proud to call Southern California our headquarters and our home here at Cali Raw Dog Food and you can find us and our booth at pretty much any dog-related event in Orange County helping to spread the word about the benefits of switching to raw dog food. If you are not doing so already, we suggest you give our Instagram page a follow at @CaliRaw where we announce our “pack walks” – a friendly meetup of local dog lovers and their loving dogs that keep growing in popularity!

If you are local to Orange County, your Cali Raw Dog Food subscription can be delivered directly from our freezer to yours, or you can even come and visit us for an order pickup in person! Just select the 'local delivery' or 'pickup' option when placing your pup's order.

Cali Raw Personalized Service & Care

Cali Raw is so much more than just a dog food subscription service- we are your guide and source for trustworthy and proven information about what is best for your dog’s diet. We are a small business made up of real people and we are ready to field your questions and give you an answer not based on marketing department mumbo jumbo but based on science and sensible solutions.

The transition to a raw diet can be smooth and enjoyable for both you and your dogs and at Cali Raw, we provide proven techniques and tools like our innovative and easy-to-use Feeding Calculator to make the process simple.

Whether by phone, email, social media, or on our website, Cali Raw is here to help.

Who choose Cali Raw

How many more reasons could you possibly need to give Cali Raw Dog Food a chance at your pup’s next feeding time? We make it easy to build a single order or to try out varying sizes of Subscription Starter Boxes. Contact us today and with a bit of info about your dog or dogs, we can help you choose a perfect start to your new raw dog food adventure and a healthier, happier dog!