Raw Feeding Transition Guide

You've made the switch to a species appropriate diet your dog is designed to thrive on. What's the best way to transition dogs to a new dog food?


The benefits of raw feeding are immense and life changing for your dog. You will likely start to notice health improvements within 1 month.

The transition to raw dog food or any new dog food can cause temporary upset stomach or soft stool, as the body adjusts to the new food. 

Transitioning gradually & mixing the new & old food, will help ease this process.


 First, select a meat familiar to your dog & thaw in your fridge for 24-48 hours before feeding.

Phase 1: Begin the transition by first feeding 20% of raw dog food & 80% of the old food for 3-5 days.

Phase 2: Next, move onto 50% raw dog food & 50% old dog food for another 3-5 days.

Phase 3: Then you can advance to 80% raw dog food & 20% old dog food for another 3-5 days. 

Phase 4: Finally, feeding 100% raw dog food! 

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