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Treat-ing Your Dog to Healthy Whole Foods That Are Safe

March 04, 2020 6 min read

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For the health and fitness conscious among us, the word “treat” is too often associated with the word “cheat”, but the reality is that there are plenty of healthy options that feel like a reward while still providing significant nutritional value. The cool thing is, the same is true for our dogs too!

Dog owners have their reasons why they may or may not give treats to their dogs, but there are many benefits to doing so if you are doing so for the right reasons and if you are offering them natural, species-appropriate options. Leading dog trainers agree that awarding your dog with “high-value” treats can have a paws-sitive impact on your dog’s behavior. Rewarding good behavior not only engrains those habits, but it builds a loving bond between you and your dog that is just as important as a healthy diet.

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This is no longer a secret, as Americans are now spending more than ever on premium dog foods, including billions each year on dog treats alone. But here is the dirty secret… most of those treats are nutritionally bankrupt dehydration biscuits crammed full of artificial colors and flavors found nowhere in a dog’s ancestral diet.

The good news is, we know more now than ever about exactly what foods and natural supplements provide the highest and best nutritional value to dogs and there are so many options these days that can either be found at your local market or are just a click away online.

For example, our Cali Raw Venison Treats are a customer favorite, from chihuahua’s to pit bulls!

These jerky-like strips are sourced from Pennsylvania and unlike most dog treats on the market today they offer a moisture-rich blend of human-grade ingredients that your dogs will love.

We are proud of our position among the top raw dog food brands and it truly warms our hearts to know that every new customer is another doggo getting on track for a better quality of life that comes along with this all-natural dietary decision.

Even though we do offer a popular selection of different protein formulations, we know that dogs love new foods and variety in their meals just as much as we humans do. By making some informed decisions about what to top your dog’s daily meals with, you can further strengthen that loving bond between you with the confidence of knowing that you’re giving them the nutrition they need.

With that in mind, here is the Cali Raw list of the...

Top 5 Natural Healthy Dog Food Toppers


Sardines are packed with amino acids, omega-3s, vitamins D and B12, and coenzyme Q10. Even just 3-4 sardines on top of your dog’s regular meals once a week can boost their immune system, protect against kidney disease, and keep them looking as healthy as they feel with improved dental health and a shinier, softer coat of fur.

Raw Eggs

The raw egg has been a staple of the ancestral canine diet since they began roaming the earth. We have written about the many benefits of raw eggs as a dietary supplement before. As we mentioned then:

…start slow – perhaps one egg every other day for the first week. Monitor your dog after that first egg for upset stomach or regurgitation. They will likely be just fine, but dogs can be transitioned to raw eggs by first introducing cooked/boiled eggs which are still packed with nutritional benefits.

Some dogs like to enjoy their eggs on their own, while others prefer to have it cracked open over their meal. Even the eggshell has digestive benefits!

Raw Egg for dogs

Goat Milk

Raw goat milk is known by many as the “Universal Milk” as its ability to be digested by nearly all mammals makes is a richly unique source of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, trace elements, enzymes, protein, and fatty acids. Particularly, dogs who need digestive assistance or immune support will find great benefit in a goat milk supplement, but it is a perfectly natural and healthy addition to any dog’s diet.

Bone Broth

An inexpensive, nutrient-dense superfood, bone broth is teeming with glycosaminoglycans, a type of collagen also found in your pup’s bones, ligaments, and tendons. The glucosamine found in bone broth can resist the loss of nutrients during digestion. This bioavailability makes is a useful supplement to promote a healthy gut and detoxify the liver as well. Chicken soup may be good for the soul, but bone broth is good for the rest of the body!


While you do need to be aware of what added fruits may be in the yogurt itself, just like with humans, most dogs are not only ok to eat yogurt but can benefit from it in multiple ways. If your dog is lactose intolerant, yogurt may not be the best topping or treat, but otherwise, it can be a very useful probiotic supplement that also happens to be rich in calcium, protein, and potassium – all things that healthy dogs need. Dogs taking antibiotics, for example, benefit from the live cultures of bacteria that plain yogurt introduces to the gut biome. Healthier skin and fur, increased bone and muscle strength, and a more regulated cardiac and nervous system for your dog are just a few scoops away.


Quick Tip: 

To help heal your dog’s gut health while taking antibiotics, give them yogurt as a natural probiotic.


Top Healthy and Natural Packaged Treats

While treats straight from the fridge are a great option for your pet, there are also great options for pre-packaged treats too! When looking for packaged treats to feed your pup, you always want to focus on the label. Single-ingredient, unprocessed, and human-grade treats are the way to go.

We recommend buying your packaged treats from Cali Raw!

 Each product from Cali Raw is human-grade, single-ingredient, and without filler, additives, or preservatives. There is a selection of chews, muscle meats, and organ meats to suit whatever your dog is craving!

Feeding your pup healthy treats is a great way to maintain their overall health, weight, and wellbeing. Preserve your dog's wellbeing by providing them with only the best quality foods!

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Top Fruits & Veggies To Treat Your Dog

We are often asked for advice about what fruits and veggies can be fed to dogs so here is a list that is generally recognized as safe for healthy dogs (always in moderation – start slow and always monitor your dogs’ reaction to new foods)

  • Apples – Cleaner teeth, fresher breath, and a great source of Vitamins A & C as well as fiber
  • Watermelon – Seedless and without the rind is best for dogs and can promote better eye health, help regulate blood pressure, and is a great source of tasty hydration
  • Blueberries – Like a natural multivitamin for your dog, this superfood is packed with antioxidants too 
  • Cantaloupe – Remove the rind and seeds and you’re left with a delicious treat for you and your dogs rich in Vitamins A, B & C. Many dogs with inflammatory issues find some relief with cantaloupe
  • Green Beans – Plain green beans (no salt, spices, butter, etc) whether cooked, steamed, or raw, are a great treat for your dog and provide an excellent source of A, B6, C & K as well as being packed full of fiber with minimal calories
  • Carrots – Same rules as green beans… keep them unseasoned. Raw, whole, frozen carrots make an excellent teething toy for new puppies, as well as an edible chew toy for older dogs. Chewing raw carrots is great for canine dental health and the carrots themselves are chock full of fiber as well as potassium and various vitamins

We bet you might have some new priorities on your next visit to the farmer’s market, or perhaps you’ll be inspired to plant your garden this spring for some tasty and healthy treats for both you and your furry friends!

But if “Keep it Simple” is on the menu for 2020, Cali Raw has got your back. With our industry-leading formulations and home delivery/shipping options we make it so easy for you to make the right decisions for your dog’s diet.


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